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Comment The "pause" has been mighty convinient (Score 0, Troll) 242

We've saved even more money by having wildly inaccurate and dire predictions that didn't pan out. Think of all the money we saved by not having increased hurricanes, $12.99 gallon milk, $9/gallon gas, and New York City flooding... The real miracle would be to find a circa 2000 prediction of global warming that was even moderately accurate.

Comment Had W10 scare myself with display (Score 1) 203

I got woken up by the windows reboot chime this morning. When I logged in this morning, my 2560x1600 screen was in double vision.. Found the change resolution page and that failed to restore it.. was getting a little worried.. luckily a reboot fixed it.

I would have been ticked if it hadn't come up.. But that goes with any big upgrade. But generally I'm happy with W10. All my apps seem to work (including low-level networking apps like Wireshark.)

Comment Rand Paul says More to disruptive technologies (Score 1, Troll) 432

Rand Paul Posted:

"It's ironic someone who has been driven around in a limo for the past 30 years is giving ride sharing advice.

Hillary Clinton just chided the sharing-economy which is boosted by services such as Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb. We must advocate for innovation and disruption and need to support increased choice which leads to lower prices for all Americans."

Comment Most browsers already block java by default (Score 1) 122

The warning should be "Disabling Java in your preferred browser is the recommended course of action".

But even that might be more than you need. My FireFox always asks if I want to allow Flash or Java to run on any new site.. Another dialog comes up to display the code signing details. This seems pretty safe.

That said, the code signing and sandboxing situation for Java IS a holy mess.

Comment Re:cry me a river (Score 1) 422

To suggest he is a cry-baby is silly. Every business owner or CEO will be emotionally attached to the success and failure of the company.

While a cash-poor company is more susceptible to failure, ALL companies will fail if there is a significant unexpected loss of cash. Defending lawsuits, real or frivolous is extraordinarily expensive. Lessons were learned, and wisdom is being imparted.

Comment As Barbie would say.. Startups are hard. (Score 2) 422

Startups involving a free product, launched in a employer hostile (I mean, "employee friendly") and expensive country, and with no expectation of making any kind of profit (or return for shareholders) is probably near impossible. And yes, you can get sued by your employees even if you're following labor laws.

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