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Comment Re:Sorry, Bernie... (Score 1) 164

I grew up in a poor part of a southern state as minority poor white trash though my family was not indigenous. I was from northern roots where color didn't mean anything, yet we ended up there where it did. The high school I went to was over 90% of one race, and it wasn't white. I don't consider myself an expert in race relations, but I survived and escaped from the very hell hole where the racial divide is very apparent and deep rooted on both sides. As an outsider, I observed both sides of this issue, at least as it existed where I lived. I can assure you that my former classmates, unless they have changed their perspectives over the last 30 years, would have been motivated by the common color to actually turn out to vote. That the Junior Senator from IL enjoyed exceptional turnout among those of common race at a much higher level than those voting for either McCain or Romney for the same reasons. Of this I'm totally sure, and the exit polling shows for BOTH of the last two elections.

Your mileage may vary... But IMHO you'd be wrong.

Comment Re:Sorry, Bernie... (Score 1) 164

The Clinton campaign machine hasn't even been started yet and Sanders has apparently struggled to match her in the polls. She's not worried, nor should she be. Hillary is out running his campaign's funding 3 to 1 and out spending him by the same margin. Hillary has twice the amount of cash on hand and is taking in 3 times as much. Sanders will make a show, but unless he has a winning streak in February and places first in the majority of the initial primary states, he's going to slowly be bled dry of cash and donations in states where his socialist populist play won't resonate very well with democratic voters.

Unless Sanders tops Hillary by at least 10 points in the polls moving into when the actual voting starts, don't fool yourself. His path to the Whitehouse involves some pretty improbable things happening along the way.

However, I do admit there are two wild cards which could help him. Hillary's difficulties with this E-mail server thing and Biden's entry into the race at some point. Depending on exactly how all that happens, he *might* be in contention. But things will have to play out almost exactly right for Sanders. Clearly this E-mail thing is hurting Clinton and Clearly Biden is waiting for something to throw his hat into the ring or not. If Hillary takes a dive on the E-mail thing, withdraws and Biden jumps in at the same time, Sanders is in the same place. But if Biden jumps in late (after the primaries start) and/or Hillary gets forced into withdrawing late there just might be enough daylight for Sanders to squeak in. Any other possible scenario kills him either by the Clinton campaign machine or the seasoned Biden who will have all the money at that point... Even if Hillary shrugs off the scandal (which I expect) and Biden jumps in before the primaries start in Feb 2016, Sanders will loose nearly all his funding and die quickly after the first set or primaries, with Hillary likely winning the nomination fight over Biden fairly late in the process.

If it plays out surprise free and it's not Hillary, it's going to be Biden and not Sanders.

Comment Re:Sorry, Bernie... (Score 1) 164

Obama got a significant number of votes because of his skin color.

So did Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Not nearly as many. Despite what gets said about racism in this country, the truth is there are far fewer actual racists than there used to be, especially among white Anglo Saxon population, even in the south. There is no way to really know exactly what the numbers would be had the color of the candidates been different, but I can assure you more voted for Obama because "he looks like me" than voted for Romney or McCain for the same reason.

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 226

Then blame the voters for putting up with the outrage and not holding the politicians feet to the fire over it, or perhaps admit what this really is, simply political rhetoric, political theater put on for the benefit of the sheeple who allow themselves to be swayed this way and that by the media's emotional pleas. In reality, this isn't about Facebook or the amount of taxes they pay, it's about manipulating the masses with a daily dose of class warfare by stoking anger..

The sad part, though, is that there are those who ardently blather on about how unethical Facebook is. Not because Facebook did anything wrong, but because they fall for the familiar media narrative that "Big Business is BAD" and by association "Rich people are BAD" (because nobody ever earned all that money uprightly, they stole it or cheated to get it) because that's what they are used to thinking and feeling. Critical thinking seems to be absent, just a blind trust in following the same worn emotional path because it's easier than challenging their perspective and thinking about what's really happening and fixing the problem that makes them angry logically.

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 226

Companies do NOT vote and it's what shows up in the ballot box that counts, not how much money the candidate has... Unless of course you somehow think that voters are not paying close enough attention to know who they are actually voting for and are just out voting a party ticket or are swayed by advertisements and slick marketing. (IF that's true, forget the whole thing and start stocking up on freeze dried and canned food because the fall of the empire is at hand and what Facebook pays in taxes is the very least of your worries. You need to worry about feeding and protecting yourself in the face of anarchy in a country which does not have an individual right to arms. Good luck with that one..)

Comment Re:Sorry, Bernie... (Score 1) 164

Oh Bernie would be huge fun for the republican field (even Trump).

Oh and I don't discount the history of Hillary and Obama... Sanders' situation is different.... 1. He's an avowed leftist socialist with a long political history (despite his attempts to claim otherwise). There is LOADS of video and audio material to use so he'd be easy to paint with that brush and where this appeals to the left of the Democratic party, it's a turn off to the center. (Obama was little known, except to people from IL so he was a blank slate and could be anything necessary to win). 2. He's male. This whole "war on women" thing which as been under development in the democratic party for more than a decade is not going to play in his favor like it will for Hillary. 3. He's white. Like it or not, Obama got a significant number of votes because of his skin color. I know the democrats don't like to admit this and the republicans like to make more out of it than it is, but in 2008 this was a unique thing. Obama's campaign played that angle and angered the Clintons by doing so having "used the race card on us" according to Bill Clinton who wasn't happy about it.

So, I really don't expect Sanders to last once Hillary's campaign gets underway. It's nearly 4 months before ANYBODY will be voting in the primaries, it is WAY too soon. Right now it's about MONEY and having enough of it to sustain your campaign though a couple of primary votes where you place high enough to get more MONEY. Right now, Hillary has the cash and all she needs to do is keep the front runner within reach, which isn't a problem because SHE is easily the front runner without spending a boat load yet. Sanders is whacking away at the little money he has already trying to stay relevant to the base and get as many donations as he can so he can weather the storm coming once the Clinton Campaign machine roars to life sometime near the holidays. I'm guessing she times it to start on new years and hit full tilt the second week in January. She will be handily on top of the polling by the start of February, unless something unforeseen happens with the E-mail thing (which is pretty remote unless she really is as stupid as "You mean wipe it with a cloth?" sounds, which I don't believe for a second).

No, Bernie is but a side show in the democratic nomination process and he will be lucky to be in this thing money wise by February. He's unlikely to get a even a prime time speaking slot at the convention and will not be anybody's choice for VP. As much as she likes to play dumb, Hillary knows this game and knows how it's played and she will run circles around Sanders with her knowledge and money.

Comment Re: Who Cares? (Score 1) 226

Horary, Facebook published a list of political donations they legally made and you think this is a problem how? Was it illegal? It was perfectly legal under the current law.

The transactions you call "bribes" where legal and the taxes paid by Facebook where what the law prescribes. The donations are legal and the legal tax liability of Facebook is not in dispute. No laws are being broken.

All this political rhetoric and vitriol you are spewing does not *fix* anything because it is pointed at the wrong target. Facebook paid their taxes and made legal contributions to political campaigns within the bounds of YOUR law. If you don't like the results, change your laws.

So, sir, unless you have *evidence* that Facebook broke a law or owes more taxes under the current law OR you wish to start discussing possible ways to change YOUR laws, there is no point in going further with you.

Comment Sanders is Slummin for votes... (Score 0) 164

Twice today we've been regaled by attempts from Democratic candidates to garner votes... One to get into the upcoming debate, one to save his boat full of holes...

Mr. Sanders, you are a bit late to this party and are by far NOT the only candidate to hold such a position this time around. Not that I support him, Ron Paul has you beat and he's not holding his fingers up checking the direction of the wind on this subject. Now if you are talking about the first DEMOCRATIC candidate to have this position, I'm pretty sure that Barack Obama voiced similar concerns about NSA data collection in both the 2008 and 2012 election cycles (not that it means he actually did anything) and I'm sure there are some lesser known candidates on our side who beat you to it as well.

You are NOT the first, you are NOT the only...

Comment Re:Irrelevant (Score 3, Interesting) 164

I can detect almost zero correlation between presidential candidates' campaign promises, and how they'll act once in office.

That's actually VERY true. Candidates from BOTH parties will SAY anything to be elected and what they say has largely been "focus grouped" to death. They study the exact phrases being used on the stump, weasel word their way though the mine field of diverse opinions, letting you believe what you *want* to hear without actually having said it.

HOWEVER.... There are two fairly reliable indicators of what candidates will do when they take office. First is their associations. Who where they associated with during their lives, what kind of people do they hang out with and feel most comfortable with, who are their long standing friends? Second, what have they done in the past? What did they vote for, what did they not, what types of things have they done with their lives in the past?

But your primary way to tell your candidate isn't really "on board" with what's being said is when they use weasel wording on an issue. The candidate will use similar words and phrases ALL THE TIME when they are trying to thread the needle on some hot topic. If you hear this, if you hear these pat sayings and phrases which are highly parsed and usually meaningless when you pay attention to what's actually said, be warned, they are trying to snow you...

Comment Re:Sorry, Bernie... (Score 1) 164

That much is certain..

Best he can hope for is that Hillary get's charged with a crime due to this E-mail thing and has to drop out leaving only Biden and him. However, being she's not been charged yet, it's very doubtful she ever will.... Bernie has a snowballs chance in Death Valley a in mid summer heat wave... Shame though, as a republican it sure would be fun to watch him as the democratic contender...

Comment Re:Hippy generation (Score 1, Funny) 164

Why do you demonRATS waste your time with this loon? I wish this hippy generation which has inflicted us for 25 years would just go away.

Oh let them have their fun. Like the Republican race, their "A" team hasn't taking the court yet. Right now both teams are warming up on their side of the court throwing field goals and free throws still in their warm up clothes, the officials are still working their way to the time keeper's table and the box seats are only half full. There is 59 min still on the clock. Hillary isn't even out of the locker room yet and this Sander's guy is out making layups as fast as he can and dreaming about the points he's going to make once the game starts while Trump is throwing in 3 pointers from half court and only sinking 1 in 10 shots dreaming the same thing.

Comment Re:Remember Republicans and Ron Paul? (Score 1) 213

Seriously? Either you didn't really think about this and where just angry, or you really are NOT a Paul supporter

I have no idea what a Ron Paul supporter would see in Obama and how such a person couldn't see at least SOME redeeming qualities in Romney who was *much* closer to Ron Paul than who was elected. I didn't much like Romney myself, but even if I didn't agree with everything he was head and shoulders above the alternative. So you just sat home on your hands because Romney didn't hold the extreme positions of the likes of Ron Paul? Shame on you.

Folks need to stop this "all or nothing" set of litmus tests for political campaigns when it comes to the general election, it's not healthy thinking. Yea, sure, during the primary fight it out, root for your choice of candidates, but once the nominee is named and confirmed, you stop the bickering and support the winner, or the other party will win, every time.

Don't you see? The Democrats are, right now, out stirring the pot about the Republican party's "break up". Just last week I got more than one "So, you cannot pick a speaker? How can you pick a candidate in the Republican party?" comments from my friends who are left of me. It's in all the media, it's a calculated play to keep disenchanted folks who's candidate didn't win from voting, to drive a wedge between the Ron Paul zealots and the eventual nominee (who will not be Ron Paul). So they LOVE folks like you, who are easily persuaded to sit at home on their hands while they are sending busses to pick up THEIR voters and bring them to the polls.

On Ron Paul directly.... Where I appreciate much of what he says, and I really like his constitutional stance on a lot of things, his foreign policy and stance on privacy lack practical understanding of reality. Christy's "instruction" of Paul on the use of NSA monitoring data is a prime example of where he looses touch with reality and refuses to allow even reasoned discussion of ways this can be done within constitutional bounds. Where I get his position, and I see the principle he's trying to uphold, there ARE reasonable ways to justify some of what the NSA has done but Ron can not or will not engage in that discussion. His foreign policy positions are also inflexible and brittle in a world where to be effective requires a bit more nuance than rigid ideology, more taking steps in the right direction and less forcing ones ideology.

Comment Re: Who Cares? (Score 1) 226

So, now you want to make the assumption that Facebook bribed YOUR elected leaders?? Do you have *any* evidence of that? No? I didn't think so. Nobody is in jail, nobody from Facebook or any of your elected officials over this, so you are just making this up.

Even if it was true, wouldn't the bigger problem being your leaders selling you out for the bribes and that you had a legal system that allowed it to go on unpunished? If it really was true that Facebook bribed there way out of taxes, I contend that it's the voter's fault for not holding their elected officials and legal systems in check though the ballot box. In short, YOU are mostly at fault for letting bribes happen without so much as a formal investigation by the legal system and by virtue of the fact you keep electing the bribe collectors to office.

But we all know you are just making this up, mainly because it's just another failed narrative, piece of rhetoric, and untrue story used to further class envy for political gain. Nobody got bribed here, because if they had, THAT would be the story, not that Facebook paid so little in taxes...

Comment Re: Who Cares? (Score 1) 226

I will quit complaining about it when the *subject* says "Law allows Company X to pay only Y in taxes!"

The way this is presented matters. This "Big Company" = "Bad" + "UNFAIR" equation has got to stop. It's about the LAW, not the company. But the way it's headlined and written it becomes about the company and not the law in this article. This is BAD journalism, which is becoming commonplace and we need to object to it when we see it. (Go read Orwell's '1984' again and see why..)

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