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Comment: Benefit far outweighs privacy concerns (Score 1) 168

by bhlowe (#48213853) Attached to: Austin Airport Tracks Cell Phones To Measure Security Line Wait
Anxiety over being late (for work, or for a plane) is a common concern.. this will help alleviate it.
On the freeways where I live are large signs that show transit times to various points-- those are very accurate and very nice to have.If you're concerned about privacy and tracking, don't wear a device that can track you.

But if you're in an airport, you can assume your name and travel details will be reported to the government. Even if your local coffee shop wants to know how many you stop in for a latte, who cares? If you care, wear a tinfoil hat or unplug.

Comment: Re:Any suffiently advanced tech... (Score 3, Insightful) 986

No, read the report (before spouting off.) The measuring equipment was not supplied by the inventor. The test was partly funded by the Swedish energy research consortium, Elforsk. The inventor may have had an opportunity to swap out the fuel--but it was running continously at 1100- then 14000C, so it would have difficult to do without causing a blip in the temperature data. The reactor was also a welded closed system and was cut open at the end of the 32 days with all team members present, including Rossi. Yes, maybe he pulled a sleight of hand trick at that moment.. but that doesn't make much sense if it was already agreed that the reaction was beyond chemical.... and could not have happened, even if its entire weight was made out of gasoline, Lithium ion batteries, or TNT.

Comment: Re:Any suffiently advanced tech... (Score 1) 986

The whole point of the test is that it ran for 32 days and generated more energy (1.5MWh) than can be generated by ANY known energy device its size. A black box test that weighs less than the equivalent generated amount of gasoline, super capacitors, Lithium ion batteries, etc. is a modern day miracle. A black box test protects the inventor and shows off the device if the experiment is run properly. The parameters were defined properly.. But measuring the heat from the device may have been badly blown. Remains unresolved.

Comment: Re:Having read the report - there are problems. (Score 1) 986

There WAS a thermocouple backing up the readings. But I agree it wasn't a perfect test. A real dummy test beyond 500C was a glaring oversight. The dummy test should have been done with a similar reactor using high efficiency resistive and inductive heaters.

Comment: Re:if these confirmers are reputable, who are they (Score 4, Informative) 986

Read the report. The names are at the top.
Giuseppe Levi - Bologna University, Bologna, Italy
Evelyn Foschi - Bologna, Italy
Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson and Lars Tegnér - Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
Hanno Essén - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Unfortunately, Levi is a long time acquaintance of Rossi, so his independence is hard to justify.

Comment: Re:Cost of treatment? (Score 1) 487

by bhlowe (#48103231) Attached to: Texas Ebola Patient Dies
We're talking Ebola. Biohazard level 4 or safety precautions are required, but obviously wasn't available for the Dallas hospital. This guy died pretty quick, but I'm guessing the bill will be substantially more. Plus Ebola is considered a bioterrorism agent, so every drop is a controlled substance capable of being weaponized. So the Feds were called in from everywhere..

Comment: Re:Cold Fusion News (Score 1) 315

by bhlowe (#48099613) Attached to: Fusion Reactor Concept Could Be Cheaper Than Coal
There are dozens of groups working on low energy nuclear reactions. Google Dennis Cravens who demoed a very simple experiment that showed excess heat in one of two similar brass spheres. I agree, its maddening, that in 3 years, no one has conclusively debunked Rossi. I agree with the above poster-- if the experimental results don't jibe with theory, who ya gonna believe? Or should we close the patent office....

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