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Comment Re:What this really means is... (Score 1) 42

It's new to me. Hence, my point.

Google "MEAN stack." Express is ubiquitous in Node installations. I am not trying to be snarky, but it would be like reading a jQuery story and implying that it meant there was "another" JS framework.

Besides, whatever your objection to JS frameworks, Node frameworks and client side frameworks are completely different.

Comment Re: Turd (Score 1) 246

For example, if I want information about the CPU, that's a WMI object.

That's a perfect example of were MS dropped the ball. WMI is very powerful, very inconsistent, and very slow. You use Get-WMIObject because there is no PS native command to get that information like there should be. It's duct tape for your duct tape.

Comment Re: Turd (Score 1) 246

It is verbose so you can find new commands on your own, and so you know the general function of something by its name. If someone learns the help system (get-help) and command discovery (get-command), it is usually easy to find a command. All information retrieval commands start with Get. All commands that change settings start with Set.

Please tell me, because I have a lot to learn in *nix, how would I figure out to use chmod to change permissions if I was previously unaware of the command name? How do I discover the correct commands without asking someone online or offline? By the way, the command to change file permissions (or other system object permissions) in PS, set-acl, is really unwieldy. If I were having to use it a lot on the fly in the command line, I would probably end up writing a helper function to make it simpler to supply the user and permissions level.

Comment Re: Turd (Score 3, Informative) 246

The basic toolset; cat, sh, mv, rm, and so forth are mnemonics.

Funny you used those examples. Three out of the four of those work out of the box in PowerShell because MS included them as aliases. You can be as sleek and incomprehensible as you would like in PS. Nobody is stopping you.

For me Powershell's absurdly verbose naming scheme is as good a sign as any that Microsoft has never really understood CLI work.

Again... see comment re: aliases. New-Alias [alias] [cmdlet].

Having both the long name when you are trying to discover commands and shorter aliases for day to day work is convenient. I use PowerShell day in and day out at work, and there are lots of problems with it. The uniform naming convention is a strength, not handicap.

Comment Re: Turd (Score 1) 246

It's also very hard to figure out how to do something you might not have done before, or have done very rarely, because the command names are so long that they're difficult to remember. There are shorter aliases, but they don't have any consistent naming

How can you complain that PS cmdlets are both too long to type and difficult to discover? They for the most part follow a very straightforward convention of [approved verb]-[specific noun]. Like Get-childitem, add-content, export-csv, etc. There is no rhyme or reason to the naming on Unix commands. Good luck discovering the utility you're looking for the first time without Google. And you really can set aliases quickly in PS so I see that method as being the best of both worlds. Complain all you want about ps performance or lateness on ssh or whatever, but it is incredibly easy when it comes to discovery.

Comment Re:Ummm.. nothing (Score 1) 220

Nothing typically fails in my phones before replacement. My phone and most phones are replaced because we are enticed with a newer shinier phone and amortized or waived costs with a contract.

I think the most common point of failure for the typical phone nowadays is the grip of the person holding it over a hard surface.

Comment Re:Top 25 from my SSH honeypot-- (Score 1) 165

He's probably using Kippo, which has an emulated shell sandbox. It will give fake output for common commands, and even allow file download (so you can collect samples). When they try to execute anything they'll eventually realize they can't really do anything and give up. You can even replay the entire shell session to watch what was attempted.

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