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Comment: Re:I am not colorblind (Score 3, Interesting) 267

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#47621955) Attached to: My degree of colorblindness:

Sure you would have, just been excluded from some jobs. 25 year retiree and red-green color blind.

At my induction physical I failed 14 of 15 color cards. Tech told me I was color blind and I replied all you had to do was ask me I could have told you that.

BTW: Purple does not exist and is a conspiracy by the color-normal people against the disabled.

Comment: Military (Score 1) 141

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#47282787) Attached to: I typically start my workday ...

Had the same sort of experience working at a Headquarters for the military.

There was this Lt. Colonel that would occasionally stand be the entrance recording and reporting on all the guys that arrived even one minute after 0800. Somehow never saw him at 1900 when those of us that were a bit late in the morning finally got to leave for the day, mostly because he was out the door at 1630 share.

Definitely don't miss those types of idiots. Now is show up sometime between 0800 and 0900 and leave when the work is done.

Comment: Hippocracy much? (Score 1) 682

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#47273599) Attached to: IRS Recycled Lerner Hard Drive

All of you TP types that want the IRS to retain e-mails forever refuse to give the government a dime to build the system to retain that e-mails forever. It ain't cheap to build a backup system to maintain all the e-mails generated by a decent sized business or government agency. That's why retention dates are established and followed. Also why so many users have PST files on their local computer that violate the retention policy and gets the company in trouble with the lawyers and get deleted when a computer is rebuilt or the drive crashes.

Comment: Major IT departments and lost e-mail (Score 1) 682

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I thing the whole thing reeks of conspiracy BUT having worked for multiple government agencies many of them severely limit the size of a users Exchange mailbox and because network storage is scarce they routinely counsel users to keep archived e-mail in a PST stored on the local drive. They tell the user that Outlook runs better this way (mostly true). Problem is this violates government policy on maintaining permanent records (not that the user cares) and means if the local drive crashes or is wiped for a new user all the old e-mail is lost.

Many corporations do the same BTW.

For my money the excuse is just a bit too convenient but plausible.

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