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Comment: Re:Why WOULDN'T you? (Score 1) 77

by chispito (#49815323) Attached to: Malware Attribution: Should We Identify the Crooks Who Deploy It?

Seriously, if someone is running around breaking windows (pun intended) in your neighborhood, they're outed in the local crime report.

Actually, blotters don't publish the identities of the suspects because they're suspects. In the same way, I'm sure these companies are sharing more information with law enforcement than with the general public.

I prefer it this way to having a bunch of scripting vigilantes on Reddit doxing the wrong the guy.

Comment: Re:Android to iDevice (Score 1) 344

by chispito (#49793027) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier
I just mean that to me it looks like diminishing returns have kicked in for phones. Twice the specs doesn't mean twice the user experience. It's not a gaming machine, it's not my primary work machine, I don't need cutting edge performance to use Yelp, Youtube, and check my email from time to time. My wife has a Galaxy s5 and here at work I've been able to play around with the s6 Edge. There's nothing that made me think, "Gee, I really wish my phone could do that."

Comment: Re:Android to iDevice (Score 1) 344

by chispito (#49791725) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier

I'll second that one. My first Android phone was really bad. It was slow, buggy, full of crapware, and a pain to use.

On the other hand... my very first smartphone is a $100 LG Transpyre. It has only 8GB of internal storage, Android 4.4, and doesn't have some of the more premium features like an ultra high resolution screen or NFC. I don't think it's in any way "crappy." You guys keep your cutting edge phones and I'll keep my $400.

Comment: Re:Suppose a Christian search term was hijacked? (Score 1) 443

by chispito (#49784063) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

Just imagine that a common simple search phrase referring to Christ had as it's first result a Satanist site?

It would be a major national news story. There would be editorials in news outlets large and small. Fox News and the right wing press would call it a terrorist act. There would be hearings in Congress, and calls for laws protecting religion. It would be a three ring media circus.

All truths are not created equal. Some points of view are more equal then others.

And apparently you'd be right there to keep shouting about how stupid the attention was. Creating more attention. Much like we're all doing here over something as stupid and as mundane as marketing.

Comment: The two things that have led me to oppose the DP (Score 5, Insightful) 649

by chispito (#49701923) Attached to: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Gets Death Penalty In Boston Marathon Bombing
I generally oppose the death penalty for two reasons:
1) I've come to distrust the government in general
2) I've been in jury deliberations twice. This was far more damaging to my faith in our justice system.

But I'm not going to lose sleep over this one.

Comment: Re:Umm, yeah? (Score 1) 85

by chispito (#49667197) Attached to: The Best-Paying IT Security Jobs of 2015

We still paid. It's horribly difficult to prove something like that in court. But I have a hunch that they are having a hard time getting more contracts. You see, word travels...

Again, see OP. Scrub the word "security" out and you could have this problem with any consultant. You win some, you lose some, you typically pay either way.

Comment: Re:Pretty amazing, but not much cheaper than RPi (Score 1) 180

by chispito (#49647805) Attached to: $9 Open Source Computer Blows Past Crowdfunding Goal

However, once you add the HDMI, it's essentially the same price as a raspberry pi model A.

If you are interested in the HDMI, you're doing it wrong. Did you see the picture where it's about the size of a standard LiPo? If they provide these things for the stated price, you're basically getting an ESP2866 with a built-in computer for only 3X the price.

Comment: Re:well then it's a bad contract (Score 1) 329

by chispito (#49563479) Attached to: ESPN Sues Verizon To Stop New Sports-Free TV Bundles

It's not a horrible contract if both parties agreed to it

It's a horrible contract if it purports to require that consumers pay ESPN even if they don't want it. In fact, that's arguably illegal.

Isn't that all cable bundling? You pay for channels you don't want so you can watch the few channels you do want. Besides, TFA doesn't disclose what the Verizon-ESPN contract actually says.

This episode reminds me of when Steve Jobs claimed Apple was always against DRM in iTunes but had to roll with it so the record labels would sell on iTunes. Right. Just like I'm sure Verizon has always hated charging you for huge cable packages. They're just trying to find a way to secure revenue a little while longer before online distribution really loosens up.

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