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Comment Re:If the black cabs have a legal monopoly... (Score 3, Insightful) 170

Let's get one thing straight, in almost all jurisdictions where taxi's are regulated, Uber is not a "revolutionary" taxi company, it's not even a taxi company, it is a plain old 'limousine' company.

You book the limo over the internet and a sub-contracted driver+car turns up at an agreed time and place. Uber's "freedom loving" marketing strategy is to use the "on a computer" fallacy to undermine the existing market such that they can rebuild it in their own image. The people who will be hurt most by their racketeering are the workers, ie: the drivers in both camps.

This is just clever marketing in that the way to win an unwinnable argument is to convince the audience it is all about a higher morality, in this case Uber paints itself as a "Heavyweight freedom fighter for the little guy", IMO nothing could be further from the truth.

Comment Re:Can't make this shit up (Score 5, Informative) 166

If it worked as intended it would have been a good deal.

$65m in "stolen" money as you call it (taxes).

$250k tickets * say 10,000 = $2,500,000,000 into the net economy. Let's say that 15% of that is operations that's still $375m back into the economy in the form of wages. You aren't going to find a 576% investment opportunity very often.

Furthermore those people would probably want to eat somewhere while in town and maybe even visit a shop or two which would further boost the local economy.

It was a sound plan, and I'm sure virgin would very much like to be making a ton of money as well but the part that failed was the fact that they didn't have more protections for the county in the event that say.. a rocket exploded and the business plan was put on hold for 10 years.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 304

None of the geeks I know watch TV.
They are too busy getting stuff done.

You don't know any geeks who watch Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead or...

I like the Big Bang Theory. It's not smart, it doesn't try to be smart but I find it plenty funny. Sure they laugh at the geeks, but they also laugh at the non-geeks. Geeks are getting pissed off because geeks are being made fun of but it's like South Park, there is nobody who is off limits so it's fine. The geeks are dumb and the regular people are neanderthals. Bafoonery is a old reliable source of comedy.

Comment Re:This is a taxi (Score 1) 134

That makes a lot of sense, here on Oz it used to be that every taxi was a Ford, this is because Ford made a special "hose down" model, rubber instead of carpet, optional front bench seat for one more passenger, factory fitted LPG, etc. Not sure if they still do that, there are now more non-Ford taxis on the road but the vast majority are still late model Fords. Also interesting to note that Nissan and Ford are buddies, (circa late 80's) a Ford "Maverick" was the same car as the Nissan "Pajero" without the flared guards and the extra $10K on the sticker price. If you look closely at the Maverick you will find "Nissan" stamped on various parts such as the seat belt straps.

Comment Re:Young people? How about soccer moms? (Score 1) 134

young people insurance rates

Insurance rates are a better indicator of risk than anecdotes. What they show is that inexperience and the "arrogance of youth" is deadly on the roads. Australian stats show that the day a kid drops the 'L' plates and goes solo the risk of them causing an accident goes up 50X (5000%) and stays that high for the first six months. I taught both my kids to drive in an empty car park. Having attempted to teach my son to drive on the road, my advice is to hire a professional who has a brake pedal on their side of the car.

Comment Re: This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 331

Call your bank before tourism?

I've never had that work. Four times in a row I called to let them know I'd be travelling and they suspended the credit card a few days after my purchase.

This was First Tech Credit Union, by the way. I think they're just more provincial than a big bank... My Chase credit card has never been suspended abroad even without calling

Comment Herding cats (Score 2) 162

Not where I grew up, the 'manager' was the master tradesman/artisan, the person you are thinking of was his assistant, sometimes called a 'coordinator' or an "overseer". Sure any arsehole can shuffle task lists but skillfully herding cats is something very few people can do.

In 25yrs I've only encountered two people who did it really well, neither of them were me and one of them died after 40yrs in the business. My own attitude now is "no thanks, tried that", I really am content being the metaphorical "brain surgeon" in the GP's post. I also get on well with my boss(es) because I have some idea of what they are trying to do and don't take it personally if they occasionally ask me to wade thru sewerage to fix something.

Comment Re:22 years (Score 2) 162

Sorry to hear #8, none of the IT companies I have worked for in the past 25yrs have had that attitude, companies ranged in size from IBM down to a three man startup.. As for #4, I spent 15yrs in blue collar work before stepping inside an office, so I knew how to handle arseholes before I started. The working conditions I have now are light years ahead of any blue collar job.

Hard work or otherwise I know that I'm lucky to be in my position, having spent time as a member of Australia's "working poor" I think a lot of the people who haven't had that experience simply don't appreciate their good fortune.

Comment Re:You know what's wrong with the world? (Score 1) 162

The product line I have helped develop over the last 15yrs is nearly all command line stuff with a web gui on top. It means that 99% of the C/C++ code base will build cleanly on linux, solaris, hp, aix and windows. We haven't started using powershell yet because some of our customers are still stuck on win2003. That's the "problem" when your project makes money, using new O/S features is a trade off between improved functionality and pissing off luddite customers.

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