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Comment: Re:Chicken or egg? (Score 1) 87

by russotto (#47442291) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

"I have voted for every park, every library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that will make this city better. But now I can't afford to live here anymore."

Ha... cause and effect is a bitch sometimes, isn't it? No doubt she thought all those things would be paid for by other people. If she thought at all.

Comment: Confusing cause and effect (Score 2) 87

by russotto (#47442157) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

They're gaining access to high-cost cities like New York or San Francisco that offer so much more than good jobs: more restaurants, better schools, less crime, even cleaner air.

There's more restaurants because there are more high-income college grads to spend money there. There's less street crime because Johnny the Finance Douchebag isn't likely to do anything worse than public urination. (white collar crime is another matter)

As for better schools, hasn't happened yet at least in NYC -- the system is very uneven and the lengths parents will go through to get their kid in a better elementary school are legendary. Lose the battle, and welcome to the suburbs. If it does happen, it'll again be because the well-educated wealthy college students are there.

Cleaner air is mostly because there's little polluting industry left. Which means fewer blue-collar jobs.

The implied narrative that those rich overeducated scum are hogging all the good places and leaving the poor in high-crime areas with bad schools, dirty air, and no amenities gets cause and effect completely wrong.

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Many French People in rural France loathe the Parisiennes. When a car with a Paris Department number plate comes to my Village the locals suddenly become sullen and un-coopoerative towards the visitors. When the car leaves, life returns to normal. Even to a 'Les Rostbiff' like me they are far friendlier that they are to anyone from Paris.

The same is true in reverse too. I picked up quite a thick rural Normandy accent[1] when I speak French and discovered that everyone in Paris is a lot more polite to me if I speak French with an English accent...

[1] Cultural equivalents: For brits, think Devonshire farmer, for americans think deep south.

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Yes, competition is good for the consumer, which is why France wants to protect competition in the marketplace.

But that's not what they're doing. They're trying to suppress the competition. The competition is online, which is more efficient than having many unrelated bookstores. France wants to pretend to live in the past, while using modern technology against its people. French SWAT members (well, the equivalent) wear masks so they cannot be recognized. Yeah, it's a democracy. Right.

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I took some with me when I moved about 10 years ago. I didn't the last couple of times I moved, because they're so cheap that it's not worth the effort to move them. I have had one fail in under 4 years, but most of the ones I installed when I moved into my last-but-one house were still working fine when I moved out 7 years later.

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I find it annoying that despite the existence of common devices which are "better" that the "best" is still considered to be Apple's.

Congratulations, you have just lived down to your nickname, and it has led you to whine about Apple's popularity — the only reason why everything is compared to Apple.

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you'd be guilty of various crimes, like tax evasion due to accounting fraud, and also price discrimination against some of your customers. Besides, you'd also be guilty of dumping, which is a variant of antitrust violation.

How so?

I mean building costs into pricing models has been around for quite a long time. Shipping is just one of those costs and costs come off the ledger for profit statements and tax purposes.

The US Postal Service has a flat rate box where if it fits, it ships anywhere for something like $15. If Amazon negotiates that to $10 and their average order qualifying for free shipping has 4 items in it, it is only $2.50 added onto the costs. So they take the retail price, discount it by 25% then add $3 to it and cover the costs of shipping without dipping too much into profits.

Businesses to this with taxes too. You place a fee or raise their rates and they just adjust their prices accordingly. It's easiest to do when the tax increase effects the entire industry too. Of course there has been some industries who got pissed and attached it as a separate fee specifically notating the law that caused the increase on the bill. Congress was really pissed when the telco industry started doing that.

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I suspected this hit piece was just an moral encouragement for hamas to keep up the fight.

I don't know if they are anti Israel or pro hamas or completely clueless but a lot of speculation could have been avoided if they waited until after this was resolved. As it stands now, Israel's citizens will likely be convinced it is useless and demand the military invade every time there is a rocket attack. There could be a lot more violent killing and subjugation than currently in place.

Comment: Re:France built something like this back in the 19 (Score 1) 243

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Nobody was an idiot back then, everyone knew Hitler was a problem.

I guess you never heard of Neville Chamberlain.

Hitler could have been stopped before a world war happened if the Treaty of Versailles had only been enforced. It would have been minor to stop Germany when they reoccupied the Rhineland. France alone could have done that.

There was a lot of stupidity in hindsight.

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Where these "Jews" more likely to be the ancestors of the Palestinians or Israelis...

Neither. They are largely from the same gene pool if you consider most of the y chromosome in the populations being of the same pool.

Of course the ottoman empire actually sold land to European Jews (likely from different genetics) off and on since the 1600s.

Did Plaestine cease to be "Jewish" because of migration or because the Arabs "upgraded" to V2 or V3 of "The religion of Abraham"?

Largely because of V3 and the Muslim conquests in the 7th century. The Muslim conquests also brought about quite a bit of conversions (I don't know if it was forced or not). This also brought about the Arabization of the area.

It should be noted that Palestine has never been a country or state. The area got the name due to Hellenization. It was a Hellenized location so the Greeks or other Hellenized people could reference it. The lands have always been occupied by some power other than the Palestinian people since they got the name. DNA studies seem to link the Palestinians close to the Jews and early Christians (who were converted Jews) quite closely.

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Unless you like carrying a smartphone in your hands all the time in crowded places, or like leaving your smartphone on the table where it can get lost or stolen, the smart watch is better. Nothing beats a watch for quickly checking something. Constantly fishing a phone out of your pocket, unlocking it, checking stuff and putting the phone back in your pocket can become extremely tedious quickly.

Can't say I've ever left mine anywhere. And I have no problem getting it out of my pockets. Meanwhile a watch is fucking uncomfortable to wear, and tends to break within a few months as you accidently bang it on things. I cried tears of joy the day I realized my new cell phone meant I'd never have to wear a watch again. I think taking it out of your pockets is a problem only about 1% of the people in the world have, everyone else seems to prefer the phone.

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