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by backslashdot (#46731327) Attached to: Cost Skyrockets For United States' Share of ITER Fusion Project

Huh? That is so wrong and your understanding of physics so little that I can't even begin to frame a rebuttal within your intelligence level. But maybe there is another way to tell you .. ever heard of the Hydrogen bomb? That's proof right there that fusion can release net energy. Up to 50 MEGATONS of proof courtesy of the Tsar Bomba.

We are making steady progress towards net energy in a controlled setting .. now if there was a stall .. maybe you have a point but we have made steady progress towards achieving controlled fusion. Progress may be 3 or 4 times slower than initially anticipated, but the fact is that we are progressing towards it.

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After saying the trigger word, you have to pause .. that's a bit ridiculous and annoying .. I doubt this would catch on .. for it to catch on, it needs to allow you to say a continuous sentence without pausing. The latest chip from has this feature (called VoiceQ). Their chip is for phones, so it should be possible to implement the same technology in software on a desktop CPU.

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by backslashdot (#46695691) Attached to: For the First Time, Organ Regenerated Inside a Living Animal

Back in 1986 they regrew the thymus in rats. And actually a guy named Greg Fahy already regrew his own thymus a few years ago .. I dont understand how people can't use Google.

1986 article:

Regrowth of thymus in human:

They stopped regrowing the thymus in humans because they don't know if it may have a negative effect to have the thymus in an adult since the thymus normally is completely degraded (evolution may have programmed it to degrade for a reason).

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by backslashdot (#46360925) Attached to: Woman Attacked In San Francisco Bar For Wearing Google Glass

You are not very bright if you think a phone cannot be used to record someone inconspicuously. It's actually very easy. With glass you have to be looking in the general direction and mentally it's difficult to avoid having a zombie stare look in the general direction. With a phone you can just turn off the record screen (or not) and act like you're holding your phone in your hand doing something else like being on the phone or listening to music or even have it peek out of your shirt pocket. Granted there may be image stabilization issues or things getting recorded at funky angles .. But those can be fixed in post processing.

If you don't believe me, next time you're in a public place and it's legally fine to record .. Try it.

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You can record people 1000x easier and less conspicuously with a smartphone in your hand or pocket than with Google Glass. Yes SMARTPHONE IN YOUR HAND too. You can hold it in your hand and point it to people without being totally obvious about it. You can act like you are just holding your phone, or texting, or listening to music, or even being on the phone. You don't need to look at the thing you are recording. You may have some image stabilization issues if you have unsteady hands -- but for the most part you can get good video. Of course the easiest way is to have the phone in your shirt pocket peeping out.

With Google Glass, you literally have to stare in the people's direction or general area like a stalker -- it becomes SUPER obvious.

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Industrial (current) uses of boron do not deplete our supply. It stays on earth, in the form of boron. Therefore it can be recycled. We won't run out of boron until we use it all up in the reactors. That will take a thousand years .. by which time we'd be mining other planets not for boron but other exotic fuels.

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What cash cow? There is a lot of competition from India and elsewhere and in fact the profit from HIV drugs has become very low now. It used to cost $1000 a day to treat HIV .. now it's about $10 and there are many different companies making the drugs. How did the cost drop? Why didn't they keep the cost at $1000 a day so they can make more money?

If it's such a profitable business to make HIV drugs why don't you make them? You can make them in India or South Africa where patents on medicines are not recognized. Also you can slightly modify the drug's molecular structure (without affecting its effectiveness much) and not have to worry about the patent.

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