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Comment Suzuki Samurai(sj413) (85er) with carburator (Score 1) 373

Simply a wonderfull car, except for the fuel consumption,
On that car you can virtually do everything by your own - small amount of tools needed - it's plain & simple.

But semiconductors are on board it has a stunning 6 diodes on board - not counting the radio!

If you choose a real Suzuki Samurai with spray injection from 88 you additionally get one with a cathalysator.

Comment AG: (insert here) hurts the procecution of crimes. (Score 1) 392

I prepared some bullet points for you:

a.) The right to remain silent ..
b.) An execelent lawyer ..
c.) An accused non-black person ..
d.) The right not to be tortured ..
e.) A non-coloured or coloured rich person ..
f.) The right for a due proccess ..

Now who wants to play attorney general bingo and wants to degrade freedom and civil rights a lot more?

Btw. for option e. I think about an ex-football player & comedy actor - there is another chance for bingo .. it has something to do with professional athelete and the processecution of crimes. (Einstein - James Dean - Brooklyns got a winning team .. children of thaledomite)

Comment Re:How did they solve crimes before Smart phones?? (Score 1) 392

Simply by doing good -old- police work:

They got a "confession" hand written without spelling errors from an illiterate black guy. The problem with missing evidence and nagging civil rights lawyers solved itself after 12-20yrs. on death row.

They looked the poor white guy in the eyes and stated in the court that his eyes confessed the crime - and the jury sentencend him to death. Simply a bullet proof case.

Btw. these ramblings might sound like jokes from a fuzzy kafkaesk film like "Brazil" but the sad thing is they aren't!

Comment Germans == socialists country / not communists (Score 1) 528

(Warning: the subject is ironic)

Germanys economic system is a cross breed between capitalism and socialism. With changing ratios.

It's coined as
"soziale Marktwirtschaft" / "social market economy"

or since the "Energiewende" / "energy transition" / (green energy revolution)

coined as: "Ãkologisch-soziale Marktwirtschaft" / "eco-social market economy"

Comment Drinking Age - 18 - (Score 4, Interesting) 528


the drinking age is 18 .. meaning .. Vodka, Barcardi, Tequilla, ..

Our national iconographic singer songwriter and essaist "Otto" described the joys of drinking in his epic song

"Wir haben Grund zum Feiern!" / "We need to party!"

Comment "Restricting Access to DNA" R.O.F.L. (Score 2) 333

You want yeast DNA?

Lick your hand.
Lick your feet.
Lick your *beep*.

And the best thing D.N.A. is a puzzle, but a very logical one.

When you have watched bio engineering students doing their *basic* experiments with basic yeast you will be astonished what they can achieve by just playing around.

DNA is a perfect self assembling puzzle you will quickly see how things work out.

Basically what I want to lay out is that there is not just even the slightest chance of succeeding to conceal that information from drug makers, because they will find out otherwise because in DNA if it works .. you can redo steps or start variations and your own research.

So yes, the cartels will find a way and hey .. they won the war on drugs haven't they?

Also in case genetic engineering is too complex there is still Afghanistan.

1.) So you have many (and I mean many) "underpaid" bio engineering students.

2.) Decent equipment makes everything easier, but you can built that equipment, that knowledge cannot be subdued(it's too widespread)

3.) You have "fungus"(yeast) DNA everywhere

4.) Variations - If you want to find an unknown strain .. go to a brothel, public toilet, the more cultures clash .. the more variations you will find in one spot.

5.) you have scientific journals (and you also have a black list of crap journals)

6.) Money = Resources (Hey we are talking here about drug cartels that have no problem to just loose cocain worth being 200 mUSD)

7.) We have a black pharma market that produces counterfight - and at a 50% chance high quality - drugs for old mens problems from industrial scale made basic chemicals. And nobody can stop them - or wants to.

Comment Re:Wouldn't using this if it were seized... (Score 1) 288

It's all about the question that the definition "seized" and "going to be seized". are clearly laid out.

If the tool is installed to automatically prevent access to the data on that pc - you are not tampering with evidence.

The computer does it on it's own. Also when police comes to you, and you see them your pc is not yet seized, so all actions up until the moment when they take something away are ok.

You should not have a remote connection to the pc (via umts modem, infrared or else) that you use to access the PC remotely and delibirately shut this then seized computer down.

However if you would have a system that automaticly modulates a certain flicker pattern onto your incandescent light bulbs(*) light emmissions, that then would be picked up by a light sensor ..

and locks the pc if the certain pattern is missing would be a good antitheft tool wouldn't it ? The easier way is using an IR emitter and an IR receiver (LIRC)

(*) Which is quite easy as it's an ionized gas, and everything what is over 100Hz won't be noticable by you but a sensor can.

only personal oppionion, no legal expert, get quallified legal counsel.

Comment Re:Content management systems (Score 1) 180

Mostly outdated version of Joomla and Wordpress play the bigger role.

But the answer is: "no" opensource is not by default secure. The projects are comprised of people with different coding skill sets, some lower, some higher. Also feeling the need for fixing possible weak points is unevenly distributed.

sense for security
For example last week I was on a bussiness trip and the hotel had free wifi.

1.) the wlan had no PSK WPA2 encryption

2.) the login page were you enter your credentials
to confirm the MAC-Address was "http" totally 100% unencrypted .. forcing https .. lead to the server answering "no ciphers"

3.) yes it was MAC-address fixed after the login (no additional cookie) and the MAC-address is nowhere to be known except inside the unencrypted over the air traffic and everything else is there.

Also everyone knows the MAC can't be spoofed or !?

The wlan was offered by a third party service, commonly used by many hotels. The credentials are pinned to the room number.

So it's common sense that this provider applicates the highest security standards to protect it's customers.

Comment Summing up + Translation(babble to information) (Score 4, Informative) 180

And removing the "text extending babbel":

1.) Don't get a pirated copy of "DirectMailer" - because it's infected and will trojanise your server.

2.) keep your server and especially it's services updated - check your Joomla and Wordpress installation - and additionally to that the themes you installed.

- the white paper says that the researchers think that these were the most likely vectors

- the article puts faith on the thoughts of the researchers

The infected server were so extremely outdated that the researchers didn't know where to start to search. Some believe to have seen active kernel versions dating back to 2000 and even further and surrendered the computers to archeologists to study ancient server setups.

3.) an antivirus on freebsd or linux system is pratically useless in detecting recent malware - they need at least 5 yrs. of cultivation

On windows the infection base is much greater. However the idea of "quarantining" software of problematic origin for a certain period of time and early virustotalling it, should be considered.

lesson: no cracked software on linux/freebsd system

Comment New on EBAY: Gamers keyboard(macro enabled) (Score 1) 65

Anti cheating techniques are successful at first, then there is the circumvention, nothing is bullet proof however using certified hardware in an controlled enviroment is a good start.

For online gaming high stakes = high interested = much energy leading to:

a.) broad band solutions for common cheaters
b.) specialised expensive hand crafted cheats

1.) Nvidia looking glas hack - driver version detector+screenshooter
2.) dummy OpenGL dll wrapper - file scanner+screenshooter
also solved rat auto fire.
3.) game engine hooking - game engine hooking detector - game engine hooking detector unloader - detector for this - special cheat drivers running top priority - special anti-cheat drivers running top priority ..

What I want to say:
Cheating has evolved and ever will. Console play perhaps is now free of cheating because the stakes are too low and the dangers are too high.

Raise the stakes, get a horde of chinese DRM hackers flipping bit by bit till the consoles break, have cheating enabled again.

guess for the future:
FPGA & DSP + CV enabled cheating - looping through the DVI/HDMI signal capturing at 50/60Hz 1080p (the grabbers for this res & freq. is affordable) automatic object recognition.
feeding in commands direct into the mouse and keyboard.

AntiCheat would be statistics & pattern based.

AntiCheat: for direct signal capturing: using 4k
Anti AntiCheat: splitt mirror or (two) cameras with an angle and polarized filters (->3D) and CV again lower res but who cares..

The evolution is about to start, again!

I call the Google Car a cheater car ;)

Comment Flashlight: enables near relativistic speeds .. (Score 1) 480

from "The hobo guide to travelling the galaxy"

After a certain amount of many many many yrs. and hopefully not your energy source running out you will have gained mass by speed without jogging and not by eating:

but relativistically which is why it is sooo hard to reach even near relativistic speeds[1].

So with this "flash light" with a certain amount of power and energy (and direction) you can travel the universe.

Back to topic:
So the described idea is basically that of a "photon gun" or flashlight or microwave gun

Micro waves are "also" part of the electromagnetic spectra therefore we can ask them "wave" or "particle" and they will answer "trans" and decide politcally correct in a s(p)lit to interfere into a figure of light and shadow.

But therefore the laws of physics still apply:
Photons have a mass equivalent to their energy the energy of a photon can be descbribed by it's frequency, the higher the frequency the higher the energy the higher the mass and if there is mass there is an impulse.

final advise to travel the universe with a flash light, a wodden back plate and some mylar sheets:

And for goods sake if you're in space use a monochromatic high power photon gun (L.A.S.E.R.) or a (M.A.S.E.R.) or a Magnetron for propulsion. Not an old flash light!

And use some solar sails where solar sailing is ultimatly cheaper.

rubber bullet point
And if you want to be initially driven by your friend standing on the moon shooting with objects at you, demand (s)he takes elastic objects like a rubber ball and make sure to have your solid deflection plate perpendicular to the intended flight vector but between you and the "ball" otherwise your journey start will be painful or deadly (but it would work, however not that good)

And if you think after all these experiments that you have violated the laws of physics .. No you don't have.

physical bullet points to rubber ball propulsion
The rubber ball will transmit force when hitting you and when bouncing off instead of an inelastic object (Elastic collision)[2].

- "solar sails"
- photonic impulse


Comment Disabling Heartbeat - scroll down! (Score 4, Insightful) 156


anybody being annoyed to be asked over and over and over again?

My stance is, if "fucking" developers can't feel the vibe of the users or lack common sense, they should not develop software for common people. ..Rate me - shape me - anyway you want it - as long as I'm alive..

If Picasso would have also asked the people if they liked his early works, he would have commited suicide and not created something great.

Disabling Heartbeat

We understand that any interruption of your time on the internet can be annoying.

        open about:config
        set browser.selfsupport.url to ""
        enjoy the rest of your day!

Comment Re:It be 12m above sea - max Tsunami: 7m (Score 1) 122

Please lay out the physical principles on an engineers level! Stating something isn't simply possible because it simply is a newer design isn't engineer worthy. (it's the why'se and becauses that count)

And actually, argumentation that fails to adress the Y's mostly stinks.

1.) a backup generator, when not running hot but been put in "warm" start condition, will NOT fail to start ?
- it has a chance of not starting
- it has a chance of producing an /internal/ grid fault when being connected to the internal grid

Yes, even when a backup generator is not flooded it can fail. Ohh yes, and a backup generator chances of failing are even better when subjected to earth quakes.

And another poster corrected you on wave height.

Also the coast line in Fujian "looks" a bit shallow don't you think ?

the advertising anouncement you posted does not state much of the information you "suggested".

Especially the term "much more adequate fashion"
meaning it's conventional but has more fail safes built into.

Again please don't try to suppress physics.

You need to actively pump coolant into the reactor and in this case it means sustain the operation of all three cooling loops.

If one loop fails you have safety margin, increasing the energy amount in one cooling loop == make it hotter but this gives only time to fix something.

And this means pumping pumping and pumping and then vaporizing water.

There is no hint given at certain intercoolants like salt or low temp. melting metall, or even a free convection style cooling of any kind.

"The ACP1000 is a pressurized reactor in a large dry containment, that can contain a molten core without overpressurizing the containment."

Please don't try to alter physics, if your inner cooling loop is broken - which is - if the link is correct on that detail - water, can separate Hydrogen from Oxygene your reactor can go boom.

Heat something up, it expands, encase it and you have increased pressure.

The only solution would be to "vent" which will vent radioactivity into the air. - only true for inner most loop.

And as you stated yourself it's a pressureized reactor - here comes the Y for the pressure, increase the boiling point of water, because when water boils it looses it's "wanted" moderating function inside the reactor, and it would drastically increase it's volume = in a containment building up pressure.

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