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Wireless Networking

+ - 4G wireless broadband: Should you switch?->

Submitted by jfruhlinger
jfruhlinger writes: The major U.S. wireless carriers now all have services that, while not 4G under the strictest definition, provide broadband-level speeds without wires. So why not cut the cord entirely and have one broadband connection wherever you go? Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols takes a look at where 4G coverage is available, what real-world connectivity is like, and, yes, how much it will cost you.
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+ - The Web Will Rock TV's Future->

Submitted by rsmiller510
rsmiller510 writes: Two very different stories came together this week that could have an impact on the future of TV . The Justice Dept approved the Comcast — NBC Universal deal and Roku cut a deal directly with WealthTV. In this blog post, I analyze why these two stories are significant.
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+ - Should Free Software Help Developers Make Money?->

Submitted by jfruhlinger
jfruhlinger writes: In the wake of the recent kerfuffle over VLC's licensing terms that got it pulled from the App Store, Brian Proffitt wonders if software freedom should also include freedom from want. While he acknowledges that Apple's policies and the GPL don't mix, he feels that open source advocates spend too much energy telling open source developers why potentially lucrative sales channels are closed to them, and not enough energy helping them actually profit from their software.
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