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Comment: Hydroelectric and the environment (Score 1) 232

Yes, hydro dams can and do destroy vast tracts of river ecosystem but they also create a vast ecosystem of lake, which while different cannot be ignored when discussing environmental impact. My hometown has a large area of swamps and wetlands that are over 100 years old directly attributable to an old dam that produced power for a long defunct mill. Remove the dam, restore the river and eliminate several thousands of acres of wetlands. Not a win in my book.

Not saying that dams are all good but dams and hydro are not necessarily the ecosystem destroyer you imply.

Comment: And we have a winner (Score 1) 150

Multiple technologies are used by mobile comm units in the military. Setting up the Satellite downlink on one side of the cantonment area and using a laser link to transmit to the ops area sure beats laying fragile cable.

Or satellite downlink at a single area and using this to distribute to multiple fire bases. Definitely a win.

Comment: Re:Legalities (Score 1) 301

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#48363727) Attached to: Police Body Cam Privacy Exploitation

In most if not all US jurisdictions, no photo release is required for individuals appearing in a photo/video taken of individuals visible from a public location. Check YouTube, do you think everybody appearing in those videos has signed a release?

Now most commercial agencies will require a photo release if using something commercially because of CYA and lawyers but legally not required.

Comment: Yep, Gov InfoSec (Score 1) 61

If you IA types understood how a network actually maybe we could talk but get your CISSP and make big bucks saying NO.

Backup program needs Port X open to initiate backups on remote servers (remember we are an Enterprise, Remote Management and all). Vendor did not adequately document port but our firewall logs and sniffer clearly indicate this message originates from the control server and goes to the Media server to initiate the backup.

What does IA do? Stops all backups until paperwork is finished, six months without backups and guess what once the vendor documents turn it back on. No thought about the data risk just turn it off.

Further details if you want but why not allow us a firewall rule from control server to destination server locked to IP addresses and maybe only during a defined time window to allow the backups.

But IA has the hammer and enjoys using it.

Comment: Re:Real news (Score 1) 392

NPR stations get less than 10% of funding from the state. CBC/ABC/BBC ABC are going through funding woes because they refuse to parrot the company line that the current governments want them to. Its either state funding or corporate funding in the form of advertising, your choice but I know that for me the so-called state funded operations seem to exhibit more independence.

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