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Submission + - mozilla CEO threatens anonymous mozilla employee for anti-SJW comment->

An anonymous reader writes: The Verge reports an impending witchhunt for criticizing a departed diversity-focused employee. The CEO explains he will fire the employee (if found) for "hate speech": "I'm talking about when you start saying 'someone's kind doesn't belong here, and we'll all be happy when they're gone.'", referring to the anonymous commenter, whose kind doesn't belong there, and the CEO will be happy when he/she is gone.
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Comment Re:But it is from M$ (Score 1) 255

Not true. Around 2000-ish, your only options were IE (crap), Netscape (at the end of its life it was a crashy, bloated warthog), and Opera (yay, ads). Of those three, IE was the most palatable (I'm not going to pay for a browser). Even open-source Mozilla, when it first came out, was unbearably huge. Now, when Firefox née Phoenix came out, I was done with IE forever and ever, amen. But before that it was the best of the bunch, for better or worse.

Comment Re:WSJ is incorrect in title, implication (Score 1) 434

The change makes it look worse, not better. The changes were solicited Hillary's campaign, themselves.

One of the reporters of the story, Michael Schmidt, explained early Friday that the Clinton campaign had complained about the story to the Times.

“It was a response to complaints we received from the Clinton camp that we thought were reasonable, and we made them,” Schmidt said.

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