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Comment: Disabling Heartbeat - scroll down! (Score 4, Insightful) 156

by burni2 (#49380871) Attached to: Firefox 37 Released


anybody being annoyed to be asked over and over and over again?

My stance is, if "fucking" developers can't feel the vibe of the users or lack common sense, they should not develop software for common people. ..Rate me - shape me - anyway you want it - as long as I'm alive..

If Picasso would have also asked the people if they liked his early works, he would have commited suicide and not created something great.

Disabling Heartbeat

We understand that any interruption of your time on the internet can be annoying.

        open about:config
        set browser.selfsupport.url to ""
        enjoy the rest of your day!

Comment: Re:It be 12m above sea - max Tsunami: 7m (Score 1) 122

Please lay out the physical principles on an engineers level! Stating something isn't simply possible because it simply is a newer design isn't engineer worthy. (it's the why'se and becauses that count)

And actually, argumentation that fails to adress the Y's mostly stinks.

1.) a backup generator, when not running hot but been put in "warm" start condition, will NOT fail to start ?
- it has a chance of not starting
- it has a chance of producing an /internal/ grid fault when being connected to the internal grid

Yes, even when a backup generator is not flooded it can fail. Ohh yes, and a backup generator chances of failing are even better when subjected to earth quakes.

And another poster corrected you on wave height.

Also the coast line in Fujian "looks" a bit shallow don't you think ?

the advertising anouncement you posted does not state much of the information you "suggested".

Especially the term "much more adequate fashion"
meaning it's conventional but has more fail safes built into.

Again please don't try to suppress physics.

You need to actively pump coolant into the reactor and in this case it means sustain the operation of all three cooling loops.

If one loop fails you have safety margin, increasing the energy amount in one cooling loop == make it hotter but this gives only time to fix something.

And this means pumping pumping and pumping and then vaporizing water.

There is no hint given at certain intercoolants like salt or low temp. melting metall, or even a free convection style cooling of any kind.

"The ACP1000 is a pressurized reactor in a large dry containment, that can contain a molten core without overpressurizing the containment."

Please don't try to alter physics, if your inner cooling loop is broken - which is - if the link is correct on that detail - water, can separate Hydrogen from Oxygene your reactor can go boom.

Heat something up, it expands, encase it and you have increased pressure.

The only solution would be to "vent" which will vent radioactivity into the air. - only true for inner most loop.

And as you stated yourself it's a pressureized reactor - here comes the Y for the pressure, increase the boiling point of water, because when water boils it looses it's "wanted" moderating function inside the reactor, and it would drastically increase it's volume = in a containment building up pressure.

Comment: Re:It be 12m above sea - max Tsunami: 7m (Score 1, Informative) 122

And you are only concentrating on one point, you find inconclusive, and this is your basis to call everyone to shut up?

If you would have taken the time, and glimpse at a satellite image of that region, you might have recognized that the surrounding area has a nice beach style "ramp" on the west side.

a nuclear power plant needs cooling == fresh water
a tsunami will suck all water from the beach for approx 30s
a tsunami will struck down the surrounding grid (== fukushima)
a failing over flodded backup generator is bad (== fukushima)
an emergency stop of a nuclear reactor will need after cooling or it will melt the core (== fukushima)

And this is why it remains a very bad idea to built a nuclear reactor at a tsunami site, because a nuclear reactor needs a functioning infrastructure to safely operate.

Comment: Re:chlorine? (Score 1) 224

by burni2 (#49114081) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons

The question is in what composition you have chloride, for example your 12" LP (polyvinylCHLORIDE) won't kill anyone except you play Xena the Warrior princess.

But this is why you should read the security warnings because you can get a reaction working to set chlorine(that from WWI) free.

What is used in bleaches is HClO not Cl2, HClO is called hypochloric acid - strong oxidizer.

Yes, in big pools chlorine (enclosed in steel gas cans) is used.
Yes, it can be set free by acident.
Yes, there are emergency plans and safety precautions.

Comment: It's the missuse of chemistry. / Abusing science. (Score 2) 224

by burni2 (#49113939) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons

Most chemical weapons were not invented to be weapons at first, but during the era when chemistry evolved, many compounds were created to be used in chemical processes, to produce things like poly vinyl chloride (for the old folks modern 12" LPs are made of this)

Phosgene for example. Till today is produced in tons and tons and tons. And this very day today you had a 100% chance to touch things or ingest things(medicine) were produced using phosgene or familiar compounds.

Not weapons kill people, people kill people, but this is not ment as a let go for engineers and scientists to use this as an excuse.

Comment: The Revolution (DIVX) was ~1998/1999 (Score 1) 81

by burni2 (#49057011) Attached to: The Revolution Wasn't Televised: the Early Days of YouTube

So there were moving pictures - from - the internet and sound.

And even before that was the "realplayer" and Flash was its honorable successor/competetor to the title security desaster(Realplayer got also ported to linux!! - yes and it worked).

And yes it was live streamed, I can remember that Tina Turner concert on Realplayer .. Tina was the most beautiful moving pixel I have ever seen!

Comment: Re:Sounds like a business opportunity... (Score 1) 121

by burni2 (#49048015) Attached to: Study: 8 Million Metric Tons of Plastic Dumped Into Oceans Annually

Actually your thought is a very good one, but if we miss that opportunity, and not convert the former "crudeoil" into CO2 ;)

But the landfills are actually unused energy reserves however during the last 40yrs. you will find there "Teflon" like compounds that when burnt will react to HF (fluoridic acid) which is very nasty stuff as it will etch your plastic to fuel machinery

And that's the problem.

(most "plastic" which could be PVC, PE, PP, etc.. is made from oil - in future it can be made from ethanol -> PE )

And thinking further:
Plastic is conserved CO2 so we should turn CO2 into plastic bags. It would be better to store/conserve it that way than to pump it into unreliable caverns.

CO2 dump at home in your private drawer. Called the bag stack.

Comment: "ingenius tipps for an optimal system" (Score 1) 716

by burni2 (#49031975) Attached to: Is Modern Linux Becoming Too Complex?

this is not a typo it's the from german hard translated headliner of the Sep/2014 monthly of the german Chip Linux magazine.

it also stated
- adjust unity
- remove crap
- increase speed

So, yes, most distros are either a heavy crap loaded like a lenovo-compaq-hp-acer craptop, or are uncomfortable as hell-

I stopped being aggrovated, I just started to use FreeBSD some 15 yrs. ago. when Mandrake turned bad and gotten fuzzier each release.

Comment: Advise (Score 3, Insightful) 175

by burni2 (#48942513) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Engage 5th-8th Graders In Computing?

1.) don't be an asian helicopter mother
- you are not their parents

- best way to engage most children is when they have fun taking things step by step, with fun and encouragement

- some kids want a challenge, those are eager, give them a challenge they can handle, be present, wait for the question, don't explain things they want to tackle themselves

show them how they can let their computer + learned skills work for them
- understand what they are doing in school (don't introduce partial differential equations to a 5th grader except they ask you to do so)
- explain their current topic on math with the help of excel (no VBA)

-sine, cosine tables, sine charts etc..

The computer is a tool, make it a place to toy with things

- don't be ProfX
- use your empathy
- but actually the best choice would be to empower them to tackle their current tasks, a little surplus of knowledge won't hurt
- don't present big problems, demonstrate how you can approach a - school-world-problem by breaking it down,

These are computer/programming skills: to understand a problem, breaking it up into small understandable pieces then describing the whole problem, formulate a solution approach and testing that method.

With the help of a useful tool called computer+software.

Comment: There is no single method. (Score 1) 251

by burni2 (#48916443) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Medium For Personal Archive?

There are multiple.

1.) simple sftp reachable cloud (very cheap, no need for special cloud software)

2.) root server (you can get these with ~4tb space minus the OS) for arround 20â (you don't need a power horse) even a vserver is ok, if it has the space and you can sftp into it
traffic is mostly multiple times storage cap

3.) having offsite sftp storage is great the connection+login/pass is encrypted + save the ssh-fingerprint and check for manipulation, only filezilla needed to retreive all data

otherwise you can automate many things like offsiting your archive hashes / etc.. via script, curl can pop3s and smtps your data.

With tcls "expect" you can automate sftp backups and automatic storage.

4.) Multiple independend hosts are also a nice idea

5.) -> Test your backup system Encryption
I suggest everything you store offsite and also onsite should be encrypted.

Everything you store offsite should have at least two layers of strong encryption using different crypt-algorithms

1.) AES or twofish/serpent

2.) additional to that
That big archive should be split into 50-100mb chunks of data and encrypted with their own hash hash value as key value
you need to store the hashes

3.) encrypt the hash lists

4.) store them in cheap or free email accounts

Comment: FreeBSD - tutorial inside (Score 1) 403

by burni2 (#48823489) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Migrating a Router From Linux To *BSD?

I've written a tutorial for installing freebsd on an encrypted root using a serial console. That should actually explain some things.



Get an installer image:

The release version is FreeBSD-10.1

try the memstick image
a "cp FreeBSD.img /dev/sdX" will copy it to stick

While you install:
don't install the package ports, you will get the freshest ones
through portsnap

Add an "admin" user make him member of group "wheel"
because that user can ssh and then "su" to root.

When you have installed FreeBSD

a.) run portsnap fetch extract
- after this your ports tree is up to date

b.) run freebsd-update fetch install
- after this your FreeBSD-system is up to date

c.) kill sendmail-demon
- after this you will feel no change at all

d.) installa samba via ports(verbosive) or via pkg add samba

you install things using the ports collection by enter the directory /usr/ports
where you choose the category for example the midnight commander can be found under "/usr/ports/misc/mc"

you start the installation using make install
afterwards you can do a make clean
or make distclean.

ports is "just" make-scripts

svn is included in the FreeBSD base distribution
it can be called via svn-lite

So you can also checkout the current freebsd-head (FreeBSD handbook says how), browse the /usr/src directory or where yyou will then recognize that every command's source has a separate directory with make file etc..

Meaning you can now play with the source of the base distribution(userland) and kernel

FreeBSD is fun, and a base system really has a small footprint.

When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision.