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Comment: Re:cry me a river (Score 1) 422 422

To suggest he is a cry-baby is silly. Every business owner or CEO will be emotionally attached to the success and failure of the company.

While a cash-poor company is more susceptible to failure, ALL companies will fail if there is a significant unexpected loss of cash. Defending lawsuits, real or frivolous is extraordinarily expensive. Lessons were learned, and wisdom is being imparted.

Comment: As Barbie would say.. Startups are hard. (Score 2) 422 422

Startups involving a free product, launched in a employer hostile (I mean, "employee friendly") and expensive country, and with no expectation of making any kind of profit (or return for shareholders) is probably near impossible. And yes, you can get sued by your employees even if you're following labor laws.

Comment: Sounds so fun. (Score 1) 49 49

Yah, let me write the code, install it, host it, attract customers, maybe charge for it, give away the source code, watch my market share erode, then try to pay for tech support, or try to add value added features or "in service" purchases. Sounds like fun! Or you could do all of the above and not give your source code away. Hmm.. let me think about that.

Comment: Ubiquity is unavoidable (Score 3, Interesting) 113 113

Even if the police make this data private, the general population will jump in to make this (and most) data such as this freely available. A small box located near your mailbox will be able to record every car that drives by and capture video of anyone walking by.

This technology is already available in the flying world-- where FlightAware makes a plane tracker that publishes flight data from the skies to the public.

Take away lesson is your data will be mined. If you think license plate data is a breach, just wait for ubiquitous facial recognition data going to the public domain.

Brave new world!

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