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Comment Re:Holy Fuck (Score 1, Funny) 212

How long has the earth been around?
6,000 years.

How long have we had satellites watching or even just regular and reliable weather records.
Sheeple. We don't have satellites and never made it to the moon.

Now tell me what "we've never seen before" means. And no,this would not be " the evidence you are looking for".
It means that since God created Man and the Earth 6,000 years ago we have not seen this type of weather. It's a lie though, we had it all the time but never took the time to document it.

Seriously, you people dismiss the lack of hurricanes and just weather or even blame it on Global Warming and now you want to blame 3 at once on Global Warming.
Global warming is indeed a hoax perpetrated by Satan.

I have a theory. Everything that happens or doesn't happen in this world is because of my farts. Under the "science" of Climate change, it's irrefutable.
Satan is in your anus if that is true.

Comment Buy an island (Score 1, Insightful) 659

I'd buy an island and make a nation out of it. I would live there with the family and my army of 1000 topless female slave-warriors. The island would have a private airstrip and a private jet, piloted by a topless female slave-warrior, that would whisk us around the globe. People would become jealous of my topless female slave-warriors because Grub Island would be the only place on the planet with them.

I would have a lottery with $1,000,000 ticket prices. The prize would be one week on my island with 10 topless female slave-warriors to be at the winner's beck and call. After the winner departed Grub Island, the other topless female slave-warriors would destroy the lottery winner's 10 because they would then be soiled and not worthy of me.

Comment Re: Uninstall would be nice (Score 1) 80

Or at least disable. Some of these apps don't even let you disable them. I know that doesn't actually free up any space if you just disable, but uninstalling doesn't help so much either because these preinstalled apps are on the /system partition, and removing them doesn't give you any more space on your /data partition.

Actually it can, sometimes. The copy in /system is undeletable to a normal Android system, but that also means it can't be updated. Where do the updates for these apps go? /data of course.

That said I'm pretty sure stock Android allows you to remove updates for those apps and regain that space, but I'm not 100% sure since I haven't run a stock Android system in years.

Comment Re: Uninstall would be nice (Score 1) 80

"easy". "need to know what you're doing".

Does not compute.

Riding a bicycle is easy, but you still need to know what you're doing.
Driving a car is easy, but you still need to know what you're doing.
etc, etc.

There are plenty of things we do every day that are really easy once you know what you're doing, but can be incredibly intimidating to someone who's never done it.

Comment Simple... (Score 1) 373

This one's really easy. Don't buy a car where the core system is internet connected unless you're confident in its security.

The Fiat/Chrysler hack was insane, the result of a total disregard for security.

The Tesla "hack" barely deserves being called that as it requires physical access to the car's data bus to work. Pretty much every car on the market these days is "vulnerable" to that, but it's stupid to worry about because that's like saying your brake system is "vulnerable" to being cut.

Likewise with the Corvette.

I wish the fucking stupid media would stop publicizing any of these that require installing extra hardware in to the car as if they actually mattered.

Comment Re:More practical.... (Score 1) 90

"Most common 1000 words" is great for making a point.

Far more practical would be using a vocabulary that almost all 10-year-old native speakers can read and that a vast majority of non-native speakers who have spent the last few years living in a English-speaking environment (that is, an environment that pretty much forces you to learn to speak and read English at a basic level in order to survive).

I would expect this to be far more than 1000 words.

I believe the idea is based on the Simple English Wikipedia which suggests sticking to the same top 1000 common words where possible. Now your same point may apply there, I can't find an actual justification for the recommended limit other than the basic thought that "it's simpler", but it's not unprecedented.

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