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Comment Re: Really? (Score 1) 480 480

I get closer to 0.5 J, but still there are about 410 pellets to the oz, so for a standard 1.125 oz load that's a maximum of 461 pellets buzzing around, getting hit (hard!) by the props.

Two of those pellets have "the kinetic energy of a 56 g tennis ball moving at 6 m/s (22 km/h)". From the standpoint of a tiny, light drone, that's a lot of energy to absorb.

Comment Re:yet another "right" (Score 1) 318 318

Well you shouldn't just re-define positive rights away then argue they never existed in the first place. As another example, children in the US under a certain age have a right to education, and it's certainly actionable in the sense that they can sue the government to provide it if necessary. Other countries have even more actionable positive rights.

Comment Re:Buy an rf jammer, become a drone collector (Score 1) 1176 1176

The whole 'water absorption' thing is mostly a myth. There is not a large absorption band at 2.4 GHz - that frequency was chosen specifically since it's in an ISM band where devices that generate and use RF for non-communications purposes are meant to live.

Comment Re:Is it still integrated with the shell? (Score 1) 255 255

Native messaging support is on Microsoft's radar. If they don't do something like that, IE is likely to be around for a very long time. Or companies will just Chrome instead.

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