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Comment: I don't think that's quite right (Score 1) 70

by tacokill (#48055789) Attached to: User Error Is the Primary Weak Point In Tor
If "they" are listening to the entry and exit points they would not be able to deduce what hidden service and what hidden sites a user is accessing. All they would know is that the user is using Tor through entry point X but they would not be able to trace the traffic after that. However, if the user is using Tor to go to a standard website on the publicly available internet, then -yes- the NSA would be able to connect the dots and follow the trail back.

Comment: Re: Is this a joke? (Score 1) 52

well-researched and straightforward methodology for grading oil
What methodology are you using? Normally API is used to "grade" oil but that's for API gravity. You could be measuring viscosity. Or density. Or who knows what else. But that's the point.....:"Grading oil with a homebrew test kit" is not a viable project until it is better defined.

Comment: Is this a joke? (Score 3, Insightful) 52

Time to grow up. Homebrew oil testing for big bad oil when you don't even understand the chemistry is a bad idea. This kickstarter looks like it was written up by a 2nd grader.

I bet these guys know a lot more about this than a dinky little kickstarter project. I hope the kickstarter team realizes that they've been identifying, measuring, and studying hydrocarbons for over a century so there's a pretty significant body of work already. Use it.

Comment: actually I think you did (Score 1) 504

by tacokill (#47977285) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police

Anyone can request anything from the courts. What matters is whether the courts gave it to them. In this case, the courts DID NOT compel him to produce his password/encryption key. That's the "ORDER DENYING...." part.

My previous point still stands but I have no doubt the government will keep trying and we, the people, will keep having to reassert our 5th amendment.

Comment: well there's your problem... (Score 1) 479

by tacokill (#47975969) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?
The PhD was on a very technical topic that has very little practical application and so working on it does not seem to count as experience

So for 6 years, you've been working on something that has very little practical application. I think I've found your problem! Like others suggested, leave the PhD off of your CV. It will only hurt you unless you are looking to join academia.

Comment: Re:no, they can't order that (Score 1) 504

by tacokill (#47946969) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police
rgument could be (has been in England recently but citations escape me) made that refusal to disclose decryption passcodes to obtain data known or suspected to exist is confirmation of its existence and nature (Guilty until Proven Innocent)
Right. So again, in the US, you cannot be compelled to turn over a password or passcode. I know of no exceptions to this.

Comment: no, they can't order that (Score 1) 504

by tacokill (#47939161) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police
In the US, we have this thing called the 5th amendment so no one can be compelled to provide a password which, if used, may incriminate them. The UK is a different story but here in the USA, we still have that protection.

I am not saying they won't TRY to get you to turn it over or trample your rights in the process. That will most certainly happen. What I am saying is that there isn't any legal precedent to compel you to turn it over.

Comment: hotbutton for me (Score 1) 545

by tacokill (#47929621) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9
Dear friendly helper person, please help me make Win 7 explorer look and act more like win2000 explorer. I gave this search up a long time ago but you have breathed some new life into my quest. I've been using Win7 for so long I kind of forgot how much I hated the new file explorer when I migrated from W2K.

Please share, my good man!

Comment: You grossly misunderstand the problem (Score 1) 710

by tacokill (#47457509) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use
We are not burning coal because of stupid jackassery. We are burning coal because we have to.

Or did you think we could just shut off 1/3 of the power production in this country with no negative effect? Believe me, we understand your argument about coal being bad. Ok, fine: what's the alternative? How do you replace ~33% of power production with something better without seriously disrupting the electricity supply which seriously disrupts civilized society?

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