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Comment My son's toys (Score 1) 251

He was frustrated that his $2 Mater couldn't two $2 Lightning, so I drilled a few holes and added a tow hook and hitch made from paper clips. He was happy and I had fun. I've made other hacks and fixes since then to get extended functionality out of his toys, or to make non-toys into toys. It's quite rewarding.

Comment Re:Aw... (Score 1) 618

It's cute how he thinks no one thought about this and sanitized the audit trail. I'm sure he also thinks his 4096-bit disk encryption thwarts even the most determined ne'er-do-wells.

The people running the car computer division are not the people running the mail servers. They are not the backup admins. They are not the desktop admins. They are probably not the kinds of people who would know how to erase an audit trail completely, nor the kinds of people willing and able to coerce their coworkers not to testify against them for 1) authorizing the cheat and 2) trying to erase the trail.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 258

One thing that amazes me about American politics is how they get caught up on certain issues forever, while a lot of other countries seem to just move on to newer problems after making a decision. Abortion is a good example - I could barely believe how Planned Parenthood funding was a core debate subject at the Republican leader debate (sad when that was the most entertaining TV on).

That is amazing to you? If you believe abortion is murdering babies, then you aren't going to "move on." Anti-war protesters don't "move on" until the war ends or their country stop participating. You're talking about things that are an affront to these people, and expecting them to shrug it off and talk about highway funding or fiscal minutia is naive.

Comment Re:That'll learn 'im (Score 1) 956

He made the mistake of thinking that school was a place for learning and exploration. It is not.

He also made the mistake of not having white skin and having a Muslim-sounding name.

That first the narrative, but I imagine if he were a pasty skinned maladjusted kid that liked to wear black hoodies, he'd have met a similar reaction.

Comment Re:I actually like the idea... (Score 1) 371

Meh, your anecdote smacks of US executives observing Japanese team bonding exercises and assuming those were why Japanese corproations were so successful, instead of their permanent jobs with good salaries and conditions.

Japanese culture is why the Japanese method works. You can't get large numbers of Western workers to put up with large patches of unpaid overtime every week (not to mention the fact there is no reciprocal loyalty between the employer and employee).

Comment Re:YAY (Score 1) 266

They have also screwed up the one major life decision they have made so far: Their college major.

Whether and when to go to college is a far more important. If liberal arts majors want to work in IT, there are always certifications. If you will not hire them, big deal.

Others will.

Comment Re:Yes, Yes I do (Score 1) 266

Because the more of these people that enter the tech field the sooner they can start answering the phones for "Helpdesk, how can I help you?" and have 0 chance of them leaving that career path due to their complete and utter lack of technical aptitude.

Everyone in Operations should work the Help Desk at some point in his or her career. There is no substitute for that experience.

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