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Comment Re:The US needs a serious spanking (Score 4, Insightful) 202

The US needs to wake up to the fact that it doesn't set policy for the world,and that other jurisdictions have their own laws and regulations

The US government happily violates its own constitution. Its expecting too much for any nation to have more respect for foreign laws than their own.

Comment Depends what they are tested on (Score 0) 283

"the availability of computers provides "no noticeable improvement" to students' test scores"

I guess they didnt test their general computer skills... or "computer graphics", or ability to do their own research, or communicate with people they can see.

And they didnt exactly consider if computers help people learn, or consider they are a door to an almost infinite treasure of information.

So when testing students ability to do things that havent changed in 100 years, computers dont improve test grades even though they might help people learn and provide context to that they are learning about.

Great report old angry guy.

Comment Free System Licence (Score 1) 359

Lots in our community want to be able to purchases devices that have all the source code available.
The FSF itself has championed 100% free OS's, and also tried to promote hardware devices that protect users freedom.

If there is binary blobs on a device then whoever controls the blobs has power over "good" developers and their users. The fewer binary blobs the more concentrated that power becomes, and therefore becomes harder to eliminate.
This is becoming more of a problem as software gets distributed in an aggregated form (firmware, images) rather than as individual components.

The GPL says "mere aggregation" of copyleft software with binary blobs is ok, is it still ok ?
Is it time for a new license that articulates the wishes of those who want 100% free software ?

Comment Re:ROI (Score 1) 61

They have spent money or research developing the HARDWARE. Hardware is useless without software.

Spending money on hardware and not software is like designing a car without an engine.

Open source drivers allows them to provide a better "user experience" on Linux platforms, but more importantly it enables "peer review" of the driver which helps to indentify bugs, promotes trust, and provides a better "user experience" on some platforms (ie Linux).

So yes we are talking about open source, and we are talkign about financial benefits to AMD.

Comment Take his own advice (Score 4, Interesting) 283

How about facebook just stop using flash and switch to html5 like youtube has.
Or do i need to put my tinfoil hat on and speculate why certain influential groups might want a large proportion of the internet dependent on a binary only browser plugin.
(yes yes in theory there is open source flash plugins, but nobody uses it because its mostly broken).

"Ask not what A Group of Employees can do for you. But ask what can All Employees do for A Group of Employees." -- Mike Dennison