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Comment Re:But ... (Score 1) 165

The worst thing, IMHO, is not just that it was a systray icon, but that at some point the updater would attempt to run immediately! I'd start doing something, and UAC pops up with a "Are you sure you want to run this?" My instinct is "WHAT IS THIS MALWARE?!?" and to click "Hell no"

Comment Re:Star Trek not so much (Score 1) 99

Well, you can't really start at the beginning, because much of it is missing... but I'd recommend starting at the beginning of the 2005 series. I was a fan as far back as the early 80's, but my wife started watching the new series and she liked it right away... so I'd say watch the new series, and you can watch the old one as you like to fill in some of the back story.

There are occasional references to the original series in the new one, but they aren't really required viewing.

Comment Re:But "makers" (Score 4, Interesting) 138

So that's what I was wondering... this part:

Electronic flea markets and surplus stores are a nexus point of talented and interesting people. As they go, so does the opportunity to interact in person with the gurus of electronic development.

...seems to be a role now filled by maker spaces. When I went to the local mini maker faire earlier this year, there were plenty of talented and interesting people doing fun projects with electronics.

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