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CAS latency hasn't been measured directly in nanoseconds for some time now. It is now measured in clock cycles. The shorter your clock cycles (the higher your frequency) the shorter in absolute time your CAS latency is for the same number. CAS 10 at 2133 is about the same as CAS 5 on 1066.

CAS latency on Wikipedia
Memory timing on Hardware Secrets
FAQ on RAM timings from Kingston

+ - John Walker Dead at 77-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The mastermind behind one of America’s most damaging spy rings has reportedly died. John A. Walker Jr., 77, was sentenced in 1986 to two life terms plus 10 years for selling U.S. secrets to the Soviets as a cryptologist in the Navy and after he retired.

Victor IIIs are unofficially known to the US Navy as the Walker class, since many of the improvements in quieting the boats and in providing them with more effective sensors were the product of the activities of the Walker spy ring."

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by mr_mischief (#47786567) Attached to: IEEE Guides Software Architects Toward Secure Design

Well, that's a fair enough argument I guess. Neither Bill nor Hillary are as hardcore along party lines as some. I'd hardly place them with the Republicans, but they are closer to moderate/centrist Republicans than to a lot of the Democratic party. In the same way, lots of Republicans are closer to moderate/centrist Democrats than to the fringe right.

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by mr_mischief (#47785017) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

I should also mention:

Combat - vehicle combat game - Atari 2600
Othello / reversi - board game - also many computer implementations
pente / fives - board game - also many computer implementations
Portal - dimensional perfuckery - Windows, Linux, OS X
icebreaker - bouncing balls and building walls - lots
AssaultCube - quirky shooter with many solo and team modes - Linux, Windows, OS X

+ - Coffee Naps Better For Alertness Than Coffee or Naps Alone->

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An anonymous reader writes "Caffeine is a staple of most workplaces — it's rare to find an office without a coffee pot or a fridge full of soda. It's necessary (or at least feels like it's necessary) because it's sometimes hard to stay awake sitting at a desk for hours at a time, and the alternative — naps — aren't usually allowed. But new research shows it might be more efficient for employers to encourage brief "coffee naps," which are more effective at returning people to an alert state than either caffeine or naps by themselves. A "coffee nap" is when you drink a cup of coffee, and then take a sub-20-minute nap immediately afterward. This works because caffeine takes about 20 minutes to get into your bloodstream, and a 20-minute nap clears adenosine from your brain without entering deeper stages of sleep. In multiple studies, tired participants who took coffee naps made fewer mistakes in a driving simulator after they awoke than the people who drank coffee without a nap or slept without ingesting caffeine."
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+ - Google drops authorship with picture from search results.

Submitted by qubezz
qubezz (520511) writes "Did you notice the pictures of "experts" in your Google search results over the last few years? If a webmaster wanted a site to appear fancy and stand out in search results, a Google Plus profile had to link to your site, and pages recognized as articles needed continuous creation.

The "Authorship" feature, which rolled out in 2011 as another part of the Google+ social and real name marketing push, had its author profile pictures pulled from the search results in June this year. The remainder of the feature is now finally dead, with little fanfare.

Emil Protalinski at (note the importance of author?) reports:

Google today stopped showing authorship in search results, meaning articles will no longer include a link to the Google+ profile of their author. The company says that it found the information isn’t as useful to its users as it hoped, and in some cases even distracts from the overall search results.


Comment: subjective list below, by genre and platform (Score 1) 368

by mr_mischief (#47779597) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

These are in no particular order of preference, as I heavily prefer these to most other games. I'll try to put them in broad categories and mention the platform.

  • Megalomania - arcade style falling threat shooter - Atari 2600
  • Gauntlet - cooperative overhead maze runner - arcade (some home systems may suffice, but the arcade is the best)
  • Pitfall - side-scrolling platformer/runner - several, but 2600 is mine
  • Axis and Allies - WWII board game - board game, Avalon Hill then some other companies. There are decent computer implementations. The Hasbro PC version is good except the AI is weak.
  • chess - board game
  • Spades, Euchre, Oh Heck - trick-taking card games - get Hoyle and a deck of cards, really
  • Poker, especially Hold 'Em and Omaha - betting card games - get Hoyle and a deck of cards, really
  • Fallout, Fallout 2 - isometric overhead CRPG - DOS (1 only), Windows, Mac OS, OS X (1 only), OnLive (I've played only on DOS/Win)
  • Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas - first person (with camera changes to 3rd over-shoulder if you like) CRPG - Windows, PS3, Xbox 360
  • Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic - first-person shooters - Windows, Linux, OS X, PS2 (Half-Life only)
  • Half-Life 2 - first-person shooter - Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, OS X, Linux, NVIDIA Shield
  • Unreal Tournament or Unreal Tournament 2004 (take your pick) - first-person shooter - Dreamcast, Linux,
    Mac OS, Mac OS X, PlayStation 2, Windows
  • Trivial Pursuit - trivia board game - board game or one of many computer implementations
  • Asteroids - 2d space shooter with wrap-around threats from all direction - arcade, 2600, others
  • Super Mario Brothers - platform run and jump - NES
  • Bionic Commando - platform run, jump, swing, and shoot - NES
  • Genghis Khan - tile-based, turn-based strategy and tactics - NES, very playable on Wii virtual console version
  • Final Fantasy - multi-character sing;e-player RPG-like adventure - NES
  • Savage Worlds - pen and paper RPG - I've been playing RPGs for more than two decades, and this is my current personal favorite ruleset
  • Scorched Earth or some version of Worms - 2d power and angle turn-based artillery with weapons upgrades - various
  • Scorch3d - 3d reimagining of Scorched Earth - probably various, but I've played it on Linux
  • Starcraft - RTS - Windows
  • Total Annihilation - RTS - Windows
  • Spring - RTS - Linux, Windows (at least)
  • Supreme Commander - RTS - Windows
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance - RTS - Windows
  • Nuclear Dawn - FPS with minor RTT/RTS aspects - Windows, Linux
  • Awesomenauts - 2d platform shooter - Linux, Windows, OS X
  • Risk - board game - board game with many computer interpretations
  • Boggle/Super Boggle - tabletop letter dice grid word-hunt game - special
  • Scrabble - crossword board game - board game, but lots of computer implementations
  • Castles 2 - castle building, defense, and siege game - DOS/Windows
  • Stronghold series - castle building and defense game - Windows
  • Apples to Apples - party card game
  • Cards Against Humanity - like Apples to Apples gone horribly inappropriate - lots of implementations since it's Creative Commons
  • Colonization or FreeCol - Civiliation-style expansion game in the settling of the new world - DOS (Col), multi (FreeCol)
  • Civilization series - complex simulation of competing civilizations - Windows (but check out FreeCiv
  • Alpha Centauri - Sid Meier's Civ series ... IN SPACE! - Windows (watch for another space-faring Civ title, Civ Beyond Earth)
  • Master of Orion series - simple interface, complex 4X games in space - DOS, Windows
  • Mortal Kombat series - 2d fighter - lots
  • Killer Instinct - 2d fighter - SNES (others? IDK)
  • Street Fighter series - 2d fighter - lots
  • Eternal Champions - 2d fighter - Genesis
  • Mechwarrior 4 - first-person mech combat - Windows
  • Armored Core - first-person mech combat - PS/2

Comment: 24 CVE fixes in one language system release (Score 3, Interesting) 112

by mr_mischief (#47779017) Attached to: PHP 5.6.0 Released

Here are the lines matching for grep -P 'CVE-\d{4}-\d+':

Fixed bug #67390 (insecure temporary file use in the configure script). (CVE-2014-3981)
Fixed bug #66060 (Heap buffer over-read in DateInterval). (CVE-2013-6712)
Fixed bug #67716 (Segfault in cdf.c). (CVE-2014-3587)
Fixed bug #67705 (extensive backtracking in rule regular expression). (CVE-2014-3538)
Fixed bug #67327 (fileinfo: CDF infinite loop in nelements DoS). (CVE-2014-0238)
Fixed bug #67328 (fileinfo: fileinfo: numerous file_printf calls resulting in performance degradation). (CVE-2014-0237)
Fixed bug #67326 (fileinfo: cdf_read_short_sector insufficient boundary check). (CVE-2014-0207)
Fixed bug #67410 (fileinfo: mconvert incorrect handling of truncated pascal string size). (CVE-2014-3478)
Fixed bug #67411 (fileinfo: cdf_check_stream_offset insufficient boundary check). (CVE-2014-3479)
Fixed bug #67412 (fileinfo: cdf_count_chain insufficient boundary check). (CVE-2014-3480)
Fixed bug #67413 (fileinfo: cdf_read_property_info insufficient boundary check). (CVE-2014-3487)
Fixed bug #66731 (file: infinite recursion). (CVE-2014-1943)
Fixed bug #66820 (out-of-bounds memory access in fileinfo). (CVE-2014-2270)
Fixed bug #66946 (fileinfo: extensive backtracking in awk rule regular expression). (CVE-2013-7345)
Fixed bug #67060 (sapi/fpm: possible privilege escalation due to insecure default configuration). (CVE-2014-0185)
Fixed bug #67730 (Null byte injection possible with imagexxx functions). (CVE-2014-5120)
Fixed bug #66901 (php-gd 'c_color' NULL pointer dereference). (CVE-2014-2497)
Fixed bug #66356 (Heap Overflow Vulnerability in imagecrop()). (CVE-2013-7226)
Fixed bug #66815 (imagecrop(): insufficient fix for NULL defer). (CVE-2013-7327)
Fixed bug #67717 (segfault in dns_get_record). (CVE-2014-3597)
Fixed bug #67432 (Fix potential segfault in dns_get_record()). (CVE-2014-4049)
Fixed bug #67539 (ArrayIterator use-after-free due to object change during sorting). (CVE-2014-4698)
Fixed bug #67538 (SPL Iterators use-after-free). (CVE-2014-4670)
Fixed bug #67492 (unserialize() SPL ArrayObject / SPLObjectStorage Type Confusion). (CVE-2014-3515)

That's not the applications written in PHP, mind you. That's the language system.

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by mr_mischief (#47778275) Attached to: The American Workday, By Profession

Lots of construction work is only safe to do when the crew is working together. You can't have people single-lifting things that require team lifting. You can't have a truck, pallet jack, front loader, paver, or crane operator running heavy equipment in confined areas without spotters and such. A roofer needs nails and shingles brought up to be efficient. Getting to lunch at the same time is good safety and good business. It's not just a union thing.


Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls 1182

Posted by timothy
from the bad-childhoods-never-end dept.
Sonny Yatsen writes: Anita Sarkeesian, the creator of Tropes vs. Women — a video series exploring negative tropes and misogynistic depictions of women in video games — reports that she has been driven from her home after a series of extremely violent sexual threats made against her. Her videos have previously drawn criticism from many male gamers, often coupled with violent imagery or threats of violence. The Verge story linked has this to say: The threats against Sarkeesian have become a nasty backdrop to her entire project — and her life. If the trolls making them hoped for attention, they've gotten it. They've also inexorably linked criticism of her work, valid or not, with semi-delusional vigilantism, and arguably propelled Tropes vs. Women to its current level of visibility. If a major plank of your platform is that misogyny is a lie propagated by Sarkeesian and other "social justice warriors," it might help to not constantly prove it wrong.

Comment: Cool? No. Common? Workhorse? Yes. (Score 1) 507

by mr_mischief (#47747727) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

I doubt too many people think a cast iron pan is cool. Yet it can be used to bake, broil, fry, sauté, reduce, and more.

Is mergesort cool? Are linked lists and hash tables cool? They are common building blocks, but are very useful.

Is DRAM cool? Are x86_64 processors sexy?

Is the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry "bitchin'"?

Are asphalt shingles as impressive as a slate roof?

When your job calls for a sturdy workhorse, you don't need a thoroughbred racehorse. You don't haul gravel in a Huracan. If your project calls for Java, or C++, or Fortran, Ada, or even for COBOL then you use what gets the job done. If it calls for rapid deployment from a small team, you might use Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript, or even a shell script. If you need Erlang, Forth, Swift, some assembly language, or some Basic dialect due to platform, existing code, etc then you just suck it up and do that. If you have a chance to do greenfield development and can pick your language, pick anything that works.

If you're in a Java shop working on a Java project, you write and debug Java. Sometimes there's more than one right tool for the job, but you use the one everyone in your workshop has and can use.

One picture is worth 128K words.