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Comment Canon (Score 1) 223

Others here say it's not an issue anymore with Epson but it certainly hasn't been an issue with Canon for many many years. I've been buying Canon printers for really long time and just don't have ink issues. The ink prices are reasonable and the inks don't dry out. Historically this was always in contrast to HP where the inks were crazy expensive and Epson where the inks dried out. Once I switched to Canon I never went back.

I've heard that in just the recent timeframe Canon has started to maybe cheap out a bit so do your own research but I can attest that their older models were really built to last a super long time and be cheap while running. A 5 year old Canon in great shape is still a great printer to buy. They've really only been adding wireless and gimmicky crap for years now. The core printing ability for printing perfect photos was solved over a decade ago.

Comment Re:title because I need a title (Score 1) 620

The Server has Abended...

"I've also been in law offices where secretaries were still using Windows 3.1 as recently as 2013, but in that case I'm pretty sure it was just the lawyers in question being just THAT cheap."

Yup. Lawyers will keep their secretaries on the same machines for decades. Got WP 6.1 still working OK? Don't change a fucking thing! Although at this point they've all pretty much finally moved to Word.

Comment Re:No need (Score 1) 467

Security Essentials is worthless. It used to be decent years ago but is one of the poorer performing Antivirus products now. For Free Panda is supposed to perform well. Really anything but MSSE is a good idea, regardless of how safe you surf. Just because you only visit "safe" sites doesn't mean malware isn't being handed out via some drive by advert.

Submission Macheist fundraiser hacked-> 1

bogie writes: The Macheist website hosting a charity fundraiser was hacked today. The hack occurred at roughly 2pm EST and took the entire website down. The website began showing Korean leader Kim Jong Un with the text translating roughly "We are down to you. Your pain and sorrow is our great pleasure . All your base are belong to us" The Macheist twitter feed also appears to have been hacked. At one point a fully playable popup game of pong showing Kim Jong Un vs one of the stars from the movie "the Interview" appeared on the screen. It is not known if user logon information or credit card Information was stolen during the hack since we don't know how long the hackers have been controlling the website. Almost 9,700 bundles of Mac software were sold before the Hack. Macheist regularly runs these fundraisers where Mac users get steeply discounted software along with the ability to support a Charity. Part of the profits from every sale go directly to charities like the American Foundation for AIDS and the Cancer Research Institute. As of 5:45EST the site is still down.
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Comment Has its uses (Score 4, Interesting) 302

Regardless of the licensing, a lot of the content on the site is useful because its just unavailable otherwise.

I wonder this about Youtube. What if it was just shutdown? At this point you can laugh but it has historical value. Beyond the cat videos there are documentaries, content from laserdisc, obscure commercials, very useful user howtos and reviews etc. This list goes on and on. If all you search for on youtube is funny videos then you are missing out on a treasure trove of content that spans many decades.

At some point I think the site will have to become a public archive. Which it kind of already is, it just needs the legal status so that some greedy corporation can't just turn off the switch. Now if only we could cut down on the crap that is a result of everyone trying to monetize youtube. But I guess that's wishful thinking because without that Google might just shut down Youtube outright.

Comment Re:We don't tolerate small time corruption (Score 1) 566

Don't forget about getting people to vote against their self interests. You just shout the right keyword and watch your political base come running ignoring the fact that their being completely screwed over by the people they elected. We are all completely fucked. Well except for the rich. But that goes without saying.

Comment To each their own (Score 1) 207

I've just not found that to be the case since the M days. And that's with usually 3-4 windows with lots of tabs open. I actually like and use both Chrome and Firefox. I think to say one is oh so much better than the other just doesn't fly from what I've seen and what my users have said. They both work very well.

Comment Re:Apply to jobs (Score 1) 451

" I never want to be stuck in a job where my supervisor is an opinionated moron again."

Unfortunately you've just described at least 50% of the jobs out there so chances are you'll run into another moron boss at a future job. :)

Glad to hear you found something else that pays the bills and you enjoy. Nothing worse in life then working at a job you hate.

Comment Re:The strangest place? (Score 1) 322

Don't run normal users under the Administrator account and use Chrome. Also there are a ton of resources on hardening windows out there. If you are familiar enough to know how to install and configure Linux and even if you aren't, then something like this should be trivial
I'm hardly saying Windows is somehow better or more secure then Linux, just that with a little planning you can avoid having your computer get ruined every time your kids use it.

Comment yea right (Score 1) 208

The private sector has just a many fuck ups. If I had a nickel for every half baked project I've come across in in the "private" sector.... Bottom line is people cut corners in IT just like they do in every other occupation in life. I not defending this botched rollout, just saying that kind of thing happens all the time. It just tends to be more noticeable when the details of a failed project can't be hidden behind closed doors like it so happens when the failures are with private companies.

If it's worth hacking on well, it's worth hacking on for money.