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Comment Re:Maybe a good thing (Score 1) 391

If I sell Iphones and want to steal data, I write & install and app that does it for me. Simple, no hw needed. If I want to extract from a stolen/bricked Iphone, I rip out the flash memory and read it directly using electronic circuits. No apple sw in my way then.

You think you're smart. Anyone with an iPhone will set their Apple ID and password, and the process of doing this wipes out any software that you may have installed. The exception is phones sold to enterprises, where the process will wipe any software you may have installed and put the phone under the control of the enterprise. Very visibly.

To decode the flash memory, you need to crack per-file 256 bit encryption. So even if you cracked uncrackable 256 bit encryption, you would then have _one_ file.

Comment Re:Shooting the messenger. (Score 1) 325

And you're right: the purpose of a trial and conviction is to act as a deterrent.

He'll get a trial in the UK with the purpose of convicting him for jumping jail for six years. Hasn't got a chance there, just a little bit too much evidence. Then he'll get a trial in Sweden with the purpose of finding out if he raped or sexually assaulted a woman or not. Nobody knows how this will end.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 325

I'd suggest that the UK court didn't properly weigh the risk to Assange of being extradited to Sweden. The circumstances were suspicious and his fears not unfounded.

They properly did. Extradition to Sweden will be a done deal. After he spends some time in a UK jail for jumping bail.

He would probably got a slap on the wrist in the case in Sweden. Instead he voluntarily stayed in his own Ecuadorian jail for six years, is now in trouble in the UK, and any court in Sweden will be much less let him get away with a less severe punishment.

Comment Re: Apple is doomed (Score 1) 428

Apple could pull the rug out from under Google anytime by making any other search engine the iOS default.

It has been leaked that Google pays $1bn for the privilege. What hasn't been quite liked is whether that was total up to some date, or per year, or whatever.

What could kill Google would be a search engine that isn't catered to advertisers but to letting people find what they are looking for.

Comment Re:Since they offshore the profit anyway... (Score 1) 269

Because that's not what what they are doing. They are taking their Euros and keeping it Euros. They are taking their Yen and keeping it in Yen. Their dollars, they keep in dollars. To convert anything to dollars they would have to pay 40% in taxes to the US government in addition to any taxes they paid to the local governments.

No, you can have dollar accounts in Europe or Japan. They can take Euros from an account with a bank in Germany and put it into a dollar account at the same bank. They just can't transfer the money to the USA (and you can have a Euro account with a bank in the USA, so Apple could transfer money without exchanging).

Comment Re:Manufacturing costs also fall (Score 1) 269

You uncover a key flaw in Cook's reasoning; if they're not bringing those foreign dollars home, then they've no reason to convert them to dollars, and this isn't money they're losing at all. It is just the imaginary "if we brought it home" ticker in his office that is showing a reduced high score.

The point is that Apple reports all revenue and profits in their quarterly statements, and the stock market reacts to them. If a company sold most of their stuff in the UK, and revenue went from 1 billion pound to 1.05 billion pound, that would be a nice result, but if the revenue translated to US$ goes down from 1.5bn US$ to 1.45bn US$ because of the exchange rate then it looks bad.

And that's what counts on the stock market. Not where the money is.

Comment Re:Where is deniability? (Score 1) 391

Rape requires a lack of consent. Just because you're a condescending shitface who doesn't believe children can make up their own minds doesn't mean that sex with them is automatically rape. Yes, the law defines it as such, but the law gets a lot wrong. When it comes to sex, it gets most things wrong.

Just because you are (I don't really know, and I wouldn't want to know), doesn't mean that children can give consent to having sex.

Comment Re: You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 1) 228

Oddly I had to look up if adultery where a crime in my state because I didn't know. Apparently it's a misdemeanor and can be used to deny a no fault divorce which would allow you to seek alimony. Massachusetts adultery is a felony and you could serve up to four years in prison.

WTF. And bloody Americans tell everyone, whether they want to listen or not, that they live in the freest country in the world.

Admittedly adultery would carry severe risk of damage to certain body parts for me, but the state wouldn't give a damn about it. Exactly as it should be.

Comment Pure polemic (Score 1) 112

theodp, what you write is pure polemic. So Apple "dismissed a call for diversity". Here's the actual text of the rejected proposal at the last shareholder meeting:

"Shareholders request that the Board of Directors adopt an accelerated recruitment policy requiring Apple Inc. (the âoeCompanyâ) to increase the diversity of senior management and its board of directors, two bodies that presently fails to adequately represent diversity (particularly Hispanic, African-American, Native-American and other people of color)."

So Apple is supposed to create new senior management or board positions or fire existing senior management or board members, in order to hire "people of color" (strange enough, an expression that you wouldn't dare using in the UK).

Comment Re: Honest Company (Score 1) 148

That is what all the small companies have to pay here in good old Europe. Therefore, big companies should too.

What a bloody idiot. You say small companies have to pay 30% of their revenue in tax? UK Corporation tax rate in 2015 is 20% _of profit_, not on bloody revenue. If you don't know what you are talking about, shut up. Or do you really not know the difference between revenue and profit?

Comment Re:Apple is not "The world’s largest company (Score 1) 148

And Apple isn't the "world's largest company." But the attempted demonstration using Aramco was a total failure. Hyundai would be a much better example, with about 70 times the market capitalization of Apple.

And you just won the price for being the Internet's greatest dummy.

When you take Apple's market caps in US Dollar, and Hyundai's market caps in South Korean Won, then Hyundai's number is 70 times higher. However, one US dollar is worth about 1,200 Won. So when converted to US Dollars, Apple's market caps is about 18 times higher.

Comment Re:My practice anyways... (Score 1) 303

My practice: I don't pull code from the Internet. I find out - often based on code samples - how it works, and then I implement it myself. Because the point isn't to copy the solution, but to learn how it is done. So I am grateful to the person who posted a solution, but based on that solution I write my own, and then I know how it works.

Comment Reported differently elsewhere (Score 1) 127

In other places, the whole case was reported substantially different. First it must be said that a company will have the right to find out whether the phone calls you make at work are for business or private, but not to find out the contents of the private messages. On the other hand it should be obvious that a company can examine your work related phone calls.

It seems the company was unhappy with his performance and noticed that he made a lot of phone calls during work time. They asked him about it, and he claimed that these phone calls were all work related and not private. So they had the right to examine these calls, because they were all work related (so he said).

When they were done, he was confronted with 48 pages of transcripts of calls in eight days, all private, and was fired. That was 48 pages. That's a lot of time spent not working.

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