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Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 1) 331

Not only do you fail at basic logic and humane morality, you seem to not know what slavery is. I am not saying anyone should be forced to work for anything other than the mutually agreed amount. Slavery is when you force someone to work for you. I am not forcing anyone to work for me, I am saying I shouldn't be forced to hire people I don't want. You are the slave driver here .. got that? You are the one trying to force people to hire the folks you have a personal preference for. You are the enslaver.

Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 1) 331

Let's make this easy. If I get you correctly, you are saying I should pay workers enough wages to buy my product because if I don't, then I won't be able to sell it.

Ok let's go through that.

Let's assume I make cars .. The price of which is 100,000. If I only pay my workers $50,000 .. Then they can't buy the car. Therefore I should pay them $110,000 so they can afford to buy my car? Is that correct?

That means for every vehicle I sell, I lose $10,000. Which idiot would do a deal like that?

Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 1) 331

So people can buy my goods with the salary I pay them? Why not simply not produce anything, if the money by which people pay for my goods is money I give to them. Why don't I just keep my money and not make anything? How does it make sense that I should pay people the money to buy my products? Why don't I just keep my money without hiring anyone?

Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 1) 331

Right, I appreciate your concern for my wellbeing in this. Maybe I should outsource all my decisions to you? At what point do I get a choice in this? If what you are saying is true the companies that outsource to India will fail. It's their money, they should be able to decide how to spend it .. why should you get to intervene?

I think the cheaper it is to get stuff done, the more jobs there will be. The price of services will reduce due to competitive pressure. And so we will have more things available and it will require less work to acquire those resources. That aside, it's morally correct that a person choose the deal offering more value. Clearly the Indian is in a more dire situation if he is willing to work for less money.

Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 0) 331

You don't seek the best value when shopping? Why shouldn't foreigners be allowed to participate in the marketplace? You want some sort of affirmative action for US citizens, is that it? Why not tax the company savings instead and live on welfare? It'll be easier for all parties involved that way. Plus you get to watch more TV.

Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 1) 331

So now suddenly conservatives support affirmative action? Why can't companies hire who they wish to hire? Eventually you fools will want to ban robots too. Frankly anyone not making minimum wage is being overpaid. If you can offer value as a human being you would be able to demand it without resorting to the police to go force companies to overpay you money for something they can get done by some Indian turban dude for half the price.

Comment Re: A better idea, just needs better implemenation (Score 0) 284

What's wrong with saving a few dollars? None of the tech jobs I know of pay a non-living wage. Frankly why should a tech job pay any more than at McDonald's anyway? Who gets to decide which job what the value of a job is. Working at McDonald's is just as difficult as working for a tech company.

Comment Re: Sold Out: The American Worker (Score 1) 331

Is that why conservatives believe foreigners have no rights and it's ok to torture them?
He never said theft should be allowed.

And btw I can think of many situations that any sane person would agree it's ok to steal. For example if a plane crashed in the woods and the only first aid is in a locked cabin nearby .. I bet even you would agree it's ok to break in and steal it with the intent of replenishing in the future it if your own (not other peoples') loved ones or kids were injured.

I think stealing can be classified as conservative too because as the fifth amendment makes clear even the founding fathers believed it was ok for the public, acting through government, to take stuff it needed if you were to be "justly compensated" .. But that means you don't have the right to refuse to sell .. So in effect it's theft. I mean if I took your car and left you money that me and the neighbors thought is fair wouldn't you consider it stealing?

Comment H1B is good (Score 1, Interesting) 331

What's wrong with a global marketplace? If somebody needs someone to do a job for them, what's immoral with choosing the best deal? When you go to the grocery store do you not choose the best value for your money? The free market works, and even if it didn't it's the only moral solution. Why shouldn't some chick in India who learns programming have the same shot at a job as you .. Especially if she is offering a better value to whoever is hiring her?

The more people we have building stuff the better for everyone. By saving money, companies get to survive, increase capital expenditures other stuff.

Comment Re:Slashdot Reader's Reading Comprehension FAILED (Score 1) 278

Do you propose some other way of knowing whether you people are teaching kids anything? Do we wait until a kid comes out dunce? The teachers who are against tests are the ones who can't teach. And the parents who are against tests are the ones whose kids are failing and they are too lazy to do anything about them other than complain and throw the responsibility elsewhere.

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