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Comment: Audible (Score 2) 163

by bhlowe (#47791797) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Phone Apps?
I love listening to books... So Audible is where a lot of my entertainment money goes. Great for car trips or commuting. Goodreads is a good app for logging and rating books you've read. Unfortunately, the two are not merged, so buying a book on audible doesn't add it to good reads.. Audible has a free trial.. You really should pick out a good book and give it a listen.

Comment: Re:Better ways to do it. (Score 1) 57

by bhlowe (#47667429) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Corporate Open Source Policy?
Quite simple. BSD avoids legal problems that releasing code under GPL might create in the future. Plus, most (proprietary) software companies prefer BSD and altogether avoid GPL. So if a corporation is going to "give back" to the open source community, they'll do it under a license they most agree with. Anyone open sourcing code will want to do so with an eye towards future uses and whether it will be good or bad if used by a competitor.

Comment: Re:Wrong problem to focus on (Score 1) 158

I haven't been impacted by illegal drug lords in Mexico, either here in the states or while traveling in Mexico. I have been impacted by getting stopped by the border patrol and their sniffing dogs. Sounds like money going to Mexican drug lords is a Mexican problem.

On the other hand, millions of American's are impacted by illegal immigration. From honest business owners who compete with businesses that hire illegal labor, to underfunded schools and social services, and of course the victims of crimes committed by the undocumented -- from hit and run, drunk driving accidents, to rape and strong armed robbery and petty thievery.

We have laws on the books that were not here when my ancestors came to America. America still has more legal immigration than all other countries combined.

A country without laws, borders, or a common language is doomed to fail.

Comment: Wrong problem to focus on (Score -1) 158

I vote we focus on stopping illegal immigration going into the US and less about US currency going across the border. There is not a lot of problems associated with drug money going to the Mexico. On the other hand, waves of unskilled, poor, desperate people and who can't legally work here is a recipe for social problems that will last generations.

Comment: Blame Islam, not Israel (Score 3, Insightful) 868

by bhlowe (#47557305) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline
Trying to blame Israel for very real world-wide problem of Muslim-on-neighbor violence is missing the root cause. The Palestinians and most Muslims have been taught from age zero to hate the Jews because of the lunatic ravings of their "prophet." Their Qur'an is filled with war tactics and how to treat the enemy, which is everyone who doesn't believe in their god. And the vast majority of Muslims believe in Sharia law that enforces these barbaric 8th century laws. Browse for a few insights into the real source of the problem.

Comment: Hurry up (Score 1) 194

by bhlowe (#47516085) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264
This split between supported formats on various browsers is ridiculous. Embed it into the next FireFox so that video tags support H.264. Make it something you can disable if you're paranoid. There will be plenty of time to examine it and make sure there isn't a back door (which would be a stupid thing for Cisco to attempt!)

Comment: Engineering (Score 5, Interesting) 509

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Engineering has a strong future: Robots. Nanotechnology. Advanced materials. Hydrogen storage. Fuel cells. Automation technology. Rapid building techniques. Vertical farming. Take any industry she likes, then work with a company that is going to do it better with technology, using fewer humans to do the work.

Comment: Don't buy (Score 1) 127

Home 3D printing has two problems for consumers... 1. Most consumers don't need to print widgets more than once in a while.
2. The software to create and modify 3D objects has a learning curve (requires time and effort to learn.)
Sure its fun to create little plastic toys, chains, balls, and cases.. Interesting, but not particularly money-making. A nice skill to have, perhaps. But owning the printer isn't required to learn the skill or take part in the revolution. Save your cash and send your designs to a 3D print shop. Disclosure: I have a very cool but underutilized Makerbot I rented for the summer.

Comment: The Sword and the Shield (Score 2) 95

by bhlowe (#47407975) Attached to: Thousands of Leaked KGB Files Are Now Open To the Public
The Sword and the Shield was written in 2000 and covered a lot of the information about the Mitrokhin archive. It is 700 pages and is an interesting read. The actual archive is probably only of interest to the serious student that can read and understand Russian and really loves cold war history.

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