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Comment: Found a person with common sense !! (Score 1) 330

by burni2 (#46802629) Attached to: Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

And it's you, thank you & the guys at

Also the comments from "David Shaff" a.k.a. "The Drain Man" are contradictory to the extreme

"we fish out nature transgressions(dead brids, leafs ..)"
"do you want to drink someone's pee"

"Do you want to drink the rot fluids of a dead bird" - yes because if we would clean the pool to often.

Salem witch trail style reasoning.

Comment: Good for them. (Score 3, Insightful) 154

by burni2 (#46794545) Attached to: Declassified Papers Hint US Uranium May Have Ended Up In Israeli Arms

Actually, I have two oppinions on this matter

1.) if a country is in possession of nuclear weapons,
they should join the nuke arms test & proliferation ban

Israel should join this treaty.

No army and nobody should own nuclear weapons.

And Mordechai Vanunu should be given the chance to go exile.

2.) Israel is a special case

a.) The country is actually nothing more than an airstrip, from north to south it's approx. 200km wide. If aggressors try to invade it's a really short walk.

Or just four thermonuclear devices to split a country.

b.) Israel would never use the nuclear bomb as a first strike option. This can be seen as it never officially admitted having nukes, but everybody knew. It's a much critized politic style - but it worked - and choses nukes as a means of mutually assured destruction or retaliation.

So actually I'm ok with Israel having nuclear weapons and german fuel cell drivin subs to launch them.

But to be clear on the other point when it comes to Israel:
I'm absolutely not ok with the politics Israel undertakes towards the palestineans, the actual worst enemy for peace in Israel( In my count Gaza and west jordan area are part of Israel) is the whole politics of blame and shame.

Comment: "nearly unbreakable" = "unsinkable" Titanic (Score 1) 179

by burni2 (#46677043) Attached to: "Nearly Unbreakable" Encryption Scheme Inspired By Human Biology

Many of you may know FeFe "Felix von Leitner" Extreme-Coder/CCC-Member with his infamous but german blog ""

His statement/no citation but sense of words:

"REAL crpytologists will take

1.) a long time,
2.) many attack tests and
3.) mathematical proofs

before they dare to call a crypto safe ENOUGH"

And this statement remained valid till now, just think about the eliptic curve that was shaped to comfort the NSA.

So if you accept fefes prediction you can really deduce that the contrary to the researchers claims will be the case, because of many reasons.

1.) narrow sight - if you're doing research your biggest enemy is you, because you are in danger of being so full of yourself or your idea that you won't see the invariants.

Just remeber how often you have written code you thought must work 100%, and got supprised because you didn't catch an "invariant" that was actually in plane sight.

2.) hostile thinking - and well this is much worse we can suspect one thing especially after the "Rescola" Gambit

The agencies gotten too smart to only taint the sources, because that's to obvious you need a social drive like a group leader of a standardization group, or the official statement of people with an unscathed background (social engineering people into a certain behaviour).

Be paranoid, don't trust people analyse their arguments!

Comment: Small World(s) Phenomena anyone ? (Score 2) 274

by burni2 (#46634905) Attached to: NSA Confirms It Has Been Searching US Citizens' Data Without a Warrant

If you have communicated with someone "believed" to be a terrorist:

Say your friendly Kebab dealer at the corner where your phoned in and ordered 2x Lamacun 1x Doener Kebab,

perhaps his brother is an "orthodox" muslim (now it misses the bitter taste of calling extremist such) is believed to be a terrorist, so is his brother (blood is thicker ..) and so your are for (a day or two or a month, hey don't reason with a machine ..)

So questions to be asked:
a.) under which conditions is someone believed to be a terrorist

b.) how deep is the search depth

c.) what is ment with "communicated"
- ebay buyer/seller
- same chatroom (e.g. IRC)
- same kebab dealer .. "hey you dropped this 5$US bill ... Ohh thank you" this is "communicating"

Comment: Mole in Mozilla / "Eric Rescorla" ? (Score 3, Interesting) 168

by burni2 (#46622877) Attached to: NSA Infiltrated RSA Deeper Than Imagined

I think Mozilla needs to be cleaned of moles and it seems "Eric Rescorla" is one of them, and look where he is active:

-- snip from reuters story -- .. Information Assurance Directorate, and an outside expert named Eric Rescorla.

Rescorla, who has advocated greater encryption of all Web traffic, works for Mozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser. He and Mozilla declined to comment. Salter did not respond to requests for comment.
-- snip --

Comment: If .. Then .. Else .. (Score 1) 824

by burni2 (#46597413) Attached to: Some Mozilla Employees Demand New CEO Step Down

Being tollerant towards intollerant people, hasn't worked out very well as history tells.

Extremists will at any time cry foul that some people are intollerant against them, but at the same time perfectly realizing that they were intollerant in the first place.

But if he is activly anti-GBLT his smell and his taste will at one point or another stain Mozillas hiring policies because what the boss says goes, even if it's "private". It's unavoidable and this is bad.

And that is why such a person should not have become CEO of a "colourful" company in the first place. However he should be free to tell his oppinion on LGBT-people, but he should tell it honestly, not the soft washed terms, "think of the children".

He should express his true believes: that he hates LGBT people and thinks that they commit to soddom & gomorra, and that HIV is a devine punishment and that LGBT people should rott in prision like in Uganda because they taint the souls and make other people gay. And that sticking the penis into the ass of another man is dirty and annatural because sex & lust are only ment to produce children so all other uses of the tools is praying to satan.

Most homophobics men fear to see naked men because someone could spot the increasing VECTORSUM.

If he becomes CEO of the Church of the first saints and nostalgics, so be it.

But for now should step down, and a shitstorm is the best way to overcome such a person.

Comment: Re:the prime directive (Score 2) 100

by burni2 (#46578239) Attached to: Klingon Beer

Please state your country, if it's Netherlands your inner organs will rott of Heiniken, if your from Denmark you will transcend into the taste of bad water (Tuborg).

If you are from Belgium, you should choke on Juliper(*) and get a headache from the heavy drop of Duvel.

If you are from Germany your face should implode by the bitter taste of Bitburger, you will piss KÃlsch like an Ebolanian excremates blood.

And thou shall you drown in the same same piss shit Jever, Bitburger, Astra, Karlsquell, Becks, Heiniken, Tuborg ..

Brewed for the masses out of the designer asses!


(*) It's also sometimes called "Manekin's Piss"

Comment: inflation vs. growing wealth (Score 0) 273

by burni2 (#46577811) Attached to: IRS: Bitcoin Is Property, Not Currency

Do you really think, that if your computer can compute some numbers this means you gain money ? ..

No you just gamble against some other idiots, who shoots first,
who will continue to believe.

All in all the IRS is wrong, it's currency because "you" need to believe in BITCOIN if "you" believe it's worth nothing, so it will be.

If enough people believe that they only need small cars, big cars will loose their value.

If enough people will drop the currency Dollar for the Rubel or else, the Dollar will loose value and the Rubel will gain value.

If you generate money from nothing and don't back money up it's worth that amount, you and many other believers think it's worth.

But this ponzi scheme has one advantage over all the maddoffs and other pyramid players .. it's called inflation,
the constant decline of value.

Comment: Solution = more weapons (Score 1) 878

by burni2 (#46507327) Attached to: Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

If Russia is really the only country that can nuke the USA and where the nuclear afterstrike from the USA would vaporize Russia.

We need more countries with those weapons capability!

Hey pal think broader, just send Assad the shiny GBU with his name tag on it, just don't confront russia, only poke it where it's vulnerable.

Syria, harbours a russian naval base, and a "free" new government would extend that treaty .. wouldn't it !?

So the best answer to the russian invasion is really a bomb to Mr. Assad.

Btw. the rebells in Chechnia are really in the need of manpads and rpgs.

And deliver some nice "presents" to the new ukrainian government, I think Russia should pay a hefty price.

And the best weapons to deter an offensive enemy are defensive capabilities where the attacker runs into 100s or skrimishes, and therefore russias airforce offensive capabilities must be obliberated.

Russia will remember Afghanistan, make sure they will remember the ukraine too.

Comment: IEEE Predicts 10% of IEEE Will have commited .. (Score 1) 146

by burni2 (#46392603) Attached to: IEEE Predicts 85% of Daily Tasks Will Be Games By 2020

1.) a crime
2.) a suicide
3.) to play a game
4.) gamefication of others
5.) a murder
6.) adultery
7.) sins only god hates
8.) apostasy
9.) something completly unforgiven

10.) a big fat trolling

has the IEEE gamyfied it's self, the troll level is on the rise,
gamefication is on the rise!

We have a correllation

Comment: Better learn to be specific ! (Score 2) 387

by burni2 (#46133961) Attached to: Should Everybody Learn To Code?

Well coding, is the prime example where things that are not specific engouh, either fail totally or are COMPLETLY INSECURE (Pretty Happy Parsing errors)

You don't need to learn to code, you just need to learn how to describe something, that it can be reproduced within a certain margin of error. This is the description of a specification.

And you might say "reproducable yes, but does it work ?"
Not if the working condition is not specified.

If you can describe somehting acurate, THEN YOU CAN program!

Good practice for writting "good"(see upper description) specifications:

- one page introduction make it 1/4 of a page
- List interfaces
- List operating conditions
- List operating requirements
- List ordering/delivery conditions
- List storage conditions
- List mounting unmounting possibilites and conditions (yes this includes tools and tool sizes)
- do the D-FMEA as easy as dancing YMCA !

based on this list collection of data you need to provide, if the data isn't 100% acurate and you know that, take an educated guess, (calculate, use your engineering skills, use previous data set a trigger level of acceptable conditions)

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