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Comment: Re: Unity next (Score 1) 407

by Knuckles (#49549899) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

No, what I'm saying is that your complaint about sid breaking is misplaced. systemd's problems in sid, if they exist, may be systemd's or Debian's bugs, I wouldn't know and you or the other AC just wrote a general unspecific complaint so it would be difficult to say. But even so, yes, software has bugs, this is why sid exists.

Comment: Re:clickbait headline.... (Score 1) 24

by adolf (#49549719) Attached to: Patents Show Google Fi Was Envisioned Before the iPhone Was Released

The US already has near-ubiquitous coverage of populated areas. There used to be some well-known dead spots near me (in Ohio), but they're gone: Things work just fine in or around any town or village, nowadays.

That doesn't mean that doing so was cheap. Or that giving me 4G coverage down in the holler at my buddy's farm in Kentucky will ever happen (there is no central electricity implicit in those parts, and last I was there I might have had enough service to send an expensive text message once I climbed a hill).

One reason the U.S. will never have the fastest/best/cheapest internet or cell phone service is that some areas of the US are ridiculously rural, hilly, and hard to cover.

Which, again, reinforces my point.

The "Universal Service Fund", which we all (in the US) pay for with our phone bill, isn't providing for much Universal Service...much less the hard-wired bandwidth service of the sort that actually fucking works.

*clears throat* *ahem* Depending on locale, apparently: Everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than other people.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 26

by Jane Q. Public (#49549667) Attached to: Microsoft Opens Vulnerability Bounty Program For Spartan Browser

The "information highway"? WTF is this, 1995?

No... more like 480 BC. It seems reasonable to think that "Spartan" refers to "Sparta" which in turn implies (with deference to Slashdot's notably horrible character handling): "Molon labe"... which would mean in this context: "Come and get it." The reply to Xerces when he demanded they lay down their weapons was "come and get them".

The historical reference hit me right away, and if Microsoft didn't really intend it, they screwed up bigtime. Because the name of their browser is historically a challenge to "try to go through me". So...

Let's go try it. I kind of doubt if seriously attacked it would stand as they did.

Comment: Re:Done in movies... (Score 1) 125

Now, do you have statistics to back up your implication, that in real life police are more often wrong than right?

No, but the consequences of real life police being wrong are pretty fucking serious. And they're wrong a lot more often than people care to admit.


Comment: Re:It's good to be the charity (Score 1) 31

in 2013, the selected charity siphoned (heh) off about $10M from a $35M cash flow for "operations", of which 70% went for the salaries of 67 people. That's about $100K per person...not bad for"nonprofit."

Where did you get the idea that "nonprofit" means, "we don't pay our employees"? Or, "we pay our employees shit"?

It's as dumb as thinking "for-profit" means, "we pay all of our employees well".

Harvard University is a non-profit, and last I checked, they're paying their professors pretty well. Rush Presbyterian hospital is a non-profit, but the head of surgery probably makes more than minimum wage.

Comment: Re:Public Shaming the Red Chinese ? (Score 2) 40

by bill_mcgonigle (#49549111) Attached to: Github DDoS Attack As Seen By Google

And even with the 'cannon' in China, do we know who lit the fuse?

Almost certainly the same people who arranged for NXDOMAIN on a few weeks back. They really hate that there are open source anti-censorship tools on there.

They had to stop breaking DNS for github since most of China's Internet developers couldn't get any work done anymore.

That Chinese developers are freely using a California hosting service which has benefits to everybody in the world, and everybody recognizes that the "damage" here is government, it actually gives me a bit of hope. People do prefer to cooperate on all things, until a few sociopaths get a set of keys.

Comment: Nightshades (Score 2) 58

by adolf (#49548801) Attached to: Bees Prefer Nectar Laced With Neonicotinoids

So that's why I see bumble bees trying really goddamn hard to try to crawl inside of the little blossoms on my pepper plants* that they totally don't fit inside of at all.

It reminds me of myself, shaking down the couch for change for tobacco money before ATMs and credit cards became commonplace. Or rather, groping for the cigarette at the bottom of the recliner that I can see with a flashlight, but can't reach at all without looking like a monkey fucking a football and even then it isn't easy.

Or, as Rammstein said, "like an elephant in the eye of the needle." Whatever, you get my point.

*: Pepper plants, as all nightshades, produce nicotine in their foliage and presumably their flowers.

Comment: Re:clickbait headline.... (Score 3, Interesting) 24

by adolf (#49548719) Attached to: Patents Show Google Fi Was Envisioned Before the iPhone Was Released

Basically what a cell signal already does when a user moves between towers, but Over The Internet. So probably already patented by 30 different companies.

This is why I would love to see a cheap data only service. There is no reason for smartphones to have dedicated voice/text service when it could all be taken care of by a data connection and a VoIP provider.

This is why cheap data service can't exist right now.

Someone has to build the towers, string the cables, install the radios and antennas. Someone has to change the oil in the genset, and (depending) rotate out the diesel. Someone has to maintain the aircraft warning lamp. Someone has to handle ESD (lightning) damage. And still, someone has to deal with farmers and their backhoes.

And mitigate interference and overlap issues. And deal with routing issues. And. And. And.

There's no way for a data service to be cheap: With modern codecs, voice (which is much, much better than my first digital/non-AMPS cell phone) already uses very little data, and Youtube uses lots. Which is why unlimited voice/text service is cheap, and genuinely unlimited data is like a hen's tooth.

I used to get consistently better bandwidth with my OG Droid on genuinely-unlimited 3G than on any public hotspot, so when I was stuck in one place for awhile (selling/"donating" blood plasma, for instance) I'd just stream Netflix over 3G instead of using Biolife's carrier-grade TDM-sourced Wifi.

But in doing so I knew that I was squandering a limited resource: Actual bandwidth, aka spectral capacity.

And the only way to increase that total available bandwidth is to have more towers with smaller footprints AND maybe an institution of like-minded people who securely open up their home routers for the world to use (didn't Vodaphone do this on the other side of the pond?).

But the first case involves lots of money (see above), and the second case involves cooperation and trust and hardware that is smart enough to configure itself to deal with interference mitigation autonomously.

Both concepts can have traction and will work with existing technology, though the latter will fall apart with non-stationary users since there's a -lot- to be desired in a given Wifi client device's ability to handle roaming between multiple disparate networks.

Comment: Re: Unity next (Score 1) 407

by Knuckles (#49548107) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

One Debian unstable breakage due to systemd is understandable.

Two Debian unstable breakages due to systemd is disgraceful.

A Debian unstable installation that will likely not boot properly after each update due to systemd, month after month, is unacceptable.

Unacceptable according to whom? The description says:

'"sid" is subject to massive changes and in-place library updates. This can result in a very "unstable" system which contains packages that cannot be installed due to missing libraries, dependencies that cannot be fulfilled etc. Use it at your own risk!'

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