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Comment Re:Mozilla wins #1 prize! - for "hiding" features (Score 1) 315


actually I use Win7, classic theme (win2k/xp), and take back my menubar everytime I freshly install firefox on a new system, along with deactivating trimming of urls
(I like to be informed by a string if I'm http https or ftp)
along with deactivating pdfjs because I think it's a big hole somebody wants to exploit.

And sorry there is no group icon, except that I found it when I selected the "adjust UI" feature then I saw it.

Perhaps it has something to do with my setup o.O

Comment Mozilla wins #1 prize! - for "hiding" features (Score 4, Insightful) 315

Let me explain:

1.) Grouping Tabs in Opera12
(Grab Tab, move it over the other Tab you like to put together to a group, Drop Tab)

= works great easy to use, even my mother could use it (and mourned the downfall of Opera12, so let's just say when my mother could use it, the usability design was great)

2.) Grouping Tabs in Firefox
(Press CTRL + Shift +E) Everybody would knew that
And now you get an overloaded preview of all open Tabs

I can only say I didn't knew that FF had tab support either.

And my critisism is:
Mozilla should really axe this feature because of usability issues and POCKET too(->plugins) many people don't use it either but are pestered with it's existence which is because it's prominently placed!

And we could also think about Opera12's visual start page with icons and the way Mozilla implemented it.
(with the idea of making money)

Data is the gold of the 21st century let's do some alchemy and turn gold into dirt!

Comment Re:Encryption is a weapon (Score 2) 145

To demonstrate to one the difference between the meaningful kill potential of an assault rifle and encryption would be a crime! And from your POV it would be two!

And I hope that you have read the news that the french/belgium ISIS-terrorists used unencrypted communication to execute their plan.

Using your rational unencrypted communication would therefore also constitute as a crime. Because of no meaningful difference.

I hope you somehow begin to understand the real differences between things and come down from your extremist views.

And btw:
"bring 2 water melons, 10 eggs and a pack of peanuts"

is a chiffre that translates to:
- two bombs
- 10 hand granades
- and 5000 shots AK47 amunition

Beware of Granny Uncanny! She brings water melons and terror.

Where you really need to look at:
All these three letter acronyms can search billions of messages but fail to find the real important ones.

Often also ignoring real crime like illegal arms and explosives trade.

Terrorism is really nothing virtual, it needs the physical factor and especially the french government(Holande & Sarko) watched it happen.

But they did nothing about the many illegal automatic and semi-automatic weapons that were and are in the hands of criminals in many suburbs of french cities.

When their policemen cried for help because they are fired uppon with automatic weapons and also being outnumbered they did some "action" but without a strategy everything is deemd to be useless actionism and quickly forgotten.

They even did not increase the policeforce to put the law back into rule, but they reduced the policeforce.

And Mr. Sarko is known for this kind of two sided behaviour.

The suburbs of france' and belgium's big cities are the place where those weapons came from.

Just search the news for Marseille and suburbs.

Comment What you need: project management and a plan (Score 1) 158

ok, saying PM will fix it is cheap but that's really the core task of project management "to devise a plan"

But a specific plan with goals needs to be based on an analysis of the environment you are actually in and you did the first steps, you tried to describe the environment.

medium-sized enterprise, UK
Ok, you're in the UK and have access to a solid workers pool of skilled IT, also available by contract workers.

Think about getting an aide, nothing is worse than a project manager that looses oversight!

They claimed to be an advocate of open-source.
But everything contradicts that, don't cling onto open source, don't waste energy to educate people that don't understand. It's useless, and open source is only one solution, that can work but also can fail. Especially if you have people with no skill!

The job was advertised as a Linux sys-admin. I've been in the role a short while and the systems right across the business are end-of-life: lots of XP and 2003 servers, a handful of LAMP web servers,

Do you have an overview, are all the systems accounted and cataloged with "Machine Power"/"Electric Power"/IP/MAC/Remoteinstall/config etc.. possiblities.

Because this actually looks like those who hired you did not have such an oversight.

and a large IT department with almost no skills in the technologies on site.

First you don't need a training plan you need a Maintainance&FIXIT plan = nothing is worse than systems failling, when you grab resources for training. because you will be blamed for, your oppinion will lose worth you will lose resources.

Idea: Have a fix-it task force at hand. Only selected few who really can "fix it".
(Think about high skilled contract workers.)

Most boxes have the default password still.

That could be getting fixed by a task force.

As a senior techie, I've been tasked with helping bring the skillset of the rest of the staff up.

Good luck with that.

Where would you start, given that most of the kit is EoL?
Make a plan based on the current equipment(what can still run and what is really dead) and the demand of the market. ("priorities")

Comment Ebay: Thinkpad T61, x86-netbooks and arm-netbooks (Score 1) 508


older thinkpads
actually older thinkpads core2duo 1,8ghz / T61 / 14,1" 1280x800 / 160gbyte / 2gbyte / intelgraphics NO NVIDIA = buggy but you dont know if

you can get these for down to 60 - 90â (1$ = 0,89â)
sometimes along with the docking station or even with a 15,4" / 1650x1080 TFT

Even considering it's age it's decent machine, the keyboard quality is unmatched.

Apply an unofficial SATA2 patch install a solidstate drive and you have a boost.

atoms, atoms and atoms, and celerons
not as powerfull as the thinkpads but they mostly have a decent battery life.

If the kids(boys) can live with it the pink ones are ultra
cheap (unwanted)

Example: compaq 311 & pavilion (hint!), samsung some crazy letter combination, dell, etc..

running win7 (sometimes only 32bit) no problem

The keyb, sucks often.

This text was typed on a win7-64bit machine 3gb / 128gbyte ssd with a celeron netbook processor (hp pavilion looks like compaq311 no nvidia ion) gotten for ~40â on ebay (cracked tft), decent keyb, superb battery life (7,5hrs. considering an 4 yr. old battery), hdmi, vga, SIM-slot and un2420 umts card.

Replaced the tft for 40â within 1,5 hrs. (the hardware maintainance manual is perfect for figuring out which tft to buy)

And I'm not poor but I'm very stingy!

A little less powerful than the x86-netbooks but better battery life, but only for the macguyver style kids.

example: eeepc

decent & known manufactureres have mostly the more satisfying outcome than some strange chinese brand.

Comment Tutorial change your WLAN mac permanently (easy!) (Score 1) 120

just buy a mini pci express WLAN card from ebay (cheap cheaper extreme cheap) - hopefully it's not a stolen one!

Replace "mini pci express" card and do what you like with your old card.

And you have a new mac adress.

Bad people could throw these in the garbage or the electronics dumps, or sell them at flea markets, so you should not dumpster dive and flea market for those cheap cards there!

Comment $250 + paypal & shipping? (Score 1) 214

Hey get real,

yes "they" could,

but "they" would get caught .. afterwards(like any terrorist)

Also because they are leaving a serialnumber nightmare behind themselves,

- turn your notebook on the back, mac + serialnumber

- buy a gsm modem, IMEI .. ok there are some very few gsm/edge-modems where there is software out in the open to spoof the IMEI.

But yes a disposable phone .. paid with a credit card for .. and videotaped your face on the survailiance cam.

Comment Suzuki Samurai(sj413) (85er) with carburator (Score 1) 373

Simply a wonderfull car, except for the fuel consumption,
On that car you can virtually do everything by your own - small amount of tools needed - it's plain & simple.

But semiconductors are on board it has a stunning 6 diodes on board - not counting the radio!

If you choose a real Suzuki Samurai with spray injection from 88 you additionally get one with a cathalysator.

Comment AG: (insert here) hurts the procecution of crimes. (Score 1) 392

I prepared some bullet points for you:

a.) The right to remain silent ..
b.) An execelent lawyer ..
c.) An accused non-black person ..
d.) The right not to be tortured ..
e.) A non-coloured or coloured rich person ..
f.) The right for a due proccess ..

Now who wants to play attorney general bingo and wants to degrade freedom and civil rights a lot more?

Btw. for option e. I think about an ex-football player & comedy actor - there is another chance for bingo .. it has something to do with professional athelete and the processecution of crimes. (Einstein - James Dean - Brooklyns got a winning team .. children of thaledomite)

If you're not careful, you're going to catch something.