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Comment: Not for me... (Score 1) 6

by chill (#48724733) Attached to: Good Bye, Google.

Interesting. I enter "Mars, Ho!" and the top 5 responses are:

1. Mr. Mars Ho, the CEO of the Austar Group...
2. Mars Ho Facebook
3. Donny Interviews 30 Seconds to Mars - Ho Ho Show 2013...
4. Mars, Ho! - NASA Science

And the images related to it -- of which your book cover is the 2nd.

The 10th entry on the page is "Mars, Ho! by mcgrew (Hardcover) - Lulu"

That was searching from the search box on Firefox -- after switching it back to Google a few days ago.

Not sure what you're getting or why.

Comment: Re:Doctor Mary's Monkey (Score 2) 162

by chill (#48064101) Attached to: AIDS Origin Traced To 1920s Kinshasa

Maybe our digestive ssytem has proven well adapted to that, but there are a lot of knives and cuts involved in the preparation of any meat.

Blood contamination while butchering is a very plausible transmission mechanism. Especially in areas where there are no enforced health guidelines, much less proper sanitization.

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