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Comment Muon detector (Score 1, Interesting) 409 409

Whenever a fission reactor operates, it produces neutrinos. In fact, high grade fissile material can produce it too. Neutrinos are also impractical to shield against. It has been known and proposed for some time that if we built a network of neutrino detectors for about $10 billion we would be able to monitor and prevent anyone including ourselves from building nukes, anywhere. Yeah ourselves too, so gee I wonder why nobody is funding it.

If you dont believe me just google these three words: neutrinos fission reactor

Comment Ownership (Score 1) 389 389

In the future, money will be made by owning things. Wait, I am sorry that's not just the future that's how it has always been. If you don't own property, or part of a company, or some intellectual property. There is no money in work, unless the work is generating property for you. In the future as robots do most of work .. it will be even harder to get income without having investments.

Instead of worrying about unemployment, government should worry about the uninvested. Government can tax the factories and give out shares to the uninvested, so they casn get dividends and live off that. If you won't have any investment, how do you expect to retire? Oh yeah by investing in social security. Not bad.

Comment More needed to be used as a heart valve (Score 1) 65 65

Ok lets say it has to be a permanent heart valve.

For math ease, let's say a heart beats at 60 beats per minute (once per second .. though average resting heart rates are usually a little faster than that).

So to calculate how many days it will take to go through 10 million cycles we do Number of cycles / (Hours in a day x Minutes in an hour x Beats in a minute) = 10,000,000 / (24 x 60 x 60) = 10,000,000 / 86,400 = 115.74 = about 116 days .. nearly 4 months.

So unless they can get say 100 million or more out of it I don't think this will find much use outside of a temporary heart valve.

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