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Comment: bad, bad idea (Score 1) 825

by bigdavex (#49736117) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

Tax fuel. Tax electricity. Those work.

People without kids pay property tax to fund schools because there's a public good. Why on earth would we want in this case to create a complex and intrusive system to tax precisely according to usage when in others we grossly abstract taxation away from usage?

Comment: seling something (Score 1) 667

by bigdavex (#49264941) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'

Mr. Kamm is an editorial writer and columnist for the Times of London. His latest book is âoeAccidence Will Happen: The Non-Pedantic Guide to English Usage.â
Nevertheless, the author has also thought up some rules that he thinks will help you write clearly and would like to sell them to you.

Comment: torn (Score 1) 172

by bigdavex (#49261587) Attached to: Lawsuit Over Quarter Horse's Clone May Redefine Animal Breeding

Scientifically, I agree the clone should qualify.

But how is this an issue for the courts? Why should there be a legal definition of a certified quarter horse?

I just think if a dorky organization wants to certify horses that exclude clones, they should be able to until such time as it comes becomes bankrupt.

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