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by chispito (#47909655) Attached to: Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles

As an analogous situation, imagine if the creation of (text)books was originally patented. The patent holder would then be able to ensure that any textbooks whose contents disagreed with him do not get published simply by denying a licence to the publisher for that book.

I really don't see how textbooks could be much more expensive or difficult to obtain than they already are.

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by chispito (#47909591) Attached to: Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles

to even less 'classroom discipline' [kids actually paying attention to the teacher], to the biggest one, chiefly even less social interaction between kids.

Sure, some kids can successfully learn this way, but not a lot.

Isn't most "classroom discipline" quashing all attempts at social interaction? You raise some odd concerns.

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by chispito (#47864583) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

A gigantic set of the population is no longer even used to the concept of wearing a watch, because they have their phone. This device doesn't replace their phone. What exactly is the reason to have this as well, as opposed to pulling your phone out of your pocket?

The phone is big and needs to be unlocked to view texts/emails. I started wearing a watch again after 10 years without because I got tired of pulling my (dumb) phone out of my pocket. It's also a way for people who wish to be seen using Apple products to be seen using Apple products.

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Comparing PS and Bash isn't really fair. Your tolerance or affinity for either will probably equal your tolerance or affinity for the OS. If you believe in the Unix philosophy bit about flat text, you're probably not going to be impressed with PS's object orientation (though PS can do flat text just fine).

For my part, I would love to learn bash, but my job doesn't really involve any *nix. PS came easy because I already needed a better way to work in Windows.

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by chispito (#47630269) Attached to: What Do You Do When Your Mind-Numbing IT Job Should Be Automated?
The "Is it worth the time?" comic is illustrative, but I think it's built on false premise. I don't automate parts of my job (just) to save time, I do it because repetitive tasks, that I know can and should be automated, drive me insane. Even if there is no net time savings, I'd rather take the creative route.

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I have really come to love the creative exercise of scripting my job responsibilities on the operations side of things. I can keep it simple, or make it complex. I can adhere or not adhere to whatever style I wish. I make the cost-benefit analysis as to whether I'm going to write it or not. I can share it with my coworkers as soon as there is an obvious benefit, or keep it on the down-low if it is not yet ready for prime time.

I own my scripted 'products' and I reap the full benefits of them.

"Just think of a computer as hardware you can program." -- Nigel de la Tierre