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Comment: Re:We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 1) 356 356

Tesla didn't replace 100,000 manufacturing jobs. They *added* 6,000 jobs that simply weren't there before. You're throwing up a very flawed strawman.

Furthermore, some company had to make those machines that Tesla operates. Tesla helped keep some of that company's employees employed.

Comment: Re:We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 5, Informative) 356 356

OK, I bet there is an image of a crowd of thousands of men with their lunch pails all walking into their shift at the plant who then jump on the line and build cars.


At best it's a couple of dozen people working in the back office and some techs to walk around and monitor the automated plant.

Tesla has 6000 employees

But go ahead and keep undermining your arguments with such unnecessary hyperbole, mister Anonymous Coward.

Comment: Possible Curriculum (Score 1) 175 175

Google CS First

I haven't taken a look at it yet myself (I just found out about it yesterday), but it sounds like it might be exactly what you're looking for.

All our materials are targeted at students in 4th - 8th grades (or between the ages of 9 - 14), and are free and easy to use.

Comment: Re:low speed is the problem (Score 1) 823 823

I drive a Nissan Leaf. It has an exterior speaker that generates a noise when the car is travelling at less than 20mph (such as in a parking lot).

It doesn't matter. People just simply aren't paying attention, whether or not the car makes noise. They're too busy staring at their iphones.

Comment: Re:I don't think hydrogen makes sense (Score 1) 293 293

One nit: Tesla has not yet solved the recharge time problem. Sure, you can drive cross-country in a Tesla, but if you value your time, it's not nearly as convenient as doing so in a regular ICE car. But they're doing their darnedest to make it better.

(Disclaimer: I too own an all-electric vehicle)

Comment: Re:Obama's done more than Elon musk (Score 4, Insightful) 181 181

Let me get this straight. You're giving more credit to a politician. A politician who didn't even write the law. A politician who did nothing but sign a piece of paper presented to him by 535 other policitians. He didn't invent anything. He didn't build anything.

And you're going to hold him up as having done *more* for the environment than an entrepreneur who spent - and risked - his entire fortune to make electric cars a mainstream reality.


Comment: Re:How do you pull over a driverless car? (Score 1) 626 626

Would it pull over if it sees the blinking lights / siren behind it?

Sure. Why wouldn't it? It can detect cars with radar, and see flashing lights with cameras.

I think the hard question is whether it should try to get out of the way, or pull into an intersection to clear a lane (ambulance, fire truck, police), or if it should actually pull the whole way over off of the road and stop (police).

Could you spoof it with a bunch of blinking xmas lights on the side of the road?

No. Putting blinking lights on a car might spoof it, but that will probably get you arrested for impersonating a police vehicle.

Comment: DNS Benchmark (Score 1) 349 349

This sounds like a very poorly-configured DNS server. There are other server issues as well. Some are slow. Others like to return their own special pages when you mistype a domain name. I've been using DNS Benchmark to determine the best set of DNS servers to use for a home network. It's a neat tool that provides a lot of information succinctly - be sure to read the walkthrough to understand what it's showing you.

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