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Comment No shit (Score 1) 383

Security services are more than capable of shutting down accounts / sites if they feel so inclined. I assume they don't because it's of more use to keep them up - to see who makes posts, who follows them, who is mapped to who, how information spreads, to look for surges in activity, or codewords and so on. In time they might shut down the account / site, or infiltrate it but it would be to maximize their advantage. I bet some of the sites are even their own operations to begin with.

But that assumes there aren't a bunch of asshats getting in the way the whole time. Which there now are. If anonymous wanted to be of use in the fight on terror they'd stay out of the way or do something passive.

Comment Re:Because of the endless whiners (Score 1) 150

Because the PC isn't a console. It isn't a closed platform. It isn't loss leading with profits expected to come from the sale of games. A console is. The likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft sink billions into developing consoles with the expectation of a return over their lifetime.

It should be quite obvious to anyone why Sony disabled Other OS. It wasn't because of the handful of people who actually used it (and I was one of those unlike the vast % of people complaining) or even those running MAME or SNES emulators. It was the imminent threat of a perfected hypervisor crack that people could download, burn, run and crack their PS3 via Other OS.

The decision to remove the attack vector was hardly a difficult one.

Comment Don't forget to mark muslims in some way (Score 1) 570

Maybe get them to sew a little crescent moon on their clothes. And tracking is so, so hard and would be easier if we could segregate them into areas with high walls and guard towers. Obviously this will be disruptive so by way of compensation we can build them an excellent rail network which transports them to a "holiday" destination so wonderful they'll never come.

Comment Re:Wouldn't a PS3 emulator make more sense? (Score 1) 150

I have about 8 or so PS2 titles in my cupboard which would be nice to play. But I doubt Sony have any intention of opening up the emulation so I can run them on a PS4. They make too much money selling "remastered" titles, and from packaging up titles to sell on PSN, or via their cloud service. At least they recoup their investment from testing games and making their money in that way. Just opening up emulation on the console doesn't earn them a thing unless they intend to charge people a few coins to "unlock" a supported game. Otherwise the money isn't there for them to open up the emulator. I'd be happily surprised if they did of course but I don't see it happening.

Comment Re:Because of the endless whiners (Score 4, Insightful) 150

What I want to know is when are they adding "Other OS" back?

What I want to know is how many people whining about Other OS being removed ever used it or realized the limitations to it in the first place. Or understood the implications for their console (saturation levels of piracy and a death spiral into shovelware) if it had allowed to remain in place.

Comment Re:PYPL shows C language share @ only 7.5% (Score 1) 231

Perl does not enforce anything from a structural standpoint. That's the problem - it is a terse language and without structure or enforcement it leads to opaque and unstructured code. Code which can be impossible to maintain. That's why it occupies a niche and that's why it is unlikely to go any further than that.

Comment My problem with Google+ (Score 1) 91

Like all "social" networks, Google+ can't help itself from bothering me for more information. Do I know these people, where did I go to school, etc. Interstitial questions and unclosable boxes that want more personal info. As a result I rarely use the service at all. I realise this is a radical idea but a simple "stop bugging me" option might make me more inclined to use the service. I'm sure they'll still gather usage info when I'm on their site and of course make money from ad revenues. Just stop fucking bothering me.

Comment Re:"just" an implementation of what Android/Google (Score 2) 131

Simple... Android.textbox.Draw, and Winforms.textbox.Draw usually don't have the exact same semantics. In fact, usually the APIs are structurally different. Often there simply isn't analagous functionality on one or other platform.

The same could be said of lot of emulation / compatibility layers yet they still exist. Apparently the Xbox One supports certain 360 games because they recompiled and linked the executables using a compatibility library - they run natively but think they're running on the 360.

Likewise wine / winelib allows Windows software to run on Linux or OS X (through commercial forks of Wine). And Wine didn't even have the benefit of being able to look at the Windows source. I actually looked at a Wine implementation of the comctl32 tooltip today because MSDN's documentation is so bad I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to pass in.

A closer example might be Blackberry porting Android to run over QNX on the Playbook and BB10. Somehow Blackberry can manage it but Microsoft can't? I see no reason to believe that. More likely they know it would be commercial suicide to support Android apps and killed the project.

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