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Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 358

I haven't had much experience with the Python community, but I find the culture around Ruby (and Rails) to be more than a little annoying. Stuff like Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby. The level of hipster, anti-establishment animus seems higher than among devs who prefer other languages.

Comment disagree with #5 an #6 (Score 1) 166

Re: #5, sometimes a failure is so egregious it's worth firing someone over. This should be measured not by the severity of what happened, though, but the dumbness or carelessness of the mistake that allowed it to happen.

Re: #6, sometimes it's right to assign blame. That doesn't mean you rake that person over the coals, but at the very least that person (and whoever has the authority to fire or promote him or her) should understand who is to blame.

Comment Re:I see... (Score 1) 193

I'll go ahead and answer. Since I can remember Slashdot has featured "Ask Slashdot" articles where a user asks the community a question that's relevant to "nerds" or some subset thereof. Given many in the community have probably had to provide tech support to their parents or other less tech-savvy friends and relatives this question is "relevant".

Comment possible real issues: (Score 1) 445

Potential things I see as being problematic:

1. The test they use. If it truly does show a cultural bias relative to some other objective test then use that other test instead. That doesn't imply making the test "easier" or adding more students to the program; the qualifying score can be tweaked such that the number of students remains the same.

2. Teacher recommendations. Its possible the teachers at poor and/or majority-minority schools are shafting their students by not being as gung ho about recommending them. If so, then that's hardly fair to the kids at those schools.

3. The ability of families to "game" the qualifying test. To some extent this will always be a problem, but there are probably ways to mitigate it. Maybe use a test for which no practice materials exist. Or, potentially, one that is more resistant to improvement-through-practice.

Comment Re: $949/week? (Score 5, Insightful) 449

I force my kids to do things they hate every day. Go to bed, brush their teeth, take a bath, not stick their arms out the car window, buckle their seat belt, etc. No, I don't think "learning to program" is as important as those, just to head off that obvious response. My point is only that, generally speaking, "making your kids do things they hate" is an integral part of being a parent.

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