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Comment Re:Games are not Sports (Score 1) 86

Is Poker a sport? Monopoly? Snakes and Ladders?

I got an athletic scholarship to the University of Chicago thanks to my prowess at Candyland. Also lettered in Operation and Beer Pong. [GO MAROONS!]

But with Title IX, they have to allow girls on the teams now, and that means eSports on campus are shot to hell because everyone knows women lack the physical strength and coordination to play these challenging sports.

Comment Re:I have actually filed a DMCA takedown (Score 2) 51

That was proper use of DMCA, somebody was profiting off of someone else's intellectual property. Now imagine someone uploaded one page of the book while downloading the book (this is analogous to what BitTorrent does). You can't issue a take down notice to EVERY seeder, and the laws intended to stop people from selling intellectual property they don't shouldn't really apply to people accidentally distributing a very small part of intellectual property they don't own, should they? The punishment should fit the crime, and the penalties should be much less..

Comment Re:wow 38% of copyright cases, 88% of IP, are Mali (Score 1) 51

I believe the lawsuits are for UPLOADING, not downloading content. Most likely naive users not realizing that all while they are downloading using BitTorrent, they are also uploading (seeding). Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't be punished for downloading copyrighted material, only for distributing it. Of course, one must wonder if sending someone one block out of a 100MB file is distribution or fair use.

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