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+ - NASA Langley Study On Cold Fusion's Potential in Aviation->

Submitted by Baldrson
Baldrson (78598) writes "Perpetually in-flight "skytrains" with which smaller aircraft would temporarily dock to exchange passengers and cargo, ground-effect flying container ships ala the Hughes Spruce Goose (only bigger and not made of spruce) and vertical takeoff and landing supersonic business jets were among among the aircraft potentials of cold fusion technology presented at NASA Langley's ARMD Seedling Seminar, February 25, 2014 in a study titled "Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft" (Warning: Adobe Connect). One comment heard: "There is a similar initiative in Lockheed/Martin.""
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Comment: Integration with google calendars a must... (Score 2) 120

by bhlowe (#46064565) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Events Calendar Software For Local Community?
I use multiple google calendars-- one for each kid, my spouse, and for some clubs I'm in. I use Calenmob on my iphone to see them all... but I would love it if there was more software that let you have a club (or class or whatever) add events to your calendar... Seems like a great idea that should have been solved.. but hoping someone here can recommend something.

Comment: Bitcoin inequality (Score 3, Interesting) 332

by bhlowe (#46036241) Attached to: Marc Andreessen On Why Bitcoin Matters (And A Critique)
With BitCoin, the wealth of the entire system has already been largely distributed to a handful of early adopters. For a global currency, BitCoin is hoarded by a large, mostly geek community. The government doesn't have any, which is why the government will do its best to take it down.. and its easy to "take it down" by auditing any company that advertises on the web that they accept bitcoin. (Accepting BitCoin for merchandise has pretty much meant that the transaction(s) will go unreported, including taxes.)

Comment: Re:Current PCs are good enough. (Score 1) 564

by bhlowe (#45921011) Attached to: PC Shipments In 2013 See the Worst Yearly Decline In History
I upgraded my old ~2007 iMac with a "new" 20" iMac from 2011, spent $600. The only reason for the upgrade (my primary machine is a PC) is that my dad's PPC iMac was approaching 10 years old and definitely needed updating.. But of course, vitalization and cloud servers are also reducing the need to buy new machines.

Comment: For example... (Score 3, Insightful) 47

by bhlowe (#45867893) Attached to: Source Code For 22nd IOCCC Winners Has Been Released
char*_ = "'""/*"; #include #define m 21 #define o(l, k) for(l=0; lGP9$5-,#C?NX"]-35)>>t*3 o(e,4){ c[T] [e][t]=("5'##>4(" [T+t+T]-35)>>e*2 } } n(15) { s=T>9?m:(T&3)-3?15:36;o(e,s)o(t,2)c[T+19][e][t]="6*6,8*6.608.6264826668\ 865::(+;0(6+6-6/8,61638065678469.;88))()3(6,8*6.608.6264826668865:+;4)-*6-6/616365,\ -6715690.5;,89,81+,(023096/:40(8-7751)2)65;695(855(+*8)+;4**+4(((6.608.626482666886\ 5:+;4+4)0(8)6/61638065678469.;88)-4,4*8+4(((60(/6264826668865:+;4-616365676993-9:54\ +-14).;./347.+18*):1;-*0-975/)936.+:4*,80987(887(0(*)4.*""/4,4*8+4(((6264826668865:\ +;4/4-4+8-4)0(8)6365678469.;88)1/(6*6,6.60626466686:8)8-8*818.8582/9863(+;/""*6,6.6\ 0626466686:4(8)8-8*818.8582/9863(+;/,6.60626466686:8-818.8582/9864*4+4(0())+;/.6062\ 6466686:8/8380/7844,4-4*4+4(0())69+;/0626466686:818582/9864.4/4,4-4*4+4(0())+;" [e+E +e+t]-40; E+=s+s; } n(45){ if(T>i) { v(2,T,7); v(46,T,7); } v(2+T,44,7); } T=0; o(e, 42)o(t,m)h[T][e][t]--; while(R+i) { s = D=0; if (r-R) { n(19) if (G[R+i][T]+i) V=T/2 ; else if(G[R][T]+i) s++; if(s) { if(V>4){ V=9-V; D++; } V+=29; n(20) q(c[V][T][0],c [V][T][i],D); } } n(19) if((L=G[R][T])+i) { O=T-L; e=O>9; t=e?18-O :O; o(K,((t&3)-3? 16:37)){ if(K){ L=c[t+19][K-i][0]; O=c[t+19][K-i][i] ; } q(L,O,K && e); } } if(s) q( c[V][20][0], c[V][20][i], D); R--; } printf("\33[47;1f\33[?25h\33[40m"); return 0; } // TODO: Add comments.

Comment: Re:Al Gore says... (Score 1) 209

by bhlowe (#45799745) Attached to: Antarctic Climate Research Expedition Trapped In Sea Ice
Al Gore's movie didn't mention "Climate change" once, instead only implies future warming, by showing the "hockey stick" graph, which implied exponential warming. Google Al Gore Hockey Stick for a reference. As far as the Summer Arctic Ice, you can google that too. You really need a citation to figure out that Global Warming did not happen as predicted by the quack who got a "D's and C's" in Natural History at Harvard?

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