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Comment Re:Gorbachev's off the cuff comment I heard live (Score 2) 210

I think all the players knew that, by the early 80's, the Cold War would never be fought with guns (except by proxy), but rather by the manipulation of spheres of influence and politics. In chess, you never actually take the king; rather you maneuver the opponent into an untenable position. To some degree, you might call the Cold War one of the most civilized contests in human history, and certainly one of the most cerebral.

Comment Re:Saudia Arabia = Saddam Loyalists = ISIS/ISIL (Score 1) 592

We made a serious error in arresting the de-Ba'athification of post-invasion Iraq. We simultaneously protected the worst offenders of the previous regime, while engendering serious mistrust in the Shia majority that drove them into Iran's arms. It's an object lesson in the rule that if you aren't going to finish the job, don't start it.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 4, Interesting) 592

Nooo... I once was driving through Plano, Texas, turning right when I should have turned left. My local friend told me to stop and put on my left blinker. When I did so, the other four lanes of cars stopped and waved me through. Craziest damn thing I ever saw. I have never met anyone nicer than a Texan.

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).