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Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 159

Don't be so afraid of dogs. Dogs have lived with, worked and cared for humans for thousands of years and the rewards to humans have more than exceeded the drawbacks (like occasionally stepping in some poop).

You're comparing the benefits to the owner and the drawbacks for everyone else. A stranger's dog in no way benefits me.

Comment Re:Why does it matter that he's black? (Score 1) 50

That's true, but you could have also written an piece like that which simply said:

"The man who saved the International Space Station and manned space flight died today."

You're missing the point. The summary attempts to contrast what he is primarily known for with his role in this one area of interest to many Slashdotters.

Comment Re:Why does it matter that he's black? (Score 1) 50

"I have a dream, that a man will be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character"

Or whatever the quote was.

Why do people always feel the need to point out that so-and-so was "An African American such and such" ? Maybe he wasn't even African.

I'm guessing TFA noted his ethnicity/color to provide more context for

most of the accolades touch on his effect on the civil rights struggle and his lifelong fight against racism

Comment Re:Unlimited for one year (Score 1) 418

The point of the change in policy was to make everyone think they were working for a great company while at the same time giving the employees less time off. Sure there are employees that end up coming out ahead, but most employees feel guilty about asking for time off when they aren't pulling from a fixed pool of leave.

I'm not sure whether you have kids, but no company could ever make me feel guilty about taking the maximum time available for the birth of a new child. If they tried to make me feel guilty, I'd simply find somewhere else to work. My current employer doesn't have anything like this policy, but the people in my department were very generous to us when both of our children were born.

Comment Re:Truck Stops, Gas Stations, etc (Score 1) 904

I've heard similar. Likewise there won't be much to be made on EV charge points. But they will be more likely to sell food whilst an EV is being charged.

Go the other way: Denny's should invest immediately in charging tech and work out their marketing strategy: Free quick charge with the purchase of two entrees.

Comment Re:Is anyone actually suprised? (Score 1) 608

because pardoning him would set a dangerous precedent, essentially declaring open season on any and all State secrets that anyone with access thought should be revealed

If one hundred million US citizens sign a petition that they believe the disclosures deserve the light of day, then revealing them isn't a dangerous precedent, it is progress.

It's nigh impossible to reign in government over reach from the bottom up.

Comment Internet Commenter Knows Best (Score 2) 432

Even though Clinton is wrong on this, you're fooling yourself if you think you can always get past your own immediate self interest to see how changes to the big picture come back around to affect you. I hate getting my car smogged. It's expensive, it's a pain, and it feels like my car couldn't possibly be doing that much damage. But I would hate going to back to the way it was when I was a kid, and my lungs would hurt on Summer afternoons from all the crap in the air.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?