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Comment Re:Best of all its "Free".... HAHAHAHAH (Score 1) 309

Appreciate the dialog. A few questions...

1. Is your product's source fully available online? (If yes, skip 2&3)
2. Has anyone asked for the source code?
3. Even though I haven't bought your product, would you send all the source code so I can post it to github?
4. Won't GPL use reduce your ability to sell the company or integrate the product with other commercial apps?

I just don't get how GPL would ever make sense for a programmer trying to earn a living. Fine for hobby projects, or learning a new skill, or when you're feeling philanthropic.. but as a business decision?

Bonus question... What's your GPL company or product?

Comment Re:Best of all its "Free".... HAHAHAHAH (Score 1) 309

Why desktop? Because images are meant to be viewed.. And because GPL FLIF won't become a standard for web browsers, a desktop app would be the most logical way to view these images (unless you want to convert it to PNG, which defeats the purpose of having a new standard.)

The lack of desktop apps that use GPL that are profitable is the glaring proof that GPL is not good for developers in that rather large market segment. Web-based services use a lot of GPL, but they have a free pass from having to release all their source code that touches GPL code.

I'll add that I am a software developer. I write desktop apps, web services, and pure server apps that I sell. My apps sell online whether I'm on vacation or working for a client, learning new code, or adding features. By avoiding GPL, I can use my software anywhere I like, sell it any way I like, and not worry about hiring a legal team to review compliance with the licenses. More importantly, I don't have to perform tech support to get paid for my own work-- that would limit my ability to earn money to the number of hours in the day I want to work.

I prefer two ideals: "write once, sell many" and "willing seller, willing buyer", as it works well for me. Unless you're retired, or happy to live as a pauper, how is "Sell your software, but give it away if anyone wants it for free." a better strategy to earn a living? I'm sure I just wasted a lot of my and your time.. but who knows.

Comment Why is this crap on slashdot all the time? (Score 1, Insightful) 130

The last thing I want to read about on a technology web site is politics and global warming nonsense. I personally am carbon negative with my solar panels and electric car. That doesn't mean I want to read about every idiot's plan to tax and spend and go technologically backwards to "fix" an already paused state of global warming. Lets keep slashdot to nerd-worthy stories...

Comment The "pause" has been mighty convinient (Score 0, Troll) 248

We've saved even more money by having wildly inaccurate and dire predictions that didn't pan out. Think of all the money we saved by not having increased hurricanes, $12.99 gallon milk, $9/gallon gas, and New York City flooding... The real miracle would be to find a circa 2000 prediction of global warming that was even moderately accurate.

Comment Had W10 scare myself with display (Score 1) 203

I got woken up by the windows reboot chime this morning. When I logged in this morning, my 2560x1600 screen was in double vision.. Found the change resolution page and that failed to restore it.. was getting a little worried.. luckily a reboot fixed it.

I would have been ticked if it hadn't come up.. But that goes with any big upgrade. But generally I'm happy with W10. All my apps seem to work (including low-level networking apps like Wireshark.)

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