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Comment: Duh (Score 5, Insightful) 176

by backslashdot (#47520127) Attached to: Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

Dropbox has Condoleeza Rice on its board of directors. If anyone remembers, she was Secretary of State and also the president's National Security Advisor during the Bush administration. She basically allowed torture, and is responsible for Guantanamo. She had no problem with torturing people without even doing a basic check to see if the person being tortured was guilty of the crime he was being tortured for. And you want to talk about spying? She was part of the administration that developed the PATRIOT Act. The justification being "it's ok to spy on foreigners" .. Oh and we can DECLARE you a foreigner without any due process by making you prove your Americanness. She was cool with torturing foreigners without giving them any sort of due process, so why would you assume that she wont torture citizens if she was scared into doing so? We already know she doesn't think people need privacy.

Comment: LHC (Score 3) 91

by backslashdot (#47468533) Attached to: Researchers Find Evidence of How Higgs Particle Imparts Mass

Everytime the LHC makes the news ... I think congratulations to the EU and then I think about the Superconducting Super Collider being built in Texas which was cancelled in 1993. We should have had these breakthroughs come out 15 years ago. In the United States. Thanks Congress for slowing down the pace of physics. Much appreciated .. NOT.

Comment: FBI crime prediction (Score 1) 435

by backslashdot (#47468069) Attached to: FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

Wow, the FBI is so awesome, they can predict exactly what a criminal is gonna do in advance. How about they actually solve a murder, rape, or kidnapping once in a while? 35% of murders don't get solved .. maybe when they get that number down to like 5% I'll start believing the feds when they say it's gonna rain tomorrow. Meanwhile anything to reduce the 30,000 highway deaths per year will be appreciated. If automated cars are illegal, only the federales will have automated cars with a dummy driver.

Comment: Re:Betteridge answers (Score 1) 381

by backslashdot (#47441455) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

But very soon smartwatches will require no charging at all. My guess is they will work off whole room chargers at first and in a few years they'll be so low power that they'll be automatic off movement kinetics -- this would require the display to be ultra low power OLED or e-ink or something like that.Still, at first they can work off whole room charger systems like the one produced by Ossia (google it). Ultimately of course we need new battery technology.

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by backslashdot (#47405705) Attached to: Automotive Grade Linux Released For Open Source Cars

It would be trivial for a computer to realize something is being said mid-sentence by measuring the time between your previous word and when you say "computer, adjust the volume".. AS for a demo playing in the background .. yeah that is an issue but i try not to play demos of voice UI interaction in the car. If I did, I would make sure the trigger word to activate a voice command is not "computer" but some name that is rarely used like "Cthulu of the Netherworld".

Comment: You think? (Score 1) 385

Well we have known this for a long long time. Problem is how do we get the government to stop subsidizing fossil fuel?
Voting against the tea party nutcases might be a good start. They are they ones forcing these subsidies:

Land Area that is needed to power the whole world with solar panels using existing technology:

Comment: Re:Extremely scary (Score 1) 211

As an aside, I think I figured out why you never use the "quote parent" button. It's because you absolutely refuse to answer questions or admit when you're wrong. Accordingly, you're just wasting my time.

And again, I should point out that (i) you failed to use the 'quote parent' button or otherwise quote me; (ii) failed to answer any questions from me to you; and (iii) changed the topic yet again, once I pointed out you were wrong. This is just pathetic.

i) I did quote you (using " " rather than quote parent) in my response at
ii) I did answer the ones worth answering. If you have specific ones ask them again I will answer.
iii) I may have been wrong about 35 USC 135 or 35 USC 156 being abused. However my main point is that patent attorneys (probably ones more competent than you) know how to manipulate the patent system such that their patent applications get delayed for long periods. I admit I am very likely wrong about the details of the process in which that is achieved. I thought it was by getting the patent appeal to respond to various issues raised in the application. For example, after you respond to an RCE .. doesn't it throw the clock back onto the USPTO such that the delay extends the term (if it goes over 3 years)? I know that the USPTO delays are not random .. there is something about the patent application that causes it to get into delay hell .. and that's being manipulated. Why is it that the HDTV patents are still unissued? When they do get issued it means (for example) Sony will be able to continue to collect royalties for 17 years from that date. That means HDTV technology will not enter public domain for a very long time.

+ - Biohackers are engineering yeast to make real vegan cheese. No cows needed!

Submitted by backslashdot
backslashdot (95548) writes "A collective of biohackers from the San Francisco Bay Area have joined forces to produce the world's first real vegan cheese in baker’s yeast. The aim of the project is to produce a renewable and sustainable, closed-loop food source that will provide the same nutritional value as non-vegan cheese and taste just as great! No cows, cruelty, or animal products needed. Additionally, the project will provide a real cheese for vegans, the lactose intolerant, and those that have food allergies to certain animal-derived milk proteins. A crowdfunding campaign launched on July 1st (today) has already raised nearly 25% towards the funding goal."

Comment: Re:Extremely scary (Score 1) 211

You said that USC 135 cannot be used to delay a patent in a manner that counts toward it being extended.

1. Have you ever filed a petition to institute a derivation proceeding?
2. How long did they take to even get back to you with a response?

As for 35 USC 156, do I need to handhold you through the million ways they can make a product subject to regulatory review? One way is to say is that it's going to be in a medical device or a medical device is going to use it.

Comment: Re:Extremely scary (Score 1) 211

AFTER I said "the patent issuance delays are not random .. anyone skilled in the art knows how to manipulate it." You said

"There are reasons we manipulate delays - for example, where the patent owner is unsure whether to proceed with the application or not, and wants to stall while they release their product or talk to investors - but to get increased patent term extension is not one of them. "

So you admit that the delays can be manipulated, yet patent term extensions aren't a reason. This strongly implies that an applicant has no interest in having a delayed issue date. The only reason they would have no interest in a delayed issue date is if it offered no gain.

1. A greatly delayed issue date can result in a term extension.
2. You state that applicants/their lawyer have ways to cause patent issuance delays.
3. You say that applicants have no interest in a term extension.

The only reason #3 would make sense is if there was no interest, financial or otherwise in a delay.

Also, your reasoning that applicants merely want to stall while they talk to investors or decide whether to proceed makes no sense. They've already paid the fees, why would they need to stall or not proceed with an application? Unless we are talking about a situation where they are concerned about trade secrets, there is no reason for someone to not want a patent. Going the trade secret route is very very risky. Also, since the application is already in process it would get revealed within 18 months anyway and if it gets abandoned .. there is zero protection.

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