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Comment Re:Congress is just mad someone is beating them (Score 1) 137

I haven't found the actual bill yet so I don't know what it actually says but this seems to be the case.

The bill is literally linked in the summary. I'll link it again here: https://assets.documentcloud.o...

It's a page and a half of actual content, even with the narrow columns and oversized font they use for whatever reason.

Comment Professional or not? (Score 3, Insightful) 143

A truly professional "IT Pro" will learn to forget the things he has seen about his/her colleagues.
We've all had to do things like: check mail spools, check user directories, enable debug-level logging on various systems, etc. and seen embarrassing or personal things. The question is: are you a professional who learns to forget it and stick to the relevant data or are you a shithead who spreads rumours and makes us all look like privacy-invading assholes?

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 600

This is actually part of a standard practice in traffic engineering called traffic calming.

It's well known that without strict enforcement people will drive whatever speed they feel comfortable on a road regardless of the posted speed limit. This is why for example when you have a four-lane divided highway with a speed limit of 55-60 MPH (common in most major metro areas) the average speed of free-flowing traffic is still likely 65+.

The same applies in areas where you really do want people driving slower. If you put a nice wide four lanes plus suicide lane down the middle of a neighborhood it doesn't matter if you put a 25 MPH limit on it, people will still tend to drive it at the same speed they would any other road of that size. Traffic calming is the practice of intentionally doing things that make it less comfortable for drivers to travel at speed, thus reducing the average speed naturally. Narrowing lanes, removing markings, the funky markings some countries use, center islands, chicanes, etc.

This is the sort of thing that should be encouraged, because they're doing it right rather than just tossing up unrealistic speed limits and going hardcore on enforcement.

Of course that is all on the assumption that these are areas where reducing speeds is legitimately desirable, as opposed to places where some idiots suddenly decided a road that's been there for years is a dangerous menace around the time their kid started walking or some old bastard whose reaction times aren

Comment Save me! (Score 1) 668

All these comments filled with your micro-aggressions totals to over one mini-aggression.

I will report this site and its contributors to the nearest college student president. Then I'll be off to find my non-denominational, mono-gendered Yoda doll and vegan, cruelty-free GreenLube then proceed to sooth my hurt feelings.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 4, Insightful) 1836

Trolls have always been an integral part of slashdot, and part of the "uncensored" appeal of the site.

Agree 100%. To this day I still laugh at myself when I get suckered into a goatse/rosebud/tubgirl click. If ye can't handle the gutter, read at +2 or higher.

To reference back to an old post of mine from 2003 ''Reading /. at -1 is like driving through Cracktown in a covertible that's stuck in first gear. There's a whole culture "down here"''

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