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Comment: Citizen Private Interconnected Mesh Networks (Score 1) 378

That's the solution create an interconnected web of wlan and lan routes - also long ranges - freenet has some nice routing algorithms, and tons of encryption, now it just must be ported away from java.

It won't be that fast, but I think fast enough.

Comment: Re: Strategic resource (Score 1) 155

by burni2 (#48538177) Attached to: Romanian Officials Say Russia Finances European Fracking Protests

If you say he is wrong, please deliver arguments that support your reasoning.

But i will argument against your points - btw. I might not be windbourne but I do work with wind for profit & because I want to see renewables to succeed ;) - just in case you want to refrain from argueing and want to short cut by just saying that I'm just a disbeliever - I like to work on arguments and logical reasoning.

1.) nat gas -> oil
This is basically on it's wide extreme step not a favourable choice, because you are replacing a fossil fuel with a fossil fuel.

Yes those natural gas plants might have a higher effeciency but only if you generate electricity+heat within a connected process. If you just fire up gas turbines to counter act missing power within the grid, your effeciency plummets.

Yes natural gas burns better than coal leaving not that many pollutants, however the "modern" (mid. 90s) filter systems for coal powered plants are just good enough.

2.) convert coal into natural gas
Yes it does work - meaning you can do this, the feasability is on another page.

The question remains, that you need to answer, if can you please lay out to me that the process your propose, has a positive energy balance ?

Because if your chemical reformation process costs that much energy, that your gain through the higher efficiency of burning natural gas is compensated, it is logical to burn coal but use modern filter technology on the exhaust.

But with the same argument you can continue using oil, because you can reprocess oil also to produce natural gas.

3.) Natural gas for cars, good only to prevent the pollution - except CO2 - and leaving out all the reprocessing that needs to be done, to use it as a fuel, those "energy costs" are mostly not written on the balance sheet. Compressing, cooling and storing cooled gases are using up huge amounts of energy.

The recent developments in gas and diesel engines are enormous, filtering systems, catalizers injected into the exhaust, efficient motor control, hybrid.

From the efficiency POV 10 yrs. ago natural gas was better than gas and diesel, but today it's superseded..

4.) the best solution is mostly the midway, using fossil fuels as long as we have those at our disposal as carefully as possible , switch more and more over to renewables and use natural gas. as a buffer (quick starting power plants - because yes there is a statistical short term jitter within renewable production, long term can be planned, - spring, summer, autum, winter are known to man kind for quite a time - and weather forecast gets better and better).

Comment: Nokia dumps Finland in Favor of Microsoft (Score 1) 523

by burni2 (#48486781) Attached to: Finland Dumps Handwriting In Favor of Typing

Nokia says: People at Microsoft don't outlaw pens.

Finland says: Pens are a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

I say: People will get problems when throwing a cultural heritage over board. Especially that many neurological studies show a direct link between motion training, creativity and intelligence.

Comment: Re:Is Nuclear going to be acknowledged? (Score 1) 652

by burni2 (#48484105) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

"deponised" yes made it up, tried to find a relative to the word of my language, it means putting it in a contained landfill.

Working safety is an issue, but chemicals can be handled correctly and processes can be done safe. Except for like mining uranium ore in massive above ground areas.

And I know that you don't really care, because you have most likely used a samsung display (everybody uses samsung panels, just crack your tft open) to write that.

Comment: Re:Is Nuclear going to be acknowledged? (Score 1) 652

by burni2 (#48484083) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

No, you can just use wikipedia to know that you are wrong.

Actually when you are going for reprocessing used uraniumoxide or mixed oxide (uranium + plutonium) rods you are hunting for generated plutonium and unused uranium and plutonium.

You are hunting for fissible elements, that you can create a chainreaction of and use the excess energy.

You than will use the unused plutonium and uranium to create MOX pellets consisting of both uranium and plutonium.

You will need supplemental uranium to balance out those "new" rods. And actually the world nuclear economy is heavily relying on reprocessing and use of degraded formerly weapons grade fuel.

And the amounts are decreasing. Nuclear fuel is used up at such a rate there will be a shortage in the forseeable future.

That's why windscale was a big "burning" nuclear fire they "burnt" uranium to get plutonium, and this is why fuel rods have a "burn time" because if you increase that the plutonium content you will make Ahmadinejads eyes wet.

Comment: Re:Is Nuclear going to be acknowledged? (Score 1) 652

by burni2 (#48459529) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

Actually, the question is what you define as clean.

1.) energy usage
2.) Resource usage
3.) use of problematic chemicals

PV panels are simply spoken semiconductors, so the same processes apply like those for our precious CPUs and GPUs.

The most common base material is Silicon (Si) which is "refined" from SiOÂ (sand) which is highly energy intensive. resource usage is - given the amount of Si within the minable earth crust - within acceptable range. The elements used for doping are as those in our CPUs and GPUs toxic.

But the good thing is those processes are controlable with very little environmental impact (everything we do has an environmental impact, use a pill, take a piss, your pissing the content of the pill into nature)

Recycling is possible - known contents, but actually the need for having a waste handling concept for PV panels is missing.

But PV panels can be deponised, all dangerous material is enclosed.

Compared to nuclear where the waste can't be just deponised anywhere PV is relativly clean. Also in contrast to micro chips the energy you put into is regained within 1-2 yrs.

Comment: Re:Nothing I'd like better... (Score 1) 106

by burni2 (#48406505) Attached to: Tor Eyes Crowdfunding Campaign To Upgrade Its Hidden Services

I think you are on the best way to find out about the meaning of "freedom of choice" you exercised your right to "freedom of speech" because good men did many things.

But the best solution if you have nothing to say.

Just shut up and ignore it.

But you would make the headlines:

"Father of two daughters indicted for giving funding to U.S. government backed anti censor operation. - President Obama faces impeachment over funding of pro american value anti censor ship program."

He was soo pro american and all over the bill of rights .. that he overlooked the 10th amendment .. "If you ever take these words serious you are a fool."

Comment: Re:Total Traffic Transparency (Score 2) 135

by burni2 (#48357577) Attached to: Tor Project Mulls How Feds Took Down Hidden Websites

before somebody calls it: bullshit or so ..

- look at the map where most tor relays/entry guards are situated

- .. think about it that the network traffic consists basic traffic and a wandering component (it follows daylight) .. so I can steer when to do the correlation and
when it's the best time to look for an anomaly.

Comment: Total Traffic Transparency (Score 2) 135

by burni2 (#48357549) Attached to: Tor Project Mulls How Feds Took Down Hidden Websites

That's actually a major problem, all data is transported via government visible networks.

How would I do it ?
As a LEO I would try to get warrants for a full take loging of all entry guards/relays(unknowing facilitators) that were in between my request and the site and those that are under my jurisdiction. (now I know with which computers the tor-relay/entry guard communicates) I would obtain full take / warrants for those / and another round .. bingo

now I can do traffic confirmation attacks, download the same data-size again and again and again, and perhaps uploading same data of specfic size again and again and again.

Due to the full takes I will be able to correlate what path my data took, over all three levels. There will be misses, as not all traffic will go through the U.S. & UK
but at a certain point in time there will be enough ip-data, where I can identify a location and a person.

And then I need to do parallel construction (infiltration) as I now know who the person is I can generate a personality profile and figure out the best way to come in contact with the operator.

System going down in 5 minutes.