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by by (1706743) (#47855903) Attached to: Tesla Plans To Power Its Gigafactory With Renewables Alone
In fairness, there really aren't Good Units for dealing with this sort of thing. Yes, you can use "proper" energy units (J), but because we really don't use "metric time," a kJ/MJ/etc. isn't wonderful for everyday use (given that we're familiar with Watts).

If all you care about is running calculations and making them look pretty, then yeah...stick with SI. But if you want something to be intuitive, unfortunately, sometimes really stupid units make more sense.

Comment: Re:How is CO2 leading cause of warming? (Score 1) 143

by by (1706743) (#47664485) Attached to: NASA's Greenhouse Gas Observatory Captures 'First Light'
We don't have a completely satisfactory theory of gravity (getting GR to play nice with quantum mechanics). Yet, we are very confident that the hypothesis that "things tend to fall" is correct.

Gravity is exceedingly complex, yet there are certain things which are evident from even a rudimentary theory of gravity -- namely, things tend to fall. CO2, likewise, has a complicated relationship to the climate -- but it is a known greenhouse gas, which has certain implications.

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Ah, I think we're talking about different issues: Monoprice is fantastic, and absolutely is proof that you don't need to spend a ton of money to get good cables. I'm just saying that lousy cables -- if you can find them -- are problematic. For instance, RF attenuation is roughly exponential (units are usually dB/m) -- hence the need for Monoprice's Redmere series of active HDMI cables. I'm not saying Monster is better (all of my cables are Monoprice), I'm just pointing out that there are legitimate bandwidth requirements on video cables.

As to VGA, try running a monitor off of a significant (10m or so) length of lousy/old VGA cables at high resolution -- in my experience you get terrible ghosting and whatnot. I've personally had issues running monitors at 1920x1200 over short (~2m) VGA cables, though that could in part be due to the monitor's ADC, etc.

Comment: Re:The difference isn't the card. (Score 2) 502

I know this is a humorous post, but for really high-bandwidth applications, cables do actually matter. For example, driving WUXGA (1920x1200) at 60Hz, 24-bit/px, this is roughly 3.3Gb/s, or a little north of a gigabit/s for each color (RGB). Since each color runs over a single wire (I think), this is comparable to the requirements of gigabit ethernet -- except (I think) gigabit ethernet over twisted pair uses all 4 pairs of wires, as opposed to just a single wire for VGA. And, given that VGA is analog, noise certainly does creep in.

With a bandwidth in the 10s of kHz range, yeah...I sorta doubt audio cables matter much at all =)

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But what wouldn't a benevolent progressive government pay for the ability to collect more data? Especially from the phones voluntarily plugged-in by unsuspecting residents?

From TFA:

The benches also connect wirelessly, using Verizon’s network, to the Internet to upload location-based environmental information, such as air quality and noise-level data.

I don't think they're trying to upload data through your phone without your knowledge, I believe the "cell phone charging" and "connects to the cell network" are unrelated, aside from the fact that both are supposedly powered via the solar panels.

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