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Comment The "Schadenfreude" will get stuck in your throat. (Score 1) 555

"Die Schadenfreude wird Dir im Hals stecken bleiben."

Schadenfreude will get back at you.

Is a term deeming the people that experience "Schadenfreude" to be susceptible for the upcomming or imminent threat to experience also a same of a kind situation from the opposite side.

Because people that experience "Schadenfreude" tend not to concentrate on their own problems.

(Example: A car driver laughs about the owner of a broken luxury car, and does not concentrate on the car driving in front of him, where the driver does same thing plus braking to get a better view. Result tail bump and the "Schadenfreude" got back at you.)

In this case it's climate scientists have worked out that the climate is anthropologically influenced on a large scale.

But that influence is what we experience just right now and not what could happen in the future, these predictions with their various scenarios are essential to at least have an idea for example where settling could be dangerous or economically unfeasable.

All prediction on the future also need to take into account a changing behaviour and energy production landscape.

And this is how Schadenfreude has the tendency to get stuck in your throat and choke on you if you enjoy it for too long.

Comment Re:You are so right .. (Score 1) 111

Use common sense and watch how people behave on the small scale, don't theorize or repeat theories how people should behave.

And in this case we are dealing with the behaviour of people for a "for-fun-good"(a toy) and on this level certain oversimplified rules remain true.

Small scale peoples behaviour is very simple, this use case deals on this small scale.

Comment Re:You are so right .. (Score 1) 111

You are missjudging, I don't judge morally or amorally in anyway.

I just recount the reality and accept this as a fact of normal human behaviour within the given rule of law and as I will argue that it is a common morally acceptable behaviour.

That behaviour most people show a divergence in the moral outside behaviour and their inner moral "clockwork".

Most of the time I see that many people that take a moral stance on ever cheaper things buy-in-your-own-country.

But they go for the cheapest, and shit on their moral.

Do you also "tick" that way price hunting sites and have that devilish good feeling when you made a best price hit, or do you choose your local supplier?

-> If so you are morally as lame as everybody else and you have no right to judge about the moral of people because where is moral there is bigottery.

Everything that is based on moral will be frail at a certain point, everything that is based on sense and ethics will work.

If you like Star Wars the best sum up is
"Only a Sith deals in absolutes."

Comment Nobody wanted it! (Score 2) 111

It's funny that many people now are trying so hard to get one - and lucky for those that have one and can sell that little thingy for 6 times the initial price on ebay.

And for those who haven't heard that's called capitalism -
supply low, demand high = prices high and the ebay sellers get theirs sold!

The first reviews and comments on the PiZero were like: "unusable" "only one USB-Port". And then the complaints about the missing ethernet or wlan.

And some even judged that the Zero would not sell at all, because of its short commings despite the price.

After the "tinkerers" started to get interested and played around with this "fail" and then the demand took off straight.

And no, the Raspberry PI Zero demand doesn't hurt other competitors, because I don't see similar priced clones of that size.

If you need you can get an A+ that will work for your project, you then also only have one usable USB-Port,
to make it smaller you need to desolder the GPIO-pins.

Comment Re:Refugees (Score 1) 173

Solution to ageing:
Then propose a different solution, like yeah, people from Germany or people from the Netherlands or people from Poland or people from Slovakia should immigrate to Denmark out of their own ageing countries.

Look around you. Yours and also mine favourite cultural heritage is decreasing in every european country.

But france has positive ageing .. yeah because of that "unwanted" cultural heritage population.

Another hurdle to take is also the danish nationalism,
which is also hostile towards the not so complete polar opposite of the western values.

(When I spit north I get more likely problems with a danish cop, than a german, and my car radio receives more danish channels than german ones .. ok to be fair there are more danish channels, and when I'm not carefull my cellphone roams into denmark.)

And about the "taxes", those where riduculusly high even during the 90s but yes the funding of the wellfare state is extreme and a burden to its funding.

Comment Re:Refugees (Score 4, Informative) 173

Well, looking at the facts would change that view on denmark (in schweden your use case could possibly apply)

Numbers for Denmark
2,000 (2014)
14,000 (2015)

on a
Population ~5,650,000 (for decimal weak people ~5,65 Million - 5,65*10^6)

which would mean for 2015 a huge 0,25% refugee intake ratio on the population.

Current Situation:
The right wing government with their anti-immigrant action increases the hostility towards imigrants and a bad climate for "progress" in general.

The ageing danes are entering a form of a "solid state society", which is simply wishful thinking because ageing is the progress that breaks the solid state.

People started leaving Denmark(since arround 2010) not because of the many (0,25%) refugees but because of the hostile right wing environment.

(I know nordic nordish danes that now live in germany that simply state: current danish society = narrow minded society = no fun, no progress, no interest in new things)

And the immigrants/refugees in denmark are faced with exclusion and right out xenophobia, leading to a big dependence on wellfare.

Thus generating a negative impact on forgeign investment into the country, now having an impact on the economy. The growing impact on the danish economy is the ageing of the population and with a hostility towards immigrants that won't change - and no the danish people won't start procreating "just because".

Get a rightwing government and your economy pays the bill. Education isn't the prime directive for a rightwing government, but for a prospering country it is essential.

Comment Root Cause: Chuck Norris (Score 1) 187

Chuck Norris did some push ups so aggressivly that in contrast to his normal work out he liftet his body upwards and did not push the earth down,
thus generated a gravitational wave hitting the gps satellite.

The other explanation is:
It is a black hole and we all are doomed.

Comment Dangerous: Travel Guide Maps, Geography lessons,.. (Score 3, Insightful) 97

Because it tells you where to find the leaning tower of pisa, therefore you do now know how to damage the itallian economy by demolishing that building.

Threat cleared:
I call for a ban on all travel maps therefore nobody will be able to find these places.

More Threats
I call for a ban on teaching geography!
The maps show industrial buildings, transport infrastruture and natural resources!


So long for calling public accessable information and teaching material OSINT, I call bull shit on this try to infiltrate the common language with this intelligence "cool" style new speak!

Comment Short: No, but only "outdated" mobile devices (Score 3, Insightful) 143

Hey slashdot.editors,

this is slashdot a news-site for nerds that mostly have a basic understanding of the "cracking" processes

And btw. the softpedia page is full of marketing speech shit.

Q: How can I "enter" a smartphone without physical contact?

A: There must be a security hole.
(the term outdated hints that there are -known- sec holes in older devices)

Q: How can I "enter" a smartphone without physical contact? another way

A: The user connects to an access point with/out any or weak encryption and the eMail app does not know of any current encryption

Q: How can I "enter" a smartphone without physical contact? another nother way

A: The user connects to an access point I control and I tell their eMail app that I'm from turk-trust and naserbajew-trust and that I'm Vladimir Putin the most trustworthy entity only followed by the NSA.

(Man in the middle attack)

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