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Comment Use an escalator or have people sit in chairs (Score 1) 184

Use a wheelchair to wizz them around on a conveyance system. Then hand them a science book and tell them to GTFO. Don't forget, charge them money too. That's always a good way to thin the the crowd. Start charging a fee .. when the Saudis run out of oil it will happen. Then you could have some rock star throw concert on top of the rock. But anyway not to distract from my idea of having the crowd sit in open air train carriages or wheelchairs as they are automatically taken on their pilgrimage. Yes it means they might get fat but remember these are psychos who believe in religion -- fat is the least of their problems.

Comment woooh technology is out to git ya (Score -1, Flamebait) 214

Technology is very bad. Fool. Technology is gonna git ya. Fool. I'm telling you, we don't know what technology will do next .. therefore let's try to stop it. Let's stop evolving. Are you a fool who panics when something goes wrong because you don't understand a system and think all problems are unsolvable because you yourself can't think of how to solve them? Well then technology isn't for you. Technology is bad. You don't know nothing about technology, so it means technology will always be bad. Because if a fool like you can't solve it, it must mean non-fools can't come up with a solution either.

Comment Re:Very loose interp. of the 2A ? (Score 1) 220

Under the castle doctrine you can't attack someone who is not on your premises or engaged in an attack. They have to be either in your castle or attacking it. Furthermore, if they are attacking from outside .. you can't fire haphazardly hurting bystanders. When you hack back, you could very well end up flooding networks and slowing the internet for everyone.

Comment Evidence (Score 3, Insightful) 220

Let's look at something nobody does, which is look at evidence. OK, I know that sounds like a bad idea .. but anyways .. RIAA, MPAA, and SPA already does this exact same thing. They have ruined lives for no reason. What happens when the company hacks back and causes more damage than what was stolen? We don't let the victims decide punishments. If victims could decide punishment even petty thieves would be murdered. If you think that sort of draconian punishment helps a society, then you probably want to move to Saudi Arabia or ISIS.

Comment Where's the CIA on this? (Score 1) 238

If we had an intelligence agency that was actually trying to win this war, they would be doing operations like this times 100. Unfortunately we don't. The CIA doesn't even bother to call and ask for information from people who were kidnapped by and escaped from ISIS. At a minimum the CIA should at least act like some of the people going over there are agents and spies, then there would be division within ISIS since they wouldn't be able to trust each other. Psychological operations like that cost no money and have no attached risk .. yet our agencies can't be bothered to do it.

Comment Muon detector (Score 1, Interesting) 409

Whenever a fission reactor operates, it produces neutrinos. In fact, high grade fissile material can produce it too. Neutrinos are also impractical to shield against. It has been known and proposed for some time that if we built a network of neutrino detectors for about $10 billion we would be able to monitor and prevent anyone including ourselves from building nukes, anywhere. Yeah ourselves too, so gee I wonder why nobody is funding it.

If you dont believe me just google these three words: neutrinos fission reactor

Comment Ownership (Score 1) 389

In the future, money will be made by owning things. Wait, I am sorry that's not just the future that's how it has always been. If you don't own property, or part of a company, or some intellectual property. There is no money in work, unless the work is generating property for you. In the future as robots do most of work .. it will be even harder to get income without having investments.

Instead of worrying about unemployment, government should worry about the uninvested. Government can tax the factories and give out shares to the uninvested, so they casn get dividends and live off that. If you won't have any investment, how do you expect to retire? Oh yeah by investing in social security. Not bad.

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