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Comment: Re: Multi touch while driving? (Score 1) 123

by WindBourne (#48650877) Attached to: "Infrared Curtain" Brings Touchscreen Technology To Cheap Cars

There is so much screen real-estate, Tesla has eliminated most of the painful nested menus you find on other cars with smaller screens.

That says it all. The big screen is NOT a distraction since you avoid multiple dialogs that you have to learn with the small screens. Instead, tesla has most controls on the wheel (pretty normal), and then there is a top bar on the screen in which you can move to a couple of different mappings. Issue solved.
The fact is, that all cars require some amount of learning where buttons are. With Tesla, they are located in 2 easy spots: the wheel and a very large screen.

Comment: Re: Multi touch while driving? (Score 1) 123

by WindBourne (#48650829) Attached to: "Infrared Curtain" Brings Touchscreen Technology To Cheap Cars
Right. You do NOT fiddle with it while driving. However, the same can be said of regular car buttons. The nice thing about the tesla screen is that you very quickly learn the setting so that you do NOT fiddle anymore than you will with a regular car.
Fact is, the tesla controls are LESS bothersome to me than the old buttons.

Comment: Cullberson is what is wrong with NASA (Score 1) 155

by WindBourne (#48650313) Attached to: Can Rep. John Culberson Save NASA's Space Exploration Program?
The GOP has worked hard to destroy NASA and keep it as a jobs program. They are the ones that screw it up constantly. Even now, they are the bastards that have gutted private space while trying to increase funding for SLS.
And this bastard things that he will SAVE NASA????

Comment: I think that they are making a mistake (Score 1) 133

by WindBourne (#48641487) Attached to: Tesla About To Start Battery-Swap Pilot Program
These should ONLY be in the service centers and the batteries should be for say 400 MPC. IOW, this is not to be used to fill up for local driving, but instead used for putting in long distance batteries so that you can take a vacation. With a battery that has say over 120 KWH, that first 30 min will still bring you up over 250-300 MPC, which is plenty long for extended driving.

Comment: Re: Well, duh (Score 1) 387

by WindBourne (#48640733) Attached to: The Dominant Life Form In the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots
Actually, there is.
Robots, actually androids, can be updated right away with any improvement. With humans, we have to undergo a generation cycle. Basically, look at speed of change of regular cars vs Tesla. Because of Tesla's heavy electronics manufacturing, new updates change it regularly, making the car newer and better, in a much faster way.

Comment: Re:One number to breach them all (Score 1) 97

by WindBourne (#48640247) Attached to: Staples: Breach May Have Affected 1.16 Million Customers' Cards
Yes, they CAN go if people would SUE.
I make a habit to never put my CC in stores that run windows or that outsource to India, or any nation where the coders are paid a pitance of western coders. As such, I have not had my CC's stolen.
People need to put together mass lawsuits against companies and their CEO/CIO personally. Once that starts happening, then and only then, will things change.
Even here, it would be nice to see a lawyer step up and state that they are willing to do a class action against these companies.

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