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Comment Deja Vu (Score 1) 5 5

I went thru that exact same argument a number of years ago. The executives liked the look of the check boxes better and demanded I "make it work". Ugh.

It was almost as much fun as the idiots who insisted on the web page layout exactly matching -- fonts, graphics and all -- their magazine page layout. They ended up doing their web page as one big GIF with polygonal hot spots. You should have heard them scream when someone used a different resolution screen, or resized the browser on their oh-so-perfect page.

I am so glad I'm not in that business any more.

User Journal

Journal Journal: CuBox Wifi Streaming Solved

I believe I have mentioned before that every bit of media I purchase I digitize and store the files on a central server. That includes over 300 movies and over 100 television episodes, plush a few hundred audio tracks. Everything is available anywhere in my home via wireless streaming, however I had been having problems with reliably streaming 1080p HD video over WiFi to my main television units.

Comment Re: Disposable (Score 1) 38 38

Yeah. I get enough disposable shit from the world every fall, when the trees dump all their leaves in my yard. And during spring and summer when after I cut it to an acceptable length, that Falk grad just comes back.

I've tried piling the leaves and grass up, along with things like the leftovers from my food and all the paper products I use, and it magically turns into dirt after a few months. I think it is the compost fairies and their workers, all those big, red works they send to sort thru the pile.

You're right. All my packaging and stuff should be shit that never goes away. They need to make like titanium paper or something that lasts forever. Fuck this disposable shit, I get enough of that from the world itself.

Comment Re: Stop the press. The TV is on even after ... (Score 4, Informative) 217 217

The app isn't doing the backup. The app is gone. The app had a convenient way to access the basic Google Sync settings, but itself is not Google Sync.

Deleting the app that you used to change a system-level setting used by other apps should NOT change the setting.

Comment Re:Business model? (Score 1, Informative) 346 346


There was a reason why the part about referencing how it was before the medallion system was included in the post you replied to.

The medallion system was EXPLICITLY DESIGNED to reduce the number of taxis in New York City. That was the MAIN FEATURE of it. Licenses were introduced to regulate the drivers, but that was separate from the medallion effort.

Go back and do your homework.

Comment Convenient Truth (Score 2) 185 185

Those jobs are factory assembly work, not "tech". They are in the same category as assembling car parts, radios, or toy wagons. Cook is talking about creative development where you work with your mind, not simple low-skilled labor.

Yes, it sucks. But conflating the two in this article is dishonest.

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