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Comment This is easy to evaluate (Score 3, Insightful) 421

This will be ridiculously easy to evaluate. If the article is true and wind is less expensive, then it will attract private investment money and a lot of it. Investments in wind will far outpace investments in other kinds of power generation (coal, nat gas, nuke, etc). And it will do so without assistance from the government or any other agency via subsidies or other legislation that encourages one technology over another.

Is that happening? No. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Thus far, without government subsidies and diktats, the wind power industry can hardly survive on its own.

As always, follow the money.

Comment You lie. (Score 5, Insightful) 175

a great deal of street grade marijuna is very poor quality, may be pesticide or herbicide contaminated, and is very occasionally still laced with PCP in the US
You lie. Not only is this not happening, your little tale doesn't even pass the smell test. Dealers selling bad marijuana are not lacing/spiking it with PCP. The dealers are in this to make money and buying PCP so they can sprinkle on their weed seems like a bad story from a 1982 DARE program speech. What's next, the kid who took LSD and thought he could fly?

How about this instead: a great deal of street grade marijuana is sold because marijuana sells itself. Nothing else needs to be added.

Comment O Really? (Score 2) 1291

The money comes from automation and productivity increases due to technology.
And who owns the equipment that provided automation and productivity increases? How much did they invest to get those production gains? Why are the gains from that smart investment being given to someone else who didn't make the investment and has zero to do with it?

Comment Re:Fox News (Score 1) 609

Nonsense. America has a "left" that is directly proportional to the amount of people who support the left's agenda. The reason there aren't more of you is because your agenda is not acceptable to more people. It's really that simple.

It is no surprise to educated people that communism and socialism are not popular in America so it is not surprising that there are not large numbers of people supporting those ideologies.

Comment Re:And how, exactly, are they going to do that? (Score 1) 296

I didn't say foreign country, I said restricted foreign country. As in Syria, Iran, North Korea, and the rest. And yes, if equipment shows up in a restricted country, they will chase it back to the day it was made on the Cisco factory floor and they will question every single partner in the supply chain trying to figure out how it wound up in that country.

You act as though Iran or other sanctioned countries can just go to eBay and buy whatever they want. That's not accurate as sanctions have real teeth (and costs for US companies that don't pay heed).

Comment And how, exactly, are they going to do that? (Score 3, Interesting) 296

You see, the US Government is very keen about governing exports. They prohibit shipping many products into restricted countries and they actively police it in a serious manner. Anyone who's product gets found in a restricted country is in hot water. It doesn't matter if the product(s) was sold through an intermediary or 20 middle men, the manufacturer is 100% responsible for asserting, under penalty of law, that their products will not end up in a restricted country and that's that. The treasury department even publishes a monthly list of offenders they catch but I apologize as I cannot seem to find it on google.

To address this issue, many companies that have been caught are required by the US Treasury Dept to document every single end user of their product. Yes, every single unit that is sold must be documented as to where it's final resting place is. I doubt Cisco is under this kind of requirement (unless they've been caught in the past) but it seems this new policy is a huge risk for them in that area. If you were an Iranian supply store trying to procure Cisco equipment, this seems like a good way to do it without anyone knowing or being able to track it --- and that's a serious risk for Cisco.

The minute one of those units gets found in Iran (or any restricted country), all hell will break loose. Again, it doesn't really matter how it got there.....

Here is a good overview of the requirements and Here is a company that has a good policy summary that they live by. Smart on them.

Understand that this has nothing to do with NSA or espionage. This is just a basic requirement of doing business overseas and exporting products. Doesn't matter whether it's plastic dog poo, Intel CPU's, lab equipment, cranes, or other engineered equipment

Comment Re:I have counted no less than 3 anti clinton repo (Score 1) 538

They aren't reports, they are news stories. Or do you not think the Secretary of State of the United States of America not having a state.gov email address is a big deal?

I think it's astounding. We are not arguing over whether she had one and decided (for whatever reason) not to use one. She was never issued one.

Doesn't that bother you?

Comment Re: Could be true, that (Score 1) 448

Or he's investing in technologies and developments that he has openly and expressly said he believes offers the best economic potential due to what he has learned from those studies.

Hint: If those technologies and developments were not heavily subsidized then Al's investment in those companies would not be worth diddly as they are not economically viable when compared to other non-subsidized alternatives. That is the very reason those industries are subsidized.

To put it another way, I could make a killing if I sold i386 machines for $2000 and the government gave people a $2500 tax credit to buy my stuff. Take away the $2500 tax credit and there is -0- value of owning a company making i386 computers. Al Gore owns many i386 companies who simply cannot compete with other alternatives without massive subsidies.

Even the crown jewel of the greenies, Tesla, wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for massive subsidies.

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