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Comment typical (Score 3, Insightful) 174

Many making-of documentaries emphasize the challenges to create a narrative around the miraculous production. IMHO, these movies sucked because:

A) Lots of stuff happened but the characterizations were so weak that we stopped caring.
B) The CGI orcs were boring and unbelievable next to the live footage.
C) It was too long.

Comment Re:Error in the specification? (Score 1) 156

Josh S. ( Support)

Nov 13, 12:39


Thanks for writing in about this. This is a known bug we're looking into a fix for as we speak. Please try again in a few days and write back if you're still experiencing troubles.

Best, Staff

Nov 13, 12:12

Bug in Course starwars Stage 1 Puzzle 9
Amazon CloudFront

The instructions to mean that each pilot is worth 100 points. The tutorial deems that a failure; the programmer has to award more points for each to succeed. I think the problem statement doesn't match the success criteria.

Comment Error in the specification? (Score 1) 156

I think there's an error in the problem specification for this puzzle. Nice job giving the prospective programmer a realistic view of the industry.

If you add only 100 points for each pilot (per the instructions), that makes 300 points, which the tutorial deems a failure.

Submission + - Google Engineer Warns Against Perils Of Buying Cheap, Third-Party USB-C Cables (

MojoKid writes: A USB-C cable is just a cable. Or is it? Google engineer Benson Leung noted today that it's definitely not the case. Leung and his teammates at Google work inside of the Chromebook ecosystem, and as such, they've had lots of hands-on experience with USB-C cables. The Chromebook Pixel remains one of the very few notebooks on the market that directly supports USB-C. Nonetheless, in his experience, not all cables are built alike, and in some cases, cheap out-of-spec cables could potentially cause damage to your device. It's such a big problem, in fact, that Leung began buying cables off of Amazon and leaving his feedback on each one. Ultimately, what the problem boils down to is that some of the specifications in a cable may be not well controlled. He notes that in some bad cables, resister values are incorrect throwing off power specs wildly — 3A vs 2A in one example.

Comment business model (Score 1) 268

I'm confused as to why we're surprised by the this. Nobody is offended when the a CD of doesn't have enough content to fill the medium. The cost of a printer ink cartridge is far greater than the material costs.

The printer manufacturer has a monopoly on the cartridge. We need to fix that, not get our panties in a bunch about a particular way they exploit this advantage.

Comment It's a market (Score 1) 307

Our impression of a good and proper supply depends greatly on whether we're buying or selling.

Not "enough" supply of tech workers? Oil too expensive? Housing market "collapses"?

An increased supply of content is good for viewers. It doesn't need to be fixed.

Comment inertia (Score 1) 354

Windows 95 is the first Microsoft OS that really had to deal with multitasking. People didn't run multiple applications very successfully on windows 3.1 machines. The Windows 95 GUI presented multiple applications "good enough". It's not some genius UI. It's the one people know, and until something is *much* better, it's not a good value proposition to force people to something new.

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