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FCC To Propose Net Neutrality Rules 110

Posted by Soulskill
from the panic-at-comcast-hq dept.
wiredog writes "From The Washington Post comes news that the FCC is preparing to propose net neutrality rules on Monday. Quoting: '[FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski] will discuss the rules Monday during a keynote speech at The Brookings Institute. He isn't expected to drill into many details, but the proposal will specifically be for an additional guideline on how operators like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast can control what goes on their networks. That additional guideline would prevent the operators from discriminating, or act as gatekeepers, of Web content and services. ... The agency is expected to review what traffic management is reasonable and what practices are discriminatory. The guidelines are known as "principals" at the agency, which some public interest groups have sought to codify so that they would clearly be enforceable.'"

Comment: Re:What's the basis of the count? (Score 1) 408

by badc0ffee (#28257109) Attached to: In the next 12 months, I expect to travel by air ...
That depends on the airport, and the gates. I flew through Kansas City once (never again) and every gate had TSA probes. Every other airport where I have had to transfer, I was lucy enough to be in the same area as the arriving flight. Can I change my vote? I was counting round trips with transfers as ONE. Silly me.

Comment: Re:My Network (Score 1) 1397

by badc0ffee (#26708931) Attached to: Why Do We Name Servers the Way We Do?
What about wireless network names? Drive around sometime with wifi-radar or one of the other hotspot scanners and you may discover My Network: NoNetHere or NoneThere, depending on how you parse. One of my machines is NowHere or is it NoWhere? No particular theme, just what pops out while setting a machine up. So I end up with names like M00, P00, anonxmous, y0da, etla (Extended or Enhanced or Expanded Three Letter Acronym), etcetera.

+ - Ease of Use: Why Leopard Trumps Windows->

Submitted by techish
techish (666) writes " author Brandon Watts compared the easy of use factor for Vista and Leopard and declared Leopard the hands down winner. "Oddly enough, one of the endearing things about Leopard is made clear as soon as the installation process is underway and then completed. Yes, before you even use Leopard for the first time, you'll love something about it, and for all of you Windows users out there, you may need to sit down for what I'm about to say: the install is simple and there's no activation."
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+ - A new low in restrictive software licensing 4

Submitted by Coutal
Coutal (98822) writes "Licensing is usually looked upon as a burden by software customers, although one we're grudgingly used to living with. However, at times one encounters new lows which can still invoke sufficient outrage — a stealable license.
Recently, my i-go based pocket pc navigation unit was stolen. However, I still retained my valid serial number, certificate of authenticity, proof of purchase and even a backup of the software. I figured restoring my software to another device should be a matter of unit service or (tops) minimal fee for media restoration. Tech support, however, had other ideas in mind. They informed me that my license was stolen with the unit. No amount of explanation of the lack of logic in that statement made through. They insisted that my backups were also void because I no longer have the original SD card and that I am not allowed to use them (which kind of defeats the whole purpose of backup, as the device only stores extremely little other data than the original software — no more than a few points of interest and marginal settings)."

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