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+ - Best commercial insurance quote from peterbest

Submitted by
Steve Ashby
Steve Ashby writes "commercial insurance is necessary for every company. With increased business risks, the overall costs also increase. If the business is not adequately insured, it may suffer huge losses in case of an untoward accident, which may jeopardize the present and future of the business. One way to take care of this problem is to get commercial insurance that adequately covers the business enterprise.

  Peter Best Insurance is an established commercial insurance broker and provides commercial insurance at very competitive rates to many trades and professions.

Choosing a commercial insurance company appropriate to your industry is a tricky business and this is where Peter Best Insurance comes in. The key features that are required should be considered before deciding the insurance provider or the commercial insurance policy. Most importantly, the service provider should have experience and expertise in the relevant field and be financially strong. Most insurers are rated financially by such organizations as standard and poor.

If a customer is looking for commercial insurance, offers a 'contact me' form that will be emailed direct to the commercial department, where an experienced adviser will be happy to call you to discuss your needs regarding commercial insurance. The company provides highly competitive premiums along with hassle free quotes. The company prides itself in providing some of the best commercial insurance quotes in the market, along with a very efficient and reliable service. The customer has the advantage of getting quick and efficient service, which is just a call away."

+ - The Tyranny of Idiots

Submitted by IQ150
IQ150 (1027970) writes "Open Source software is not inherently bad, but the way that it has been brought to the world, with horrible licenses such as the GPL make it appear to be bad. The truth is that people like Richard Stallman are the bad-guys and not the software. What to do about it? Help save software at Tyranny of Idiots."

How Often Do You Replace Your Hard Drives? 254

Posted by Cliff
from the mean-time-between-failure dept.
Telemachas asks: "I recently purchased a Dell P4 2.8 GHz swap meet computer with a 200 gig hard disk for a good price and all is working fine. It does not seem prudent, however, to trust my data on a swap meet item. For another @ $ 75.00 each I can purchase new 200 gig HDDs. I would also like to do my first RAID system. I am now wondering how often, if at all, do Slashdot readers replace their HDDs?"

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