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Submission + - Linus Torvalds Isn't Looking 10 years Ahead for Linux and That's OK->

darthcamaro writes: At the Linuxcon conference in Seattle today, Linus Torvalds responded to questions about Linux security and about the next 10 years of Linux. For security, Torvalds isn't too worried as he sees it just being about dealing with bugs. When it comes to having a roadmap he's not worried either as he just leaves that to others.

"I'm a very plodding, pedestrian person and look only about six months ahead," Torvalds said. "I look at the current release and the next one, as I don't think planning 10 years ahead is sane."

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Submission + - Matt Damon Farms on Mars; Could He Really Survive? (See New Trailer!)->

Kredacter writes: Matt Damon plants the seeds of his own survival in a new trailer for his upcoming science fiction movie “The Martian.” He turns to farming the red planet after he’s stranded in a storm, but could he really survive long enough to reap his first harvest? Damon plays astronaut Mark Watney in the Ridley Scott film.
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Comment Re:Why not start now..and take if further? (Score 1) 373

I have been stuck between two people before who were oozing into the next seat (my seat). I paid for a whole seat (the damn things are small enough as it is) so I should get a whole seat. And make them buy two seats. That is unfair to me.

Or at least more luggage allowance.

Or what about

total allowed weight = luggage + weight of the person

At least that is fair and clear.If you show up with an overweight bag now, they weigh it already and charge you more. And let's face it, you know your weight to within a few kg. So maybe you pack a lighter bag....

Comment Re:Fat Shaming (Score 1) 206

Yes, I was wondering about this.

I am fit (El Capitan climbing kind of fit, even at my age). Now what if someone says I'm too slim? Or I am simply more than fit enough?

The company's idea of optimal may be that you are fit while working and die within five years of retirement (saving money on pensions,of course). Or someone decides rock climbing is too dangerous and says I have to quit to be covered?

Comment Re:So will stacking us vertically (Score 2) 394

British Air has been doing this for many years in some business class flights


I once flew with them on one of these flights. The semi-transparent divider you see in the picture has to be lowered during take-off and landing and you face your fellow passenger. (Un)fortunately, the mechanism was broken and we were left to face each other from London to San Francisco the whole time. In the words of my fellow passenger, it is rather "intimate".

Lucky for me, she was very attractive and after a both of us had a couple of glasses of wine and conversation, one of the flight crew wanted to try to fix the divider in mid-flight but she insisted that they just leave us in peace. Was the most pleasant long-haul flight I ever had. *sighs*

Anyway, to the point, isn't this probably prior art?

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