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Comment: Re:Steamed people (Score 1) 79

by Roblimo (#49333655) Attached to: Better Disaster Shelters than FEMA Trailers (Video)

I'd far rather camp in a Shelterbox tent than in a plastic sweatbox since I, too, live in FL. I have a week's worth of food, water, and cooking fuel stockpiled in case of a hurricane, and I can charge our laptops and smartphones from our cars.

If our house trailer blows away, so it goes. We have a tent, and while my wife whines a little about camping, she's basically okay with it and has the necessary skills to 'live rough' comfortably. A FEMA trailer would be fine with us. We happily live in a 1 bedroom trailer now, so no BFD living in a travel trailer. Or a tent. Civilization is nice, but we can do without most of its trappings if we must.

We have guns and a shitpot of ammunition, too, because you never know...

Comment: The first real AI scare was in 1909 (Score 1) 291

by Roblimo (#49329815) Attached to: Steve Wozniak Now Afraid of AI Too, Just Like Elon Musk

The Humanoids, first published as 'With Folded Hands,' was a science fiction novel first published as a novelette in 1947. It was the first book or article I read (in the late 50s) about machines taking over.

The Machine Stops dates all the way back to 1909 and posits a world where humans depend on a global Machine -- and what happens when the machine stops working.

Comment: Re: Nice Slashvertisement (Score 4, Informative) 57

by Roblimo (#49286947) Attached to: Project an Interactive Game on Your Floor or Wall (Video)

Your assumption is wrong. Timothy made the video. I just edited and posted it. And he chooses video subjects based on what he finds interesting and doesn't get paid to make them.

FYI, if you ever see a piece of sponsored content on Slashdot, it will say 'sponsored content' or 'advertisement' or will otherwise be easily distinguishable from editorial content.

Why should everything on Slashdot be negative? Being positive (or at least neutral) about something doesn't necessarily mean someone got paid.

I wouldn't pay $500 for this thing any more than you would. If anything, I might look at their $39 (proprietary) software and try it with a computer and webcam. And probably not even that.

Comment: Re:"an act of social provocation"? (Score 2) 367

by Roblimo (#49201593) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)

And I just came back from riding my recumbent trike around the neighborhood. During my ride 3 motorists cut me off. This is not an uncommon occurrence in Florida. A man walking was put into the hospital around the corner from us last week by a hit and run driver -- while in a crosswalk.

Since traffic laws don't stop these morons, does this mean we should not have traffic laws?

Comment: Re:Gee, thanks Texas (Score 1) 367

by Roblimo (#49201225) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)

Yes. I have dentures. Good dentist and virtually pain-free when he extracted all my teeth and dug remaining bits of root out of my gums, but the cost! Crazy. He needs to have one of these in in a back room instead of paying a lab and marking their charges up. Sadly, the major chain discount denture makers in my part of FL have terrible user ratings. Ah well. One day. I'm not complaining. I have high-end dentures that fit and look good, and the cost, while high to me, was lower than a lot of people pay. But one day....

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