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Comment: Re:Expert. (Score 5, Insightful) 331

by afidel (#47945135) Attached to: U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

Um, no, he's much, much less an expert than Dre is. As a respected producer at least Dre has some validity as a good ear, and he can evaluate the results of different parametric curves on tone signature, Bono can claim no such expertise in container formats unless he's gone back and studied CS while the world wasn't watching.

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by afidel (#47944625) Attached to: Home Depot Says Breach Affected 56 Million Cards

Uh, we're getting chips over the next 12 months, next September is when the liability shifts to the merchant if you have a chip card and they accept it as a swipe so every issuer is going to be sure to have cards out there by then and every large merchant is going to have the ability to use them. The one thing is in the US we're mostly going to be chip and signature, not chip and pin.

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by afidel (#47935983) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

Correct, I was just pointing out that even the best of the competitions offerings still fell well short of price parity, the fact that the fuel for the more efficient vehicle is more expensive just exacerbates the situation. Another factor swaying the per mile cost in favor of the electric is the fact that you're highly unlikely to reach the EPA rating in southern California traffic so real world numbers will be even more skewed.

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by roman_mir (#47933991) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

Property ownership starts with self ownership. To earn money one has to spend his own time and effort, one has to use his own health and life, the time not spent enjoying but working. Property is thus extension of our own bodies and time given to us to spend on this planet.

To deny people ownership of the fruits of their labour is to deny people self ownership and it is disgusting. Noone should be born into slavery.

Your hands and your head and legs and the rest of it belongs to you. The collective does not own you and it cannot own what you produce. You can trade with others for what they produce or give it away, but that is your choice, your life. Your body your choice, yes?

Well, not according to you. You would steal from those who produce but how is it different from taking their body away? Taking 1 of every 2 chairs away from a chair maker is somehow different from taking away 50% of his life on the planet? It is not. That 50% of life is gone from him and nobody can fix that.

Your ideology is also insane in another regard. If somebody can produce chairs and another person cannot you want to take away from the one who can. What if there are people with no eyes? Let us then make it 'fare' for them and take everybody's eyes out. Some people are missing limbs, lets hack everybody's arms and legs off. There were people who died...... let us just murder everybody to make it fair for those who are dead but also for all of those who never lived at all.

Your ideas are horrendous if someone takes 1 minute to examine them, they lead to slavery and murder while providing superficial justification for the feeble minded.

Comment: Re:Most taxes are legalized theft (Score 2) 321

by roman_mir (#47932331) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

Nobody is stealing your money - you're paying taxes.

- wrong, income taxes are legalised theft of life, creativity, time on this planet. It is slavery imposed by the violence of the collective on behalf of those, who perceive it to be to their advantage, whether it is so or not and against those, who are in a minority. This is how income taxes started in USA in the first place, top 2% of people were forced to be paid up to 7% of their income in taxes so that the vast majority wouldn't have to pay alcohol and some import taxes anymore (of-course the result is that everybody pays insane amounts of taxes, both on income side and on consumption).

The rest of us will recognize your right to retain the rest of your property if you recognize your responsibility to help care for the indigent

- wrong, nobody has any responsibilities towards anybody unless they are your children, then you have responsibility to them.

If you don't do your part, then why should I recognize that you have any right to own property at all?

- because it is in your best interest to recognise that if I cannot own property, then neither can you.

That's what society used to be: very few people owned any property, everybody belonged to the select few, who had the so called 'birth right' to it. You couldn't earn property, you could only be born into it or be given it by somebody who was born into it.

Meritocracy is a much more fair system to everybody, except for those, who lost that birth right of-course.

But, call it theft if you like. It really doesn't change the fact that you have no choice but to comply.

- wrong. I do not comply, I use the 5 flag strategy to ensure that something like you has a very limited access to my property.

I imagine that you'd be a little less lofty in your views if you had one of those irresponsible parents. Heck, some kids don't have any parents/family at all.

- irrelevant.

The fact is that all the property/etc you've worked so hard to obtain is only yours as the result of you having been born to parents who raised you well, and who gave you genes that allow you to support yourself.

- parents, fine. That is none of anybody's business.

What you are born with physically is of nobody's business.

Absent either of those, and especially absent the latter, you'd be as well-off as an ape that shares 98% of your genetics.

- I am yet to see an ape that is forced to pay income taxes.

As a result, I certainly have no moral issues with requiring anybody with the ability to take care of themselves to spend some of their effort taking care of others, using force if they do not wish to do so.

- irrelevant what you have or have no moral issues with. I already know what your 'morality' is. Socialist/Marxis morality is violence and theft, nothing else. I have no qualms and no doubts about your level of 'morality' and thus I do what I can to avoid such as yourself.

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by afidel (#47932173) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

Nissan Leaf would go from 25K to 18K
Or, much more likely it would be available for $18k with the current range or $25k with double the range. In fact Nissan is seriously talking to existing owners about how much they would be willing to pay for a model with double the range as they see Tesla coming down range at them.

Comment: Re:What they dont tell you ... (Score 1) 388

by afidel (#47932097) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

VS what, a car from the 1970's? Everything from the mid 80's on is a complete fender replacement in the case of an accident. It's the price we pay for fuel economy. Heck, many fairly minor accidents result in the vehicle being totaled due to crumple zones, that's the price we pay for safety. In both cases it's a minor percentage of the total cost of the vehicle fleet.

Comment: What is really happening here? (Score 1) 949

by Bruce Perens (#47930483) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children
We are in a War on Faith, because Faith justifies anything and ISIS takes it to extremes. But in the end they are just a bigger version of Christian-dominated school boards that mess with the teaching of Evolution, or Mormon sponsors of anti-gay-marriage measures, or my Hebrew school teacher, an adult who slapped me as a 12-year-old for some unremembered offense against his faith.

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