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Comment: Re:whut? (Score 1) 804

by blurfus (#29537149) Attached to: In 100 Years, Health Care Won't Be An Issue Because ...

Hawaii had to cancel theirs because it was driving them into bankruptcy which is what is appearing to happen in MA, the UK and Canada.

I live in Canada. I didn't know we were going bankrupt over our health care system. Last I checked, our economy was pretty even-keeled but what do I know, I never leave my basement...

the BS is strong on this one

Comment: Re:Mission Option: It already isn't.... (Score 1) 804

by blurfus (#29537125) Attached to: In 100 Years, Health Care Won't Be An Issue Because ...

Why, just because you need it to survive? You need food to survive, too. Does that make food a basic human right? I'm sorry, but just because I'm running a restaurant or grocery doesn't make me morally obligated to feed every starving moneyless waif who comes along. I guess that makes me heartless.

errr, bad analogy...

It would be expected from the government, through some charities or similar channels, to provide free food (and shelter?) to those who cannot afford it.

This actually happens nowadays by means of food programs for kids from low income families (usually through schools) and other means of charity.

No one is expecting private doctors to provide free health care nor private restaurants to provide free food.

Your are certainly not obligated but if, however, you feel like giving then why not?


Data Breach Exposes RAF Staff To Blackmail 153

Posted by samzenpus
from the skeletons-in-the-closet dept.
Yehuda writes "Wired reports, 'Yet another breach of sensitive, unencrypted data is making news in the United Kingdom. This time the breach puts Royal Air Force staff at serious risk of being targeted for blackmail by foreign intelligence services or others. The breach involves audio recordings with high-ranking air force officers who were being interviewed in-depth for a security clearance. In the interviews, the officers disclosed information about extra-marital affairs, drug abuse, visits to prostitutes, medical conditions, criminal convictions and debt histories — information the military needed to determine their security risk. The recordings were stored on three unencrypted hard drives that disappeared last year.'"

Comment: Two Words: Virtual Appliance (Score 1) 82

by blurfus (#24849111) Attached to: Local Web Server For Web Development?
If you are already running VMWare, then I would recommend downloading a pre-configured virtual appliance. They are ready-to-go VM W/X/LAMP installs that sometimes even offer a slimmed down version for minimal footprint; pick one that resembles the target production environment and you are ready to go.

Best Chair For Desktop Coding? 742

Posted by timothy
from the because-an-army-marches-on-its-back dept.
wifeoflurker writes "Can someone give me recommendations for a desk chair to give my husband as a Father's Day gift? He currently uses a cheap one he got from Office Max, but I want him to have a really comfortable one. He spends his life in this chair (coding and lurking on Slashdot). I don't have time to research good chairs on the internet today (I'm chasing my 10 month old around, and she seems to get into the most mischief when I'm staring at the computer screen), so I figured a few folks here might share their personal recommendations." Has there been any great progress in the state of the art (of sitting) since the last time readers sought recommendations for back-friendly chairs a few years back, or the perfect computer chair nearly a decade back? Is there even such a thing as a back-friendly chair, or should we all be in astronaut-style lounge workstations?

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.