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Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 271

Of course he's left of center, here's why:

1. He calls himself a "Democratic Socialist" which is left of the democratic party which is itself left of the center in this country. Yea, I know he was "independent" but that does NOT mean center in this case, as he's his own brand of socialist light...

2. He's running to the left of Hillary right now, trying to erode her support with the democratic base. Hillary is running just left of center (well she's not really doing anything right now but staying out of the fray and cashing donor's checks) trying to protect her base and force Sanders to run left of her because there is no room on the right in the democrat party. He will be forced further left in an effort to garner support from the base once Hillary unleashes all her money and actually starts the campaign...

3. It's what democrats ARE. They crowd the center from the left, just like the republicans crowd from the right. Democrats are generally left of center, almost without exception.

Sanders may want to SAY he's centrists, Clinton will run as one too. Heck, Obama ran as a centrist but he's been decidedly left of center in his policy and actions. Everybody wants to SAY they are "in the middle" but few really are. So my policy is to ignore what the candidates claim they are and look at their track records, assuming they have one. Obama was *clearly* a left of center politician even with his short record, and has lived up to my expectations fairly well. Sanders would make Obama look like George Washington if he made it to office.... Not that I'm worried he would, Hillary is going to squash him like a bug with all the money she has once she actually *starts* her campaign.

Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 271

Oh how left we lean....

And I suppose his "I'm a democratic socialist" claim doesn't mean anything then... Not that he is a socialists but he does claim to be one... I'm prepared to believe he's pretty much to the left of center because that's what he claims he is, what most commentators call him, and what he appears to be to this guy on the right...

He may look centrist to you, but I'm guessing that's just a prospective problem on your part.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 479

Now you are trolling.... Blindly claiming some position to be true is a bad thing too...

Where would you like to start here?

Let me see.... How about discussing the historical basis for the text of the Bible, specifically the OT books? There is a lot of evidence, shared by the top three religions in this world (Islam, Judaism, Christianity), that these writings have existed in their current form for at least 3,000 years.

Or, how about the NT? It claims to have been written by a handful of Jewish guys prior to 100AD. What say you about that?

There are two basic pieces of evidence for the historical existence of the text of protestant Bible that indicate that this text was written by the authors it claims during the likely time they where alive. So, as a historical text, it needs to be taken seriously....

With me so far?

Then, there is the general facts around this character Jesus of Nazareth. Think about how insignificant this guy would have been, the first son of a poor tradesmen carpenter, living in a poor military town in the backwater of a insignificant Roman province. His father was likely dead, leaving him responsible for his widowed mother and he was executed as a criminal by a hapless Roman governor in order to stop a riot. He owned no property, had no money and had no descendants. He only had 12 followers, well make that 11 by the time he died. How is this guy important enough in history that we now count the years since his advent? How is this insignificant minor rebel who died with nothing at the hands of the Romans even discussed today? I contend that this is because there was something historically unique about him.

Comment Re:Cue terrorist bombings/shootings (Score 1) 479

I suppose I'm guilty of brainwashing my kids in your mind... However, the rest does not even remotely describe me or my faith.

You see, it's not MY religious duty to make you follow the law, the very law I've failed to follow myself. How can I even condemn you for failing to follow the law if I'm not able to myself? The Bible clearly says that judgment of sin awaits even if you don't believe it will. It is your choice to believe or not. God makes it clear that he will honor YOUR choice, if it be sin and punishment or life is entirely up to you.

So if God isn't going to force this issue, how is it even remotely my place to do so? In my view this is between you and Him and has nothing to do with me. It's like we are two children and God is the parent. You are doing something wrong, and all I can do is warn you about the punishment to come.

Comment Re:Cue terrorist bombings/shootings (Score 1) 479

Never said I could prove it, only that the arguments being used to disprove it are naïve and ignorant of the known facts. I was appealing to one's intellectual interest in the topic in an attempt to get some independent investigation of the facts and theories done before proceeding to debate the topic.

You see, It's not about trying to mentally arm wrestle folks into submission to my perspective, but keeping everybody honest about how they came up with their perspective. I think may folks just made up their mind and don't really care what the evidence so they remain ignorant. I say this because they don't argue the real issues that lead up to their conclusion, nor do they know how they arrived at their conclusion and how to support it.

Ignorance is not a bad thing if you've never had a chance to investigate and learn about something and admit that you don't know. It's willful ignorance that is bad. You don't go bury your head in the sand because you've made up your mind.... And YES, I do practice what I preach in this... If I don't know, I don't know and I admit to it. If I want to argue some point I don't know, I go out and investigate before making up my mind. That goes for religion as well as my professional career.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 479

As long as they are not worshiping the image, it doesn't matter.

How is worshipping the image any more nonsensical than worshipping the zombie jesus it allegedly depicts?

I'm sure your local Muslim would explain it much better than I, but if you think about the 10 commandments you learned as a child, think about #3. Folks who would hold the shroud to be proof of Christ's resurrection would likely hold to a literal reading of the 10 commandments too, so worshiping the image on the shroud would be inconsistent with their profession.

Oh, you want to have a philosophical argument about the existence of God... Sorry, I'm not sure you have even a basic command of the facts given your wording, and there is a saying about "Not casting your pearls before swine" that comes to mind...

Comment Re:Cue terrorist bombings/shootings (Score 1) 479

Ha ha... How insightful....

There IS a bit more to this you know. You are jumping to the final question but you haven't investigated and answered the preliminary questions yet.

I'll give you a hint... If you want to argue the point with me, you need to go back to the start and argue the virgin birth, death and resurrection of Christ, which is going to require you to understand a good bit of history and the theology which pre-dates Christ. You see, Christ is the key to it all, past, present and future, so go after that issue and not straight to the sarcastic comments.

Comment Re: Old testament (Score 1) 479

Um, no. The Old Testament was an oral tradition at the time of Jesus. The Christians were the first to write it down and compile a book. The later the Jews did the same. Which is why the Orthodox Christian (e.g. Catholic) Old testament contains more books than the Hebrew Bible.

Oh for Pete's sake... How much ignorance can there be?

The OLD Testament was in existence LONG before Christ was alive, IN WRITTEN FORM based on the existence of copies of the text and their content. FEW knowledgeable scholars would question the existence of the OT in largely it's current form in 30 AD. Tradition says the bulk of the OT was canonized by the Jewish people by 600 BC, with parts being translated into Greek as early as 300 BCE. So saying the OT was written AFTER Christ's life is largely unsupportable by facts. The content of the OT is unchanged from the Jewish scriptures, with only a few books which some believe should be included which are not historically part of the Jewish scripture. This was written by JEWS not Christians.

Now the NT WAS written after Christ's life, but was complete within the first 100 years with the writing of "The Revelation of John". The collection of books included in the NT was settled by about 200 AD/CE and although some have claimed to have "The lost gospel of..." from time to time, they are not properly included in the Bible. This part of the bible WAS written by Christians, many who where converted Jews and who referenced the OT extensively.

Comment Re:Cue terrorist bombings/shootings (Score 1) 479

Because anything that differs from their dogma must be killed.

Not much different than christians a few hundred years ago. Not much different than the current christians tendency to ignore or call it satan's lies anything that differs from their views.

Ignorance.... Come on... A few THOUSAND years ago the Christian religion got hijacked by politics in an effort to control the masses, with very important and lasting results: The protestant reformation and The United States of America, the home of religious freedom. Like it or not, this country was populated by a bunch of generally CHRISTIAN European protestants who where trying to escape religious and political oppression. Eventually this oppression followed them here and as fate would have it, the USA was born.

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