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Comment: Re:The diet is unimportant... (Score 1) 415

by gnasher719 (#47807815) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

I can back this up. I've had the exact same experience. Induction/ketosis is probably the greatest single body hack ever invented. I lose a pound a day so long as I stay on it, though I have fallen off multiple times and it takes me a few days to get back on.

Atkins believed in all kind of weird effects that his diet would create to help you lose weight. The last I heard is that people on the Atkins diet actually have a lower calorie intake. You eat a lot of fat, and then your body says "I've had enough food now, not hungry anymore". While people eating low-fat carb rich tend to stay hungry and end up eating more.

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by gnasher719 (#47800661) Attached to: Apple Said To Team With Visa, MasterCard On iPhone Wallet

The corporation famous for its slave labor and environmentally damaging manufacturing policies?

What company would that be? I heard of Samsung whose employees keep dying from leukaemia, but I didn't know they used slave labor. They should have a look at Apple, who is usually years ahead of others with their environmental policies, who have forced agencies to pay back millions of dollars to employees in China, and how force their contractors to send everyone caught employing underage person to send them back to finish school _and pay them a full salary while they are at school_.

The corporation that works with the NSA to cripple your phone and provides whatever is asked of it to the security forces.

What company would that be? I don't know of any company that isn't doing everything to fight the NSA.

Apple who can't even secure their own cloud and thus keep nude celeb photos safe.

Apple cannot even prevent some idiots from spreading stupid rumours.

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The users are winning, because they're not being roped into a monoculture.

In the non-Apple PC market, users are losing. The only distinguishing feature between different PCs is the price, so we have a race to the lowest price. This may be helpful to some degree to people without money, but most people end up with a rubbish PC, even if they could afford something much better, because they just can't buy it.

Apple is now making more than 50% of all profits from computer hardware sales. Because nobody else manages to create and sell a product that people would be willing to pay good money for. When people buy a MacBook Air to run Windows on it, you see how pathetic the PC hardware market has become.

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But of course while Apple's share keeps going down year after year, there is always a justification in the iCommunity

I'll tell you what you are missing. You are looking at the share in the "smartphone" market, while I would look at the share in the "phone" market. Apple's share of the phone market has been growing year after year after year without fail. At the same time, more and more phones have been converted from non-smart phones to smartphones, but that doesn't affect Apple's business whatsoever.

There are people comparing Apple's and Samsung's sales, but if you compare Apple and Nokia, Apple now sells more phones, and that's while counting the cheap £10 or £20 phones that Nokia makes. (Well, they are all Microsoft phones now, but who cares).

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by gnasher719 (#47799609) Attached to: Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

No wonder all the young men are all killing each other in the middle east: they have to live with ASCII porn.

Seriously, I was told that the fact that muslims are allowed to take more than one wife, with the obvious side effect that there are no wives available for many muslims, helps getting volunteers for all kinds of dangerous missions. Much harder to convince a happily married man with two kids to go on some suicide mission.

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An individual in the United States must abide by US law even when abroad, in addition to abiding by the rules of the foreign country.

Citation? Obviously anything that is a crime according to the US laws is a crime, wherever it happens. However, things that are crimes according to US laws but happen outside the USA will not be prosecuted in the USA. It's relevant to extradition - if you do something say in Germany against German law, you will only be extradited from the USA if it is also illegal according to US law.

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Consider this scenario: I am a US citizen who owns a house in Ireland. I commit a crime (in the US), say selling drugs. Can a US judge issue a warrant to search my house in Ireland? Let's say I am convicted. Part of the ruling is to have all of my property connected to the crime seized (by the US DOJ). Can they seize my house in Ireland?

Answer A: Yes, the judge can issue a warrant. On the other hand, the Irish guardia will tell any US police officer turning up at the house in Ireland with that warrant to piss off, possibly arresting them for trespassing or burglary.

Answer B: In my opinion, yes. It will be difficult if the person has debtors in Ireland. Mortgage, unpaid bills etc. will likely come first.

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European servers owned and managed by a US company. While there may be local employees in the EU, they are ultimately answerable to more senior US based employees within their own company and therefore to US law.

Data stored in Europe. Which may only be surrendered if someone gets a warrant that is valid in the European country. It doesn't matter who owns the company. If Ireland issued a warrant for the data, then Microsoft couldn't say "we are a US company", they would have to obey an Irish warrant for data in Ireland. If the USA issues a warrant for data in Ireland, then Microsoft has no right to surrender the data. Again, doesn't matter whether Microsoft is a US country or not.

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A death threat isn't credible until an actual attempt has been made.

Someone making death threats is a fucking deranged idiotic imbecile. You have to be a fucking deranged idiotic imbecile to do that. You also have to be a fucking deranged idiotic imbecile to kill someone. So how is someone being threatened, or a police officer trying to help, distinguish between the one fucking deranged idiotic imbecile and the other? You can't.

Every death threat is credible.

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by gnasher719 (#47772589) Attached to: Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards Show Up In Germany

No biggie, I contacted Amazon and received a full refund, and the dealer was soon after banned from Amazon, apparently I wasn't the only one being scammed.

Meanwhile, not everybody found out in time, not everybody bothered complaining, and the fraudster pocketed a lot of money. After being banned from Amazon he started a new company under a different name and does it again.

The only way to prevent this is someone pressing criminal charges and someone going to jail.

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by gnasher719 (#47763465) Attached to: Uber Has a Playbook For Sabotaging Lyft, Says Report

As long as I'm getting a ride and paying for it, I'm imagine I'm also free to try to proselytise.

But you are not paying for a ride, right? You are just giving a donation to the nice guy who gives you a lift when they went into the same direction, right? If I'm the nice guy giving you a lift, and you behave like an ass, you wouldn't mind getting thrown out of my car, right? I mean it's not a regulated taxi, it's private people. Or so they say.

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What happens when the car runs out of gas/charge and you need to push it to the side of the road out of traffic.

What about the car driving to the side of the road out of traffic with the last bit of kinetic energy available? People might be stupid enough to drive until the tank is absolutely empty and be stuck, a driverless car wouldn't. And then there are driverless Diesel cars which most definitely won't run until the tank is empty, because that kind of thing is _expensive_.

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