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Journal: On the corrupting of Open Source

Journal by bogie

I'm just going to copy and paste this quote from Linuxtoday from a comment on a story on Xandros. I had posted basically the same feeeling here


Linux today quote:

"We already have enough distros mixing small amounts of proprietary code in with their distro. I think I'll pass. I certainly don't want to ever live to see the day when all linux distros are in some small part proprietary. At that point what's the point of the GPL anyway? The license just becomes a marketing tool when really they are just paying lip service. Kinda like Apple does, but at least Apple is using code specifically licensed for that purpose.

Linux ain't BSD, so I wish these companies would stop basing their distros on mostly GPL code. The people who make up the vast majority of any linux distro usually choose the GPL license for a reason. For that reason I will continue to campaign against companies like Xandros, Suse, and Lindows who are restricting the ability to modify and redistribute code. "

Words to live by.

Red Hat Software

Journal: Redhat 8.0

Journal by bogie
I had posted on this here and it pretty much sums up how I feel about RH 8.0. I've been using it for about a week now and I'm pretty impressed with it. Personally I see the evolution of the Linux desktop as this. Corel 1.1->Mandrake 7->Lycoris(Remond linux)->Redhat 8.0 I think that's a fair assesment.

I also can't believe how much attention the KDE bluecurve theme has gotten. I'm a KDE user through and through and let me tell you, out of the box the only thing I noted missing was the font tool, which has been replaced with a better one(sans import part). Now its entirely possible that installing additional future KDE apps may require some tweaking, but who cares when things are thing good by default? .

On a side note I can't believe how good Evolution looks and works. On my outdated system (1GHZ Duron 256MB) it lauches and runs quickly. Waiting 2 seconds for this program to close it NOT a big deal. The only thing its missing is the ability to import Outlook PST files. That IMHO is a big letdown, but hopefully support for that will be coming soon.

There are a few rough edges like my scanner wasn't set up by default and the Mozilla fonts don't look great by default as opposed to the rest of the OS. But both of those things are fixable and not so bad on a product that you can download for free.

It may indeed be another rev or two before the morons in the press deem it worthy to replace XP, but there is no doubt we are pretty much there at this point.

Oh yea here is a screenshot for the one person who may somehow stumble by this entry. Make sure and reply if you do, even if its to say "you suck". That's fine be me. RH 8 Screenshot
User Journal

Journal: First Journal post 2

Journal by bogie

This if my first post in my journal. I've seen people link to them in their titles, but I've never looked into it. Well now I guess I have one as well.

I also noticed there are like 4 people who clicked the "fan" button. I think that's pretty cool, although apparantly I have no friends or foes though. :-)

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -- Albert Einstein