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Comment Re:Woohoo! Call off the Apocalypse! (Score 2, Insightful) 283

Wow, the level of ignorance here is astounding. When Barack and company had both the White House and both houses of Congress, just how much did they get accomplished on this? Or did they too "kick the can down the road?" Politicians are all alike, and if you don't comprehend that then just keep feeding on what they're shoveling to you. Maybe your determined consumption of political bull$h!t will cut down on some cow's carbon footprint.

Comment Multiple copies (Score 1) 251

For me, I have a NAS at home with mirrored drives, if one goes down, the NAS emails me to let me know. I also keep multiple copies besides the NAS, one copy on my personal laptop, one on my wife's and one on the desktop computer. About the only thing this doesn't protect against is the house burning down, but if that happens, my .mp3 collection is the least of my worries at that point.

Comment Re: Autonomous vehicles (Score 1) 162

Autopilot for planes and quadcopters is one thing. Autonomous vehicles that drive in nice, sunny southern California are not all that different. What I want to see is an autonomous car tested here in Colorado in blizzard conditions on a 6 lane highway when only one lane's been plowed on either side and no pavement markings are visible at all or the striping is going right down the middle of the one paved lane. A freezing rain coming down making any less than a football field between you and the car ahead of you not enough to have a hope in hell of stopping. When they can show me an autonomous car that can handle that situation when my GPS doesn't even show me in the right lanes, and often shows me clear over on the frontage road, then maybe I'll hand over control of the driving to a machine, but not till then.

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