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Comment Re:The Republican House (Score 2) 213

I disagree; the selection of candidates has had nothing to do with any "fringe" (who are universally shunned and disaffected in both parties until it's time to whip votes). For both parties, it has historically been determined by whose "turn" it is among lobbyist-friendly establishment politicians. Both sides always nominate the "inevitable" candidate that was pre-selected from the get-go. This has been the case since 1988 (where democrats had the the last seriously contentious primary ["contentious" not in rancor, but in the sense of "there is actually a non-predetermined outcome"] of either party that I can remember).

This year, however, the inevitable candidate was Jeb, and he's crashing and burning with the House GOP leadership. What we need right now is not governance, but a purgative. Democrats are feeling this year, too, with Hillary (especially re: debates), but I'm skeptical of whether they can really tear down the rigged game.

Comment Re:Honda Diesel? (Score 4, Insightful) 414

Why? It's not like Slashdot is a US centric web page...

In all actuality, it really is. Slashdot covers US politics to an extent that it covers no other country (or even perhaps all of them combined). And it's not "politics in America affects everyone", either: I can't for the life of me figure out why, say, a Scandi cares about H1B tech hires in California.

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