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Comment: Re:Remember Hypatia (Score 1) 494

by bug1 (#49556659) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

I hate these islamic extremists at least as much as anyone here. But it isn't just islam that is capable of such things.

Heraclitus believed the only way to avoid being an extremist is to contradict oneself. (according to my understanding).

Most people are probably extremists, we can only really understand the world based on our own experiences, so anyone who is an extremist like us wont appear to be an extremist.

Also capitalism rewards specialization, which is a very constructive form of specialization.

At basic training in the military the process of team building involved breaking us all down as individuals and building us up as a team. First they went after any way you appeared or behaved differently, then they went after the "normal" people because not being different is being different.

Looking for differences, or extremists is a witch hunt, easy enough to find one if you abandon objectivity.

The real enemy is those who think they have the right and ability to judge others objectively (unless they are an actual judge, those deserve respect).

Comment: GEOIP transparency; User hosted crawlers; (Score 1) 276

by bug1 (#49501863) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Features Would You Like In a Search Engine?

Search engines should shine a light on sites that show different results to different users, maybe its for commercial exploitation (GEOIP blocking), or political propaganda or whatever.

Search engine show allow users to run crawlers in coordinated distributed manner, this helps users have privacy, it adds extra noise to surveillance systems, it might give users deniability as to their intent to access subversive material. It it should help with the first problem.

Comment: Re:Not new (Score 1) 124

by bug1 (#49350921) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

The two year data retension has been in place since the first ISPs started as an industry code of practice decades ago.

I call bullshit, what do you base that on ?

When Jacob Applebaum was at LCA he mentioned key IT people at one of the Major ISPs say they didnt snoop.

If it has always been done by industry arguing about passing on the cost to customer ?
(this government is so tight they wouldnt compoensate anyone if they had any choice)

Comment: [POLL] Only 12% of voters support warrantless spyi (Score 3, Informative) 124

by bug1 (#49350825) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

There was a poll done by essential media, who do regular party polling (not the best), but often ask interesting questions.

Question + Result here http://essentialvision.com.au/...

The voters of both major parties dont want this legislation, but both parties negotiated so there is "bipartisan support on national security".

No effective opposition mean no effective democracy.

Next up is the censorship bill, or three strikes or whatever which will likely go the same way.

Comment: Is she good at her job ? (Score 3, Insightful) 353

In the 1990s, I would have had one or two attempted suicides a year â" mainly teenaged girls taking overdoses, the things that don't get reported. Now, I could have as many as four a month.

Perhaps pver the last 25 years she become good at her job, and gets more referals because of that, or maybe there is some other explanation as to why she as an individual has seen more attempted suicides.

I think i know why she isnt a computer programmer

Comment: Re:bizarre definition (Score -1, Troll) 47

"The more common definition, however, is that transmitting and receiving can be done simultaneously"

If it is transmitting and receiving as fast as the TX or RX could do in its own channel, then yes i would call that full duplex.

But if they are reducing the data transmission rates in order to share the same medium then it really is half duplex.

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