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Comment: type of assignment (Score 4, Insightful) 320

by bigdavex (#48368061) Attached to: Duke: No Mercy For CS 201 Cheaters Who Don't Turn Selves In By Wednesday

I'd like to know what type of assignment this was. If it's small and specific, there might be only a few basic working solutions. That is, the similarity stems from being correct.

If it's a larger project with creative design decisions, then I'm less sympathetic.

Comment: Re:Immigration is not the problem. (Score 4, Informative) 330

by bigdavex (#48294899) Attached to: Reactions To Disgusting Images Predict a Persons Political Ideology

No USA base Muslim group of any statistical significance (or other group) is anti-democracy in the USA (and the USA is about 20% Muslim, so we would notice if it was a primary agenda).

According to Pew Research, Americans are 0.6% Muslim.

Where did you find 20%?

Comment: Re:High Fat Low Carb, Paleo/Primal (Score 1) 499

by bigdavex (#46866783) Attached to: You Are What You're Tricked Into Eating

The grain growers wanted to mass produce and sell the stuff, and some politicians liked a "heart healthy" message (despite scientists protesting that more research was needed before jumping to conclusions) and so the whole "heart healthy" movement was born, which emphasised high carb foods like cereals, by demonising fat.

It would be better for the grain growers if you ate animals that were fed grain, as this process is less energy efficient. This is a lousy conspiracy theory.

Comment: Personal Experience (Score 1) 405

by bigdavex (#46804367) Attached to: In a Hole, Golf Courses Experiment With 15-inch Holes

My grandfather asked me to go golfing with him when I was about 7. There was some conversation among the adults concluding that, based on my age only, I was a hazard to the green and therefore would have to just watch. So I followed around old guys for an hour on grass that I was not worthy to putt on. I realize this is an antecdote. Fuck golf.

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