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Comment: Re:whut? (Score 1) 804

by blurfus (#29537149) Attached to: In 100 Years, Health Care Won't Be An Issue Because ...

Hawaii had to cancel theirs because it was driving them into bankruptcy which is what is appearing to happen in MA, the UK and Canada.

I live in Canada. I didn't know we were going bankrupt over our health care system. Last I checked, our economy was pretty even-keeled but what do I know, I never leave my basement...

the BS is strong on this one

Comment: Re:Mission Option: It already isn't.... (Score 1) 804

by blurfus (#29537125) Attached to: In 100 Years, Health Care Won't Be An Issue Because ...

Why, just because you need it to survive? You need food to survive, too. Does that make food a basic human right? I'm sorry, but just because I'm running a restaurant or grocery doesn't make me morally obligated to feed every starving moneyless waif who comes along. I guess that makes me heartless.

errr, bad analogy...

It would be expected from the government, through some charities or similar channels, to provide free food (and shelter?) to those who cannot afford it.

This actually happens nowadays by means of food programs for kids from low income families (usually through schools) and other means of charity.

No one is expecting private doctors to provide free health care nor private restaurants to provide free food.

Your are certainly not obligated but if, however, you feel like giving then why not?

Real programmers don't bring brown-bag lunches. If the vending machine doesn't sell it, they don't eat it. Vending machines don't sell quiche.