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Comment I have experienced this constantly (Score 1) 151

I have 1 DVR for our main TV & 2 digital converter boxes for our upstairs TVs. The 2 DC boxes are supposed to be cheap; $2.95 each per month. When we first set them up, they didn't work. So I had to call Comcast and have them "program" them. After this, they started working, but I shortly got a letter saying that I was being under billed, and the correct price is $10. Of course, $10 was the cost of the original set-top boxes I returned to get the 2 cheaper DC boxes. I called them up to get the bill fixed, then my DC boxes magically stopped working again. Called back, got them working, got the $10 letter agin. I've done this 3 times, and just got my $10 letter, so I am giving up and returning the 2 DCs next week. It's not worth the hassle. I wonder how much time & money Comcast wastes because they are constantly screwing up?

Comment Here here (Score 1) 1304

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I'm another active slashdot user since '99. I'd also hate to see it go away. And to resonate what you just said, I think it's quite marvelous that a post about Slashdot being sold has become a post about what Slashdot is and what we'd like to see it become. Not to mention the fact that it's already has 650+ posts. I appreciate our community caring about our community.

And I appreciate the BIZX owner who was interviewed who had this to say: “What impressed us about Slashdot was the quality of the typical community member and how truly informed and educated they were on a wide variety of discussion topics that directly relate to today’s relevant tech news. There’s a lot more noise on the Internet now than there was when Slashdot was created, but we think the Slashdot user base is one of the most knowledgeable and informed communities anywhere on the web. We ultimately plan to listen to the community.” I hope that means he understands the community and appreciates its value. Yes, he intends to make money, but let's hope he does it in a way that doesn't destroy the community.

As a technology director and math teacher in the state of Minnesota, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute my perspective to this community, and I value the perspective of others who also contribute to it. Despite Slashdot's many struggles and failures, its community remains vibrant. BIZX, please don't destroy that.

Comment Re:Big question... (Score 1) 172

My roommate has Comcast and we're debating whether or not to replace the Comcast router with a non-Comcast router. Mostly because the routers that Comcast provide have minimal features. Also because Comcast could turn on the community hotspot, which may or may not be using the bandwidth we are paying for.

The other benefit you're going to get is that you'll reduce your bill by $10 a month.

Comment Re:I have a simpler method ... (Score 1) 303

That was pretty slick how you managed to imply that Rahm Emanuel was behind 9/11.

Um, it would take a special sort of twisted logic to say that I implied anything of the sort. My point was that while the government doesn't necessarily want tragedies to happen, they're more than happy to exploit the F.U.D. that comes in the aftermath.

Comment Re:I have a simpler method ... (Score 0) 303

Its a fake conspiracy theory when my nephew believes it. 100% accuracy within 5 seconds.

While I think many conspiracies are pretty easily set aside in short order (lizard people, ancient aliens, etc.), the sad fact is that the way the U.S. government operates, I have to take a moment to consider them. While I don't think 9/11 was an inside job, I also don't consider it beyond the pale for the U.S. government to pull it's own Reichstag Fire. Didn't Rahm Emanuel say "You never want a serious crisis go to waste?"

Comment Re:9/11 was an inside job (Score 1) 303

What about the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by the government?

They aren't competent enough to orchestrate something like that. They also weren't competent enough to stop it, despite getting plenty of notice about some of the orchestrators. That doesn't make them any less responsible.

Comment Re:Javascript (Score 1) 414

I consider Javascript a "toy" language. Even though you can write some pretty sophisticated software with it, it is still very easy to pick up & use with web pages. No need for a compiler or IDE. Just a good old plain text editor. The browser is your debugger.

Javascript is a good first language for students to learn. Learn the basics of variables, loops, operators, arrays, branching logic, etc. It's too bad about the name though. I still run into tons of people who *should* know better that still confuse Javascript with Java.

Comment Re:Capitalism (Score 1) 77

Even if, in general, Apple and Google are competitors in many sectors, they certainly aren't here because Apple doesn't have a competing search product. Of course, when you search on the iPhone is has to go somewhere (Bing? Yahoo!) and those queries are worth money, so it's good sense to come to a revenue-sharing arrangement. That's not collusion or conspiracy, it's just a regular business deal for something of value that another party cannot produce on their own.

By comparison, Apple cannot fab their own SOCs so they buy them from Samsung, for billions of dollars yearly. Those two are also competitors (and legal adversaries) in many sectors distinct from chip supply. That's not "collusion" either -- it's the fact that a large business has many interests and generally can keep them separated so each part of the company can function.

Comment Accidentally? (Score 0) 500

Do you really think it's an accident every time? If you were caught in the TSA line with a gun, what do you think would be the "correct" response?

A) "I was planning to hijack the plane, sir."
B) "I was planning to defend the plane in case of a terrorist attack, sir."
C) "I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."
D) "I forgot."

It wouldn't surprise me if there were that many gun-lovers who think they have a right to carry regardless of the circumstances, or at least just like to see what they can get away with. Also makes me wonder how many guns make it past TSA.

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