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Comment Re:Why? why now? (Score 1) 158

If you're a developer working in a shop writing code for bethesda or valve or EA, chances are your windows site license for desktops and servers is already heavily discounted thanks to your generous interest in a visual studio license despite eclipse being right there. Chances are even better that in order to keep this generous discount your manager has started shoehorning C# into your project requirements to 'maximize the investment value' of what basically amounts to a protection racket for good customers.

This is one of the dumbest things I've read on /. for a long while.

Comment Er, no. (Score 4, Interesting) 184

In the linux driver you have a steaming pile of crap that barely works at all.

Not true - in fact, Nvidia's Linux driver is quite good. The issue is that 'important' games get special attention from the graphics companies, who special-case things in their drivers - replacing whole shaders, etc. That doesn't happen in Linux. It winds up being necessary because OpenGL has grown so complex that it's incredibly hard to write fast code for it.

Vuikan is liable to change that considerably - a much lower-level API, that engines can interface with more directly and consistently. The drivers won't have be huge tangles of special-case code, and will be much simpler to implement on multiple operating systems because they are called upon to do far less.

Comment Nvidia the the best-case for Linux, currently. (Score 1) 184

One of my primary suspects for the difference is the video card - how well optimized are the Linux drivers?

On an absolute scale, probably not as well-optimized as the Windows one. But Nvidia's Linux drivers have consistently been better-performing than AMD's versions. Intel's Linux drivers have had problems, too, and their dependence on Mesa has meant that a lot of recent OpenGL features haven't been exposed. Plus Intel's hardware is significantly slower than AMD or Nvidia's offerings.

Comment Or you can take custody of them yourself. (Score 1) 187

Sequencing such a large volume of samples is not - currently - technically or financially practical. In Michigan, if you jump through special hoops, you can get them to cough up the samples to you personally. That's what I'm doing, before they decide to start building a big sequence database (with 'appropriate protections', of course).

Comment Re: What's the complaint? (Score 1) 187

I actually am in the process of having the samples destroyed for all of my children - now that I'm actually aware of them. Michigan recently switched to an opt-in research consent, but my kids were born before the cutoff - for them it's opt-out. And we were not informed of this warehousing at any point when any of them were born.

Either way, you have to specifically request destruction. No response so far to either phone or email...

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 2) 187

You can also refuse vaccines. But why the hell would you do either of these things ? You can have your sample destroyed so any real objection is pretty flimsy.

There's two separate things going on here. The screening for obscure diseases is one thing - and sure, that's a good thing. The warehousing of samples indefinitely to be used in research - and whatever else might one day be permitted legally - without explicit consent? That's quite a different issue, and there are reasonable objections to that.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight: (Score 4, Informative) 428

We're now not supposed to eat meat of any kind

If you want to misrepresent what was said, that's your prerogative. The WHO didn't recommend not eating meat, only not to eat processed/smoked meats, and to limit red meat. As usual, the concept of moderation goes *woosh* over people's heads as they furiously go about constructing their strawmen ..

Comment Re:It's just an issue that's gotten too polarized (Score 5, Insightful) 618

This is one of those things that SXSW doesn't want to burn a lot of calories on trying to wrangle. SXSW is still mostly focussed on music and movies. Nerds fighting over video game politics are not in the wheelhouse.

Put another way, you go to SXSW to have a great time. You do not go there because you want to fight over ideology. Nobody from the alt-rock music scene is making angry Tweets because the alt-country guys have a venue, nor vice versa. As far as SXSW is concerned, both factions are music fans who might find common ground, but otherwise are not interested in open warfare.

Activists on games, they're not so chill. (They'll become chill, after gaming has passed through the "Fonzie Barrier," where rebellion and fear mellow and become folksy humor.)

TL;DR: SXSW isn't interested in burning resources on your gay slapfight over who's right on the Internet.

Comment Re:No, just limited audience (Score 1) 174

If it's specific demos that produce nausea, but not the general case, I'd bet that the demos themselves have problems keeping up. Especially for some people, even if the average frame right is high, a few inconsistent dips would be enough to disturb equilibrium.

That said... every single trait of humans is on some kind of bell curve. There may well be people who need 120fps to avoid 'vr sickness', but they'll be a few standard deviations from the mean.

Comment No, just limited audience (Score 4, Insightful) 174

No wonder you're posting anonymously.

First off, games that are optimized for pure eye candy strain current cards, yes. But you don't have to have teh bezt pozzible grafix for everything. Take Alien: Isolation - looked really good, but ran at excellent framerates even on older cards. And even has some vr support. Tradeoffs can be made to crank framerate, and not horrible tradeoffs. I can handle 2010 graphics on VR, it's not like those games looked bad.

And no, a $4000 PC isn't necessary. The official specs are more like $1K these days. In fact, definitely $1K.

And no, 120fps/eye isn't necessary. You need low latency, definitely, but not that low. The DK2 peaks at 76fps, and yet few people report sickness at that rate.

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