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Comment The tablet future is Surface-like (Score 1) 328

Microsoft got that one right. Surface devices are far more than the Android/iPad tablet toys to kill time or hand to the kids. Tablets are devices looking for a use case: I don't see myself putting my phone aside to use a phone with a bigger screen, and that's exactly what you do when you drop the iPhone to use an iPad. In fact it makes a lot more sense to have phone/tablet combinations with different platforms (Android/iPad, or iPhone/Android Tablet).

In any case, tablets as big phones are the ones that are having a rough time. But Surface-like devices, with Intel CPUs and a full blown desktop OS, those are the ones that will remain because they fill a real use case. This one for example ... not even $100 for a quadcore intel 'laptop' (that kind of tablet is the real chromebook killer ... maybe not laptop killer, but it would cover at least 50% of laptops use cases):

The hardware is still kind of junk (mostly the display), but eventually it will catch up. How can you compete with those specs and prices, and we are talking about a full blown desktop OS.

In my opinion what makes the Surface so unattractive to most users is that it uses Windows. An iPad like device with OSX would be a real killer. Let's hope Microsoft at least gets Windows 10 right, because it doesn't seem Apple wants to enter that market.

Comment Check you address here (Score 3, Informative) 203

Use this page to check if your address is in the leaked database. I'm using the list (without passwords) that was published here in slashdot in the above comments. I'm not capturing the email addresses of the people using the tool:

If you don't trust me (and I don't blame you), just download the file posted a few comments above this one and grep yourself:

ngranek@trantor:~/Downloads$ grep bigjocker google_5000000.txt

Comment Motorola Milestone was the best phone ever (Score 1) 544

I personally still miss my old Motorola Milestone I used to have. The keyboard was so easy and fun to use, and the phone itself was so well built. No phone I've used ever since can compare to it (iPhones, nexus, samsungs, Motorolas and a few other).

Personally I'll never be as accurate typing on a touchscreen with SwiftKey or whatever than I was with the Milestone's physical keyboard. I've spent quite a lot of time testing the few sliders out there every time I'm looking for a new phone, but as the poster said that functionality has been abandoned for some reason, and the only alternatives out there are really crappy low end devices.

Comment Editing? (Score 4, Insightful) 98

This is ridiculous. What kind of editor publishes a note so badly written? You should at least read summaries out loud to see if you would look like an idiot. That would have certainly worked in this case. At least add a preview button for summaries like you do for comments for pete's sake.

Hoy many errors can you spot?

"Kim Zetter of Wired's Threat Level reports that Kaspersky Labs discovered a Spanish-language spyware application that employs "uses techniques and code that surpass any nation-state spyware previously spotted in the wild." The malware, dubbed "The Mask" by Kaspersky's researchers, targeted targeted government agencies, diplomatic offices, embassies, companies in the oil, gas and energy industries, and research organizations and activists had been loose on the Internet since at least 2007, before it was shut down last month. It infected its targets via a malicious website that contained exploits — among which were the Adobe Flash player vulnerability CVE-2012-0773 — that affected both Windows and Linux machines. Users were directed to the site via spearphishing emails."

Comment Re:Wait.... (Score 1) 450

It's more complicated than that. They are not creating direct connections to the target, that would be too easy to prevent as you only had to block certain IP addresses. They are creating bogus requests to millions of misconfigured DNS servers around the world, making those servers respond to the victim's address. You would have to block millions of IP addresses to prevent something like this, and even if you managed to do that in your firewall the amount of traffic would most certainly bring down your ISP.

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