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Comment Communicating isnt the problem (Score 1) 202

Communicating plans to commit evil deeds isnt the problem, its actually carrying them out that is the problem. In fact the more people these extremists communicate with about there plans the more likely someone will be able to talk them out of it.

But i guess the politicians will bring in more extreme laws in an effort to make people free of extremists....

Comment Re:Who is to say that this "list" is legit at all? (Score 1) 546

Victims can use defamation law to (try to) prosecute a publisher.

Ofc the point behind anonymous is that arent accountable if they arent identifiable. Which itself is needed because whatever "controls" you can think of that are intended to protect people can also be abused and used to persecute people.

Maybe people shouldnâ(TM)t be judged based on which lists they are on, and we should only judge people we know.

Comment Re:Unconcerned with this level of scrutiny? (Score 1) 85

In our case, the leader of the obstructionists (Tony Abbott) won the election, but struggled to move to a more constructive mode when in power and became deeply unpopular. The center left party didnt want to be associated with tactics that failed once in power.

Tony Abbott recently got dumped by his own party and was one of the shortest serving prime ministers in recent times.

Ironically, he was replaced by a moderate within the right wing party, one of the few people who spoke out against data retention, was involved with an ISP some time ago, and has talked up apps the bypass data retention.

It remains to be seen if our new prime minister personal values will be reflected in policy.

Politics is crazy down here.

Comment Re:Unconcerned with this level of scrutiny? (Score 1) 85

the issue got bipartisan support

Not because the center-left party agreed with the policy (or even understood it), they supported it because they have a policy of supporting all right wing security policies.

They opposed a lot of other stuff and had to agree with the government on something so they were not labelled as obstructionist. A tactic that was used successfully against them when they where in government.

Agreeing with the right wing government blindly on all security was also seen as a good strategy for the left as they had earnt a reputation of being more tolerant than the right wing party, and that really wasnt popular with right wing voters, whom the center-left wing party want to win over so they could compete against the far-left minor party.

See, its really not their fault, they had no choice !

Comment Take advantage of it; copyleft (Score 3, Interesting) 399

Copyleft uses the power of copyright to subvert its common intent.

By giving copyright holders more powers, maybe we can now do more savage things to corporate violators, like send them jail.

Perhaps we need an anti-TPP software licence to take advange of this new power.

The harder they squeeze....

Comment Re:The US needs a serious spanking (Score 4, Insightful) 202

The US needs to wake up to the fact that it doesn't set policy for the world,and that other jurisdictions have their own laws and regulations

The US government happily violates its own constitution. Its expecting too much for any nation to have more respect for foreign laws than their own.

Comment Depends what they are tested on (Score 0) 283

"the availability of computers provides "no noticeable improvement" to students' test scores"

I guess they didnt test their general computer skills... or "computer graphics", or ability to do their own research, or communicate with people they can see.

And they didnt exactly consider if computers help people learn, or consider they are a door to an almost infinite treasure of information.

So when testing students ability to do things that havent changed in 100 years, computers dont improve test grades even though they might help people learn and provide context to that they are learning about.

Great report old angry guy.

"Old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time." -- a coffee cup