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+ - Hurricane Sandy Is 'Meteorologically Mind-Boggling,' Scientists Say

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An anonymous reader writes "Scientists have been following and projecting Sandy's path with all the tools at their disposal: ocean buoys, radar and satellite imagery, and computer modeling. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also gathers information from special reconnaissance aircraft, which fly over hurricanes and can drop instruments into them to measure wind speeds, air pressure, temperature, and altitude. The latest data gathered on Hurricane Sandy point to an unprecedented and mighty tempest, scientists say."

+ - Engineer Thinks We Could Build a Real Starship Enterprise in 20 Years-> 3

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Nancy_A writes "An engineer has proposed — and outlined in meticulous detail – building a full-sized, ion-powered version of the starship Enterprise complete with 1G of gravity on board, and says it could be done with current technology, within 20 years. “We have the technological reach to build the first generation of the spaceship known as the USS Enterprise – so let’s do it,” writes the curator of the Build The Enterprise website, who goes by the name of BTE Dan."
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+ - Return US copyright to 14 years->

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An anonymous reader writes "There is a petition on the new Whitehouse petition web site about returning US copyright to a 14 year term. Click on the "Link to the orginal story" link to go to the sign and sign it."
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+ - O2 filtering internet for UK mobile users->

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Geeky (90998) writes "Not new news but I hit the block yesterday for the first time — and not for a site that should have been blocked. Attempting to access the site redirects you to Bango, thus exhibiting all the symptoms of a malware or virus infection that has hijacked DNS. I'd never heard of Bango — why would I give them my credit card details?

The filter is also useless — Google image search works just fine, so adult content isn't hard to find. Does that make O2 liable if parents rely on the filter? What about claims from companies who might lose trade through being incorrectly flagged as adult?

Time to move to another provider or do they all do it?"

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