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Comment: Re:More to the point (Score 1) 88 88

Did you really mean to post this in response to my terrible Armageddon pun?

The OP's article doesn't mention that the original target of discovering 90 percent of NEOs with a size of 1 km or greater (extinction-size) has already been achieved. The bar has been lowered to 140 m, but those aren't an extinction threat.

Comment: Re:More to the point (Score 1) 88 88

Given that these sorts of events have consequences on a planetary scale and that little things like nation-states mean absolutely nothing if we lose the species, why the hell isn't this an international effort? Why does the USA have to do all the grunt-work? (I'm not a yank BTW). This really is something I could get behind the UN for actually doing something useful lately. (The UN has done SFA of use since eradicating smallpox).

Because we already drafted the blueprint.

Comment: Re:Premium spyware (Score 1) 26 26

Today folks *pay* for this kind of equipment *out of their own purses*, and the spooks are not the only ones listening in.

You mean like a combination microphone/speaker/gps/internet traffic monitor you carry around with you all day long every day? Like that kind of equipment? The echo is tame in comparison.

Comment: Re:Part of why I didn't become an astronaut (Score 1) 169 169

People born today will be too old to be part of the astronaut class that goes anywhere other than LEO.

Yeah, so many of us chose more exciting jobs because we'd be stuck in LEO if we decided to be astronauts instead. boooorrrrriiinngg. I mean, I guess I could do it, but I'd probably just end up changing careers in a few years anyway.

Comment: This is a terrible idea (Score 1) 56 56

If your IOT devices actually have spare processing power, and it will have no impact on their primary function or more importantly, their power usage, then they are poorly designed. You know what kinds of tasks IOT devices would be great for? DDOSing someone. That's about it.

Comment: Re:Complacent CIOs & CEOs (Score 1) 106 106

Given the dozens and dozens of reported hacks against large orgs over the last 2 year, I can only conclude there is a large disregard for properly addressing security that starts right at the top of the C suite in big companies.

That is at least as troubling for smaller companies, who likely have less resources to deal with security.

I think they're doing their jobs right and it's the consumers that are failing by not holding their companies accountable.

Comment: Re:Interesting person (Score 1) 284 284

I really don't care. ...until you want to shape the lives of others with rules or demands originated from your beliefs, at that point, kindly shut the fuck up and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

If your beliefs require anyone else to change their behavior in public, your beliefs are broken.

I think your beliefs might be broken. When's the last time you had them looked at?

"This is lemma 1.1. We start a new chapter so the numbers all go back to one." -- Prof. Seager, C&O 351