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Comment SimEarth (Score 1) 261

Reminds me a lot of the terraform Mars scenario in SimEarth.

Step 1: Hit Mars with a couple of comets (brings in water and stirs up dust)
Step 2: ...
Step 3: Prof-... er, I mean watch the forests of Mars burn because you left your oxygen generators on for too long

Comment Re:Destroys spontaneity (Score 1) 147

Good luck hauling that behind your bike.

Are you 12? (Yes I know you're not 12.)

Or what am I missing?

You're missing the fact that adults and most teens of 16+ age, drive.

This point seems kind of irrelevant these days. With the fact that GPUs have greatly outpaced graphical development (and many games are just console ports anyway), a lot of laptops will run many decent LAN-party-friendly games. Throw a laptop in your backpack, along with a mouse and maybe a separate keyboard, and you're almost always ready for a LAN party and you can even bike there.

Submission + - Weyl Fermions Found, a Quasiparticle That Acts Like a Massless Electron (ieee.org) 1

An anonymous reader writes: After an 85-year hunt, scientists have detected an exotic particle, the âoeWeyl fermion,â which they suggest could lead to faster and more efficient electronics and to new types of quantum computing.

Electrons, protons, and neutrons belong to a class of particles known as fermions. Unlike the other major class of particles, the bosons, which include photons, fermions can collide with each otherâ"no two fermions can share the same state at the same position at the same time.

Whereas electrons and all the other known fermions have mass, in 1929, mathematician and physicist Hermann Weyl theorized that massless fermions that carry electric charge could exist, so-called Weyl fermions. âoeWeyl fermions are basic building blocks; you can combine two Weyl fermions to make an electron,â says condensed matter physicist Zahid Hasan at Princeton University.

Submission + - 22 Years Later an Update Arrives! (callapple.org)

An anonymous reader writes: After 22 year, the Apple IIGS finally gets an update to its operating system GS/OS. Apparently, leaked source code allowed the community to give a beloved retro machine a badly needed upgrade. Who needs Windows 10? We got GS/OS 6.0.2. Long live the Apple IIGS!

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