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Comment: Re:Show me a computer chess program.... (Score 4, Informative) 107

by claar (#48694363) Attached to: The New (Computer) Chess World Champion

I'm not sure where you got the idea that chess is solved, but we're still a looong way from solving chess. We have only solved chess with 7 pieces, not the full 32, and unless quantum computers arrive in force, we have no shot at solving it in our lifetimes.

Comment: Re:The Re-Hate Campaign (Score -1, Flamebait) 1116

by claar (#46698219) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

You're dealing with Stanch Atheists. Don't expect them to be rational or intelligent. They've gone tribal, circled the wagons, and are now locked into anti-religious flame wars and are unable to learn better.

Isn't painting with broad stokes fun! There's surely no actual rational, intelligent creatures in these enormous labels!

Comment: Re:Not even half the story (Score 1) 770

by claar (#45993829) Attached to: Creationism In Texas Public Schools

Nothing. So why did you claim that Evolution does not make falsifiable predictions?

I was speaking tongue-in-cheek about the religion of evolution, not the science of evolution. Certainly, scientifically speaking, evolution has falsifiable predictions; not that it matters to the zealots.

That's not my experience at all [ ... ] It's not like there's much to teach regarding creationism in any case, from a scientific point of view.

You contradict yourself. You seem to believe by faith that there is no substantive research possible toward creationism.

Tens to hundreds of thousands of scholars throughout the ages have devoted considerable portions of their lives in the study of God and creationism, yet secular scholars of today refuse to even examine the evidence or even acknowledge its existence.

Comment: Re:Not even half the story (Score 1) 770

by claar (#45990501) Attached to: Creationism In Texas Public Schools

Religious absurdity ... failure to think ... discredited archaic beliefs ... utterly deranged wingnut ... alternate-reality

I'm always amazed that those who would consider themselves "quality thought-leaders" need to resort to name-calling to discuss evolution. It's no different than the Slate article; why bother with facts when propaganda will do?

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