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I can positively say that no company I've worked for in the past 15 years would have hired an 18/19 year old with a GED and no work experience. Even for an entry level position. Though, we're talking about a sample size of five companies, so maybe they're not representative.

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The question isn't whether I'm representative of most individuals with GEDs, but whether I'm representative of individuals holding GEDs who happen to have pursued careers involving substantial software development duties.

I assumed that was implied. My mistake. To clarify, I don't think you're representative of individuals with GEDs who have pursued careers in software development. I will suggest that a random high school student who has just finished his junior year and who wants a career in software would be better served by finishing high school and getting a 4-year C.S. degree (from the highest-ROI university available to him) than he would by getting a GED and spending the next five years doing something else.

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Seems like it should be roughly quantifiable. We know how many workers are in the class. So we'd need to estimate the difference between what they hypothetically would have been paid in the absence of the anti-competitive practices and what they were actually paid. Then multiply that by the number of years the companies engaged in those practices.

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IBM underpays.

Which also supports my point. It means my ~$65k salary in 1999 was potentially lower than it should have been, which strengthens the case that the poster's claim of $80-90k being the norm for Ph.D.'d data scientists in the Bay area is a huge exaggeration.

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by buddyglass (#48133935) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers
Perhaps the Lawrence-blamers skew conservative, but I'd not be so quick to color them with one brush. There's a certain brand of person I like to call "arrogant techie dude", in no short supply on slashdot, who bucks the trend. He unswervingly believes in evolution and AGW, is pro-choice, holds theists in disdain if not outright contempt, will support almost any effort at manned space exploration (cost be damned). But he has no patience for anyone who is suffering due to his or her own mistakes (such as, for instance, storing nude pics in the cloud). He's very much of the view that if someone's situation is shitty that it must be his own fault and he should just pull himself up by the bootstraps. (Oddly, a frame of mind most often ascribed to conservatives.)

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